How to Calm Rosacea Flare-Up?

How to Calm Rosacea Flare Up?

How to Calm Rosacea Flare Up?

Rosacea is a skin condition in which inflammation of skin takes place especially area of cheeks. In this condition, flare happens on the skin and inflammation turns into a burning sensation.

In this skin condition, blood vessels stay expanded leading to redness. Blood vessels lose the capacity to contrast back that is when it causes the face to flush. This condition is caused by hormonal disturbance, change in temperature and skin barriers.

When you have no idea why your cheeks are so red all the time. It occurs due to rosacea in which skin becomes inflamed and turns into a burning sensation. Everyone who is suffering this condition wants to get rid of this problem of flushing.

So today I will tell you right ways how can you calm down your rosacea flare-up. I am going to talk about something very special for those of you who are really frustrated.

You can calm down your Rosacea flare-up by taking safety tips like use of good quality food, using sunblock, by cleansing skin with an ice cube, using sheet masks and by using a good quality moisturizer. You should avoid chemical products during this skin condition.

How to Calm Rosacea Flare Up?

There are a variety of different methods that can be used to calm Rosacea flare-up. In this article, our editors and Dermatologist have given details that will help your skin:

Eat foods that help Rosacea Inflammation

You can get rid of the problem of flushing and redness of rosacea by choosing a good diet. A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin. Let me explain the foods that are helpful in this condition:

Mulberry leaf:

One of the ingredients that are excellent is the mulberry leaf. It is a cold-natured ingredient and also it is great for the redness of flushing of your face.

I recommend you to just drink mulberry tea it will be really nice tutoring dried mulberry tea.

I want to recommend that you can mix with water and mull berry powder together that’s a great combination too.


The Second food is beans everyone loves to eat beans and for those of you who have gone through Rosacea due to hormones, we want to highly recommend you beans.

Beans are rich in isoflavones and they also help in functioning balance hormonal system in females. By eating beans one can prevent the Rosacea flare-up.


This food is very familiar with the skin conditions that are oranges. You should know that oranges contain vitamin C Which strengthens capillaries.

In rosacea, capillaries dilated and oranges help you by strengthening the capillaries of blood this helps them to be less sensitive to external irritants.

Cleanse skin with cold water:

You can easily get rid of the redness and flushing of cheeks during Rosacea by cleansing your face with cold water. Putting ice on the mouth helps to lower the temperature of your skin.

If you want to prevent redness and flushing of skin it is great if you have a piece of ice in your mouth or you get a cold drink to prevent your face from flushing.

Lower the skin temperature:

Rosacea results as the temperature of the skin increase so it is helpful to lower the skin temperature to prevent rosacea flare-up. Here I will tell you how can you keep your skin temperature lower. If your lower part of the body is cooled then your skin temperature will be decreased.

You can take feet bath and body bath to decrease your body temperature. You can lower the skin temperature by using skin products containing a cooling agent or ingredient. Skin temperature becomes lower when you will apply a good quality cool serum that decreases 1 degree of the temperature of the skin and it will hydrate skin.

Care for skin with sheet mask:

Sheet masks actually care for the skin temperature as a whole thing it is an excellent thing that is not only hydrates also soothe the skin. But make sure that you use a product that does not have harsh substances like alcohol artificial coloring and phenoxyethanol.

I recommend you a super gentle type of sheet mask that contains ceramide it will strengthen the skin’s barrier. Ceramide sheet mask helps in improving rosacea by providing a cooling effect.

Use of moisturizer:

The next tip, I will recommend you to calm down your rosacea flare-up, by applying good quality of moisturizing. Make the habit of keeping skin hydrated and moisturize all the time.

When you will wash your face during the condition of rosacea skin becomes dry and skin become cracked and cause flushing. Apply gentle moisturizer on your skin 2 to 3 times a day to keep your skin moisturize.

Strengthen the skin’s barriers:

Wrong cosmetics actually damage our skin barrier making our skin more vulnerable to external irritants. Because of this, we need to strengthen our skin’s barrier with the proper and right products to prevent redness. 

