How To Pop a Pimple in Your Ear Canal

How To Pop a Pimple in Your Ear Canal?

How To Pop a Pimple in Your Ear Canal?

To pop a pimple in the ear canal is not much easier as on other body parts like cheeks, forehead, nose, and back which are common. Popping a pimple in the ear canal is very tricky.

The ear canal has a hair cell as well as glands that contain oil which causes pimples. You should take much care to touch a pimple with tweezer, hand, cotton swabs and other objects. This may cause an affected area more infected. So please avoid this because the ear canal is very sensitive.

Yes, you can pop a pimple in your ear canal by using a warm compress, and a pimple can also pop by using home remedies, antibiotics, and medications.

Before popping a pimple in the ear canal, it is necessary to confirm it’s stage. Pimple at the initial stage is usually red and is better to leave it untouched. If the pimple does not pop in one week than it needs medical attention.

How To Pop a Pimple in Your Ear Canal?

Let me explain all the steps involved in popping a pimple in the ear canal. 

Here we go:

Wash hands:

You should wash well your hands with mild soap. Maintaining proper hygiene is a must.

Use gloves:

You have to wear gloves and have a medical cloth that should be neat and clean. You should always use disposable gloves to avoid infection.

Wash affected area:

Gently wash the affected area of your ear with hot water and take care that water should not too hot that may cause to burn your skin.

Take a clean tweezer.

A tweezer is a small tool for picking up objects. It is too small than can easily be handled by fingers. Take out pus from pimple with the help of tweezer and be careful about spreading this pus. This can result in the infection of the ear canal.

Acne sticker:

Acne stickers are just like a bandage. You should simply place over the pimple. Acne stickers prevent acne from bacteria and dust. These are easily available at medical stores. Acne stickers can be used daily but you have to care about change stickers after 24 hours.

Use cotton:

After this, you should use cotton and apply alcohol and cover the affected area.

These are the initial steps for popping a pimple at home. In severe condition, you can use other remedies and medicines to popping a pimple.

Use warm compress:

using a warm compress is an easy and quick way to decrease inflammation and irritation. Warm compress softens the pimple and opens up pores. In this way, pus can be removed from the pimple.

There are steps for using a warm compress to pop a pimple

First, you should wash your hands well with the soap and water.

Second, you need a neat and clean cloth and then wash your area that needs warm compress.

The last one is you need lukewarm water and dig cloth in this water. Place this cloth on the pimple and give light pressure on it.

This way bring the pus on the surface of your skin and drain pimples on their own. You should clean the pus with a clean cloth and wash your area with a cleanser, that has alcohol and hazel because alcohol and hazel help to reduce inflammation and irritation.

Apply the warm compress 3 to 4 times a day. You can repeat this procedure according to the condition of your pimple.

Using natural ingredients

We can also pop a pimple by using natural ingredients. Natural remedies are easy and had no side effect and easily available at home and market.

Natural ingredients that are used for popping a pimple:

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a juice of apple made by pressing the apple and its unfiltered juice of apple. Apple cider vinegar has many acids that help to pop a pimple in the ear canal.

Apple cider vinegar juice has the quality to fight with bacteria and other viruses that causes pimple. Apple cider vinegar simply applies on the surface of the skin or the pimple in your ear canal.

Apply raw honey, milk and cinnamon mask

Raw honey, raw milk, and cinnamon have the ability to fight with bacteria and also helped to reduce inflammation and irritation and rashes. This mask helps to pop a pimple and prevent the growth of every type of pimples such as blackheads, whiteheads.

Before applying this mask you have to ensure that the skin is clean and without dirt and oil. Apply this mask with washed finger pores on the skin and left it for 20 minutes. After this, you should wash your skin with clean water.

Step by step procedure to make a mask

  1. To make this mask we need a small and washed bowl in which we can mix well all ingredients.
  2. Add 2 tablespoon, raw honey, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon raw milk and mix well with the help of an applicator.
  3. Apply this mask on a pimple and surrounded area to prevent from pimples and left it for 15 to 20 minutes.

You should apply this mask twice a day or as you needed for amazing results.

Using Green tea for popping a pimple:

Green tea is very high in antioxidants and mostly available at home. Antioxidants are produced in the body and also found in many foods like fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants prevent skin damage from inside out. Green tea drinking promotes good health and good skin.

Green tea can apply on the skin directly which help to get ride pimples on the skin. Green tea has flavonoids and tennis are known to help bacteria and reduce inflammation and inhibits the growth of pimples and can pop a pimple. Green tea leaves can be used directly and you can also use green tea leaves with honey and make a mask.

