Why do I have Brown Spots on my Breasts?

Why do I have Brown Spots on my Breasts?

Why do I have Brown Spots on my Breasts?

Skin is our most precious belonging. It prevents the body from any kind of hardship and it serves as the best jewel anyone could ever have. Females desire to have flawless skin and the same goes for beasts.

Our skin represents the health of our bodies. More beautiful the skin more healthy our body will be. But unfortunately, some factors interfere with the skin to make it damage. Different environmental factors ruin the skin and make it look uglier.

Dark patches and brown spots on the skin are very common in skin conditions. All the people from any kind of area either they live in northern hilly areas or lives in desserts suffers this problem.

In this article, our editors and dermatologist have explained all the causes of brown spots on breasts. 

Brown spots on the breasts can be due to sun rays, allergy, milk rash, acne, ingrown hair, yeast infection, abscess, and even hormonal imbalance. 

Dark spots or brown spots could be appearing on the skin of the body including near the area of the breast. To treat dark spots or brown spots, one should have to know about the cause of this condition then you can treat them rightly.

Do you ever checked and observe spots on your breasts? If yes then don’t you need to worry, you’re not only one suffering this problem many females are facing this problem of the brown spot near the breast.

Dark spot or brown spots on the breasts could be of different shapes. Many of the females ask me about this problem and they get worried.

Why do I have Brown Spots on my Breasts?

Sometimes brown spots give more drastic changes to your breast, like permanent spots, change of nipple color and development of lumps. Now it’s time to consult with your dermatologist to get away this problem of dark spots.

To know why dark spots appear on the breast we have to know about the causes of dark spots. Here I will tell you the factors involved in developing brown spots.

The sun:

Probably the most important thing that is involved in developing dark spots on the breasts is the sun. Sun exposure develops skin darkening. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very damaging for the skin when skin exposure to sunlight, these rays affect the skin and becomes the reason for brown spots.

Dark spotting is due to an excess amount of melanin production. Melanin production increases by sun exposure. Due to an increase in melanin skin becomes darkened.

Hand arms and face are more common to expose to the sunrays but in summer season due to light fabric sun ray affects the areas near the breast and makes brown spots.

Harmful rays of the sun come across with skin to increases the production of melanin and develop dark spots around breasts. One should use sunscreen to prevent this condition. Sunscreen protects the skin from sun exposure.

Hormonal imbalance:

The most important cause of dark spotting around the breast is a hormonal imbalance. After puberty hormonal disturbs and it becomes the reason for many changing’s in the body. These hormonal disturbances become the reason for the thickening of the skin.

Hormonal imbalance develops into the reason for many problems like hair growth, pigmentation, skin thickening and also the dark spotting of skin. Due to hormonal disturbance melanin production increases in the body that makes the skin brown and creates the brown spot.

Many women have been faced with this problem during or immediately after pregnancy because of a change of estrogen level.


Time is merciless and addition to leaving deep traces of dark spots on the skin. It can also cause the appearance of brown spots on the skin. Many people have not had any dark spot or brown spots in all their lives, but as time passed by and they reached old ages their skin becomes invaded by brown pigmentation.

Aging is an irreversible mechanism and no one can get rid of this issue. In the aging process, our skin becomes loose and its elasticity reduced. Due to e reduces stretching f skin breast hanged and becomes the reason for spots formation.

Dark spots due to Breast cancer:

In breast cancer, brown spots are also the main cause which indicates the possibility of breast cancer. However, it is not only a proper indication for cancer but it is might be possible due to breast cancer. In breast cancer, breast area develops lumps and thickening of skin and formation of dark spots around the breast.

So it is a possible sign of breast cancer. Besides, there is also a need for testing for breast cancer. A red rash, lumps of the breast, swelling under the arms, pain and an inverted nipple are the signs of breast cancer.

There are supplementary 60,000 cases of breast cancer each year in the USA and 1 out of eight women across the population suffering from the problem of breast cancer.

Oncologist’s advice that women should initiate an inspection of their breasts for signs of cancer after 6 months from their 20s.You should also inspect your breasts on a daily bases before going to bed. Experts give guidelines to inspect your breast.