You can use products with ingredients such as stearic acid, caprylic and Catterick triglyceride which will work very well to strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Use sunblock:

UV rays expand the capillaries so it is very important for you to avoid the UV rays. Put on sunscreen even though you are indoors.

Use a product that has both UVA and UVB that can protect the heat all the same time will help to lower the temperature of the skin ultimately preventing rosacea.

Use makeup that covers redness:

First of all, I will never suggest you use the makeup products during rosacea flare-up. But if it is urgent to go at any function or party then I will suggest you to use a yellow base to cover redness of the skin.

You can also use the BB cream that contains high coverage for covering the flushing of skin because BB cream also contains UV rays blocking agents that do not harms the natural color of the skin. The BB cream contains SPF sun protection factor that protects the skin from sunlight.

Things to avoid for Calming Rosacea Flare Up

As I have told you about the tips to calm down the flushing of rosacea. Now I will tell you some tips not to do during this condition to improve from rosacea.

Spicy and oily food:

If you are facing the problem of rosacea then keep away from the spicy and oily foods because these foods disturb your stomach. When the stomach is disturbed it will heat up your body and temperature of skin increases eventually cause the flushing of the skin.

Spicy food or salted food can have an effect on rosacea it produces carbohydrates and an adequate amount of fats that can severe the condition.

Frequent Exfoliation:

People who are using harsh wash towel or using harsh scrub can actually damage the barrier of our skin and it can worsen our rosacea. Avoid harsh excessive exfoliation. Use the essence type of products that clears the dead skin cells without harshing the skin. Use AHA to melt away dead skin and moisturize the skin and keeps skin hydrated.

Avoid cleanser that makes skin dry:

The Cleanser that gives you a squeaky clean kind of finish also washes away our natural oils that lead to harsh irritation making the symptoms of rosacea even worse.

Use a low pH foam cleanser that can cleanse with 2-3 pumps these cleansers leave a less of a dry feeling so let’s care for our rosacea with hydrating cleanser.

Avoid the use of ingredients that trigger Rosacea:

You should definitely avoid harsh products like alcohol. you should also be very careful of ingredients such as

  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Clove oil
    Use products that contain Guiazulene and other mild ingredients to soothe skin. These soothing creams will improve redness caused by irritation and heat and soothe and repairs skin.

Avoid a hot shower or bath:

When you are suffering from the condition of rosacea it means that your skin temperature is increased so in this condition you have to avoid taking hot showers because it will also increase the temperature. Most of us really like to take a hot shower to calm our body tiredness but it will lead to damage to our skin.

Hot shower, of course, helps with blood circulation but it is really bad for rosacea because constant exposure of heat actually expands our capillaries so this can worsen the symptoms of rosacea.

Blood pressure medicines:

Blood pressure medicines actually expand the blood vessels so these can induce rosacea. Aside from blood pressure medicines and angina medicines other medicines like pain killer and for stomach also becomes the reason for rosacea.

So you should check your medicines but to be safer you should need to double-check with your doctors because you might need these medicines.

Stop consuming Alcohol:

Alcohol expands the blood vessels and produces acetaldehyde which induces rosacea. As alcohol is broken down in our liver it does not only expands our blood vessels also worsen the condition of rosacea.

Flushing and redness of the skin are caused by drinking alcohol. So if you are suffering from rosacea you have to stay away from alcohol and smoking.

Sun exposure:

UV rays expand blood vessels and make the rosacea more worsen so keep your skin away from the exposure of the sun. If it is necessary to go out then apply sunblock that contains SPF sun protection factor that helps to prevent the damage of UV rays.

If you are suffering from Rosacea then make the habit to apply sunblock on your skin also indoors.

Final words:

People who are stressed due to the flushing of Rosacea, I hope that these tips will help you to calm down the Rosacea flare-up.

You can also contact dermatologist online to get the right treatment for your Rosacea flare-up because Rosacea is an embarrassing condition of the skin.

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