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Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani is working as a Registrar, Department of Dermatology, at the Combined Military Hospital. After completing her MBBS, she decided to do a specialization program in the field of Dermatology. she is also working as a Dermatologist at QMC, Institute of Dermatology. She is an author, Cosmetologist with a passion to help people get beautiful and healthy skin.

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Duskyskin.com is a dedicated platform for skin-related conditions. Our target is to help people understand basic concepts related to their skin problems. We regularly add articles to our blog. These articles are for information purposes only and for definitive treatment, you must visit a Dermatologist.

Duskyskin.com Team

Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani,
Board Certified Dermatologist, MBBS, MACP,

Dr. Abraiz Iqbal
Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani

Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani is the founder of duskyskin.com and she is working with the editorial team to bring the best in content. Dr. Abraiz is working as the Head of Dermatology at QMC.

Dr. Farooq Qaisrani,

Dr Farooq Qaisrani
Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani

Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani is a Pediatric Physician and Pediatric Nutritionist. He is co-founder and head of operations at duskyskin.com. Dr. Farooq Haider Qaisrani is the founder of DrQaisrani.com. He is working as a Pediatrician at Qaisrani Children Clinic and he is the Principal and Chairman of the Board at Qaisrani Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Usman,

Dr. Usman is a Dental Surgeon and he is working hard with the editorial team of duskyskin.com 

Bushra Shahid
DHND, Mphil (Food Sciences and Technology)


Bushra Shahid is a Certified Nutritionist and she is working to help us understand the importance of diet in skincare.

Dr. Zahra Nazir
Pharm D, Mphil (Pharmacy Practice)


Dr. Zahra is a Certified Pharmacist and she is in charge of editing medicines dosage and proof-reading medicines related content at duskyskin.com

All the articles, that are published on this website are written by Dr. Abraiz and duskyskin.com team.

We have divided articles into the following categories:

Skin Care – Dedicated articles related to skincare

Hair Care – This category is filled with articles for hair care.

How To – Ask your questions and my team will answer your questions.

Knowledge – This is a new section on this website. We have added common questions and answers to skincare. We will add regular articles in this section.

Medical Disclaimer

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