Brown spots or dark spots on the breast can also due to radiation after breast therapy. Because radiation burns the skin and it leads to the formation of the brown spots around breasts.

Formation of dark spots due to Abscess:

The abscess is a skin condition in which pus is build up in skin cells and it becomes the reason for the infection. Sometimes breasts build up the pus due to infection and develop brown spots around the breast area. Due to pus pain also take place and it is very painful to touch your breasts.

Your breast will become red and will give a burning sensation in an abscess. So it is the major reason for the formation of brown spots around the breast. In abscess lumps or tumors can also be formed. So keep your breasts check and balance to prevent the abscess.

If you are suffering from this condition of abscess then definitely you will face the trouble of brown spots on your breast. This condition is very painful due to the formation of pus. So before making it more severe go to your doctor and give him your history.

A course of antibiotics will give you proper relief. By treating abscess you can get rid of the problem of dark spots around the breasts.

This infection is more common in women who are feeding their babies. Infection takes place due to several reasons like irregular feeds or missing feeds, a baby does not know how to suck the breast. Women suffering from this problem and get brown spots on their breast in round shape.

Development of Milk blisters:

This is a very common cause of brown spots around the breast that only affects breastfeeding women. When milk during feeding trapped in skin cells than skin cells filled with milk and form milk blisters.

This problem is caused in those milk feeding women who are producing more milk or a baby is not feeding properly and an increasing amount of milk is trapping in skin cells. These trapping of milk forms milk blister. It is common due to the overproduction of milk.

Make ensure yourself that baby sucking properly and milk ducts are noticeable will reduce the risk of milk blisters. Washing or wiping the milk ducts after feeding will also help to prevent the formation of milk blisters. When milk blisters will prevent then there will be less risk of formation of brown spots.

If you are facing the problem of brown spots due to milk blisters then use good quality of exfoliant. Use homemade exfoliant like honey and sugar to scrubbing the breast to get rid of this condition of brown spots around the breast.

If your milk blisters have pain in them, then consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Yeast infections:

Yeast infections are the most common cause of the formation of dark spots. Yeast infections caused by dirty undergarments or by detergent allergies.

Yeast can also be produced around the area of the breast due to sweating around the breast. Yeast infection is occurring where the skin is wet and no air can pass from that area. This can cause brown spots on your breasts.

By using ill-fitting bras yeast infection take place. When infection takes pl.ace it develops round shape brown spots around the breast. These spots likely red and cause itching. It becomes the reason for the burning sensation.

You can get rid of yeast infection by using a cotton fabric bra and by washing undergarments with tap water. If the infection becomes severe then consult your dermatologist or use antifungal creams on the brown spots between your breasts

Acne, Bruises or rashes:

Acnes bruises or different rashes leave the spots on the breast’s skin. There is also a solution in which bruises or wounds do not heal completely.

Acne is also a main source of brown spots especially when pimples or blackheads are picked up and when not appropriate treatment is used for the acne. Acne can also develop on the back, chest and other parts of the body.

If you are facing the problem of acne then go to your dermatologist to take proper treatment. There are many antibiotics or other medications that are available to clear up your spots.

Swollen glands

The glands of the skin that secrete oil onto your skin become inflamed and become the reason for brown spots. These glands are also present in the area of breasts. These glands secrete oil and become inflamed and develop brown spots on the breast.

When this condition takes place do not squeeze the inflamed pimples with your hand, because it will make the infection severe. Consult your dermatologist to treat this condition. The expert will guide you better. Squeezing will transfer bacteria to the skin and it will become a bacterial infection.

Ingrown hair:

It is a natural process to have hairs on your body. Like other parts of the body. Do you ever notice your breast also have hairs? And it also has ability grown when these hairs grow it can develop an infection in that area.

As these hair grown little bumps are formed that can sometimes painful. Sometimes these bumps filled pus in them and become a reason for the infection. When you feel pus in them go to your doctor treat it well.

Final words:

These all are the causes that become the reason for brown spots on your breast. You can treat them accordingly to their causes. By reducing the factors of causing dark spots you can get rid of this problem. If you’re dark spots having pain in them then consult with the expert.

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