Steps to apply green tea on pimple and skin.

  1. First, you have to steep green tea in water and boil it.
  2. Left it for cool.
  3. Apply green tea on your skin and pimple with the help of cotton or tissue paper. It can also pour into a spray bottle.
  4. Leave it for dry 4 to 5 minutes and rinse out your face with tap water.

You should use green tea twice a week for popping a pimple and reduce inflammation.

Using aloe- vera:

Aloe vera is a plant with large green leaves. We can make aloe vera gel by using its leaves. Aloe vera gel often used in creams lotions and soaps. It treats with rashes, burn, inflammation, inhibits pimple’s growth and other skin problems. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid and sulfur, both are used in the treatment of pimples and popping pimples.

Applying aloe vera gel for pop a pimple.

There are a few steps for using aloe vera gel.

  1. Scrap gel from the leaves of aloe vera with the help of a spoon.
  2. Wash your skin with medicated soap and freshwater where applying aloe vera gel.
  3. Apply this gel as it is, without mixing any cream, on the skin or pimple. This will help to pop a pimple and drain out the pus.
  4. You can repeat to apply this gel on the skin as you desired.

Aloe vera gel is easily available in the market and makes sure that the gel is pure.

Medical Treatment for a Pimple in Ear Canal

Antibiotics help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. They will be less effective if a person used too much and used several times. Most peoples with pimples recommended antibiotics if the condition is severe and if the pimples can not be popped by home remedies.

Antibiotics are mostly used in creams and ointments and can apply directly on the skin or affected area of your skin. Antibiotics are available in the form of oral antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill bacteria associated with pimples and it is also anti-inflammatory.

Antibiotics may be used on the surface of the skin and also used as oral drugs. It is using for removing pimples and chances of pimples growth.

There are many antibiotics used for popping a pimple.

Using benzoyl peroxide: It is an OCT cream, OCT stands for over the counter that kills bacteria. It helps to inhibit the growth of pimples. By using benzoyl peroxide pimples can dry, in this way pimples automatically pop out from the ear canal.

After you pop a pimple from the ear canal, you should use benzoyl peroxide gel on the pimple that fights with bacteria causing the growth of pimples.

Using alcohol and acetone:

Alcohol is a mild anti-bacterial agent and acetone removes oil from the skin that causes pimples growth. Both alcohol and acetone are combined in some creams and anti-acne drugs. These substances are used to dry the skin, removes oil and prevent skin for damage.

Using Azelaic acid:

Azelaic acid is used in creams and gels. Azelaic acid reduces inflammation and is used to kill bacteria that causes pimples.

Using Retinoids or vitamin A derivatives:

These antibiotics are found in topical and also used for pimples in the ear canal. Retinoids remove every type of pimples mild or severe and affect the skin which causes pimples. They can be used with other substances such as alcohol and benzoyl.

Using cleansers and lotions:

Nowadays there are many best cleanser, lotions and creams are available in the drug store. These cleansers remove dust and oil from the skin. Excessive oil is a big cause for the growth of pimples in ear. Cleansers help to clear the oil and prevent from pimples growth.

How to use cleansers

  1. Wash your skin with the lukewarm water in winter and in summer with tap water.
  2. Apply ice on the pimples.
  3. Apply cleansers on your skin and give a gentle massage.

When all other steps are failed to popping a pimple and the infections are severe that can not treat by home remedies and by antibiotics than you should consult to a dermatologist.

How Dermatologist Pop a Pimple in Ear Canal?

A dermatologist is a skin specialist. She can better treat skin problems, acne swelling, and inflammation. A dermatologist knows how to treat pimples in the ear canal and other body parts.

The dermatologist uses few strategies to popping a pimple in your ear canal because it is very uncommon and very tricky to have pimples in ear.

There are techniques used by a dermatologist for popping a pimple.

Acne extraction:

In this technique, she used sterile instruments for popping a pimple and to get rid of all type of pimples. Acne extraction often used when other treatments are failed to get rid of a pimple.

Using corticosteroids:

use of corticosteroids is also a good option. Many of the dermatologists use corticosteroids successfully for treating the pimple either in-ear canal or other body parts. The main drawback by the use of corticosteroids is that they tend to reduce immunity by long term use.

How to prevent pimples in the ear canal?

  1. Avoid wearing objects like caps, and foreign objects in the ear and have a break from wearing helmets, and hats.
  2. Should swimming only in clean water.
  3. Regularly wash and clean your skin.
  4. Avoid beauty products to enter in-ear.
  5. You should avoid putting fingers and other objects in the ear.
  6. Avoid sharing earbuds with other person and avoid dirty places.

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