Should You Pop Pimples When They Are White?

Should You Pop Pimples When They Are White?

Should You Pop Pimples When They Are White?

Pimples either white or black are a terrifying fact of life. As seasons change pimples starting to appear on the face neck and back areas. People who have oily skin suffer more from this problem.

Pimples give a bad impact on personality. People hesitate to come in gathering due to these pimples problem. 

When pimple starts to appear it looks short and immature but when it turns into white color it’s become mature and now the question arises can we pop the white pimple?

As a Dermatologist, I will not suggest you pop a white pimple at home. You can pop the white pimples after getting a review from a Dermatologist. Popping white pimples can lead to infection and inflammation of the skin.

When you will pop a white pimple at home you cannot remove it out properly. Because pus present in the pimple will not come out properly and will spread to the other skin cells and it will damage skin cells.

Should You Pop Pimples When They Are White?

Furthermore, if you are good in popping pimples then ultimately it will leave the scars on that area of the skin. Many people use to ask me how we can easily pop our white pimples at home without any risk factors. Today I will tell you quite beneficial methods to popping white pimples out from the skin of face neck or back.

Whenever you face the problem of pimples, you are suggested by people to keep your skin washed and clean. The right way to keep your pimple away from popping is too pressed by ice cube or some other warm compress.

Best Methods to Pop a White Pimple at Home

Popping pimple involved some steps if you will follow these steps you can easily pop your white pimples without any infection. If you do not follow these steps then pimple will not remove out from the skin even the pus in pimple will spread into other cells of the skin and makes the skin dead.

Here is the right way to pop your pimple. Follow these steps and thanks me later.

Check your pimple

First of all, the step involved in popping a pimple is that pimple should be mature enough to pop it out. White pimple becomes when it is mature enough to remove it off. So make sure that when your pimple becomes whiten then it is ready to pop it out. If you will pop immature pimples it will cause infection and inflammation of the skin.

Pus present in the pimple will move into other skin cells. So wait until the pimples form a firm and white head. It is a sign of mature pimple to pop it off because at this stage pus is near the surface of pimples and when you will pop it pus will remove easily. Due to pus near the surface of pimple pus extracted from the pimple easily.

Sterilized the pin or needle:

The next step involved in this method is to sterilize the pin or needle with whom you will puncture your pimples. Do not use your fingers to pop the pimple because bacteria present in the hands and nails will interfere with the skin and it will damage the other skin near the pimple.

So sterilize the pin or needle with heat. Use the sterilized pin to pop up the pimple on your skin.

Wiped off the white pimple with Alcohol:

After making sure that your white pimple is ready to pop it out wiped your pimple with Alcohol to remove bacteria present near the skin of pimple. It is necessary to wipe your pimple with alcohol because when you will puncture the pimple then bacteria present near the pimple will incorporate with other skin cells.

so wipe your pimple with alcohol to remove bacteria from the skin. After wiping off the pimple swab the alcohol on the sterilized pin or needle with whom you will puncture the pimple.

Use Cotton buds:

Take two cotton buds to squeeze the pus of pimple out. These cotton buds will push the pimple from both sides and pus will remove out from the pimple.

Use gloves to precede this process so that your hands could not interfere in this process and in this way you can stay away from the infection of bacteria and other foreign particles.

Puncture white pimple:

It is a very important and main step involved in the surgical popping of the pimples. If you can easily puncture your pimple in the right direction then you will get rid of the problem of infection and inflammation.

It is a very technical step in popping a pimple. So make sure to puncture the pimple at the surface of the white pimple. When you will puncture the pimple a hole will appear from where pus will come out. Make sure to puncture pimple needle should be sharp and straight. The Needle should be sterilized to get a puncture on the surface of the pimple.

Squeeze the white pimple:

After puncturing on the surface of white pimple take 2 cotton buds and press both sides of the pimple to remove the pus from the pimple. When you will press both sides of the pimple with cotton buds then pus will remove out from it.

Place cotton swabs near the base of pimple and guide the push-up and out by gently squeezing the base. In this way, all the puss will be removed from the pimple easily.

Treat the wound:

 Now pus will be extracted from the pimple but it will form a scar or wound that can be healed by using a good quality medicated creams.

Use salicylic acid cream on the wound after squeezing pimple to prevent from the scars that will be formed after removing the pus.

You can apply these ingredients on your wound after popping out the pimple.

  • Salicylic acid cream
  • Benzyl peroxide
  • Witch hazel

Precautions while you Pop a White Pimple

Popping pimples at home can lead you to scar. The Dermatologist will never recommend you to do it at home by yourself. If you have acne either it is black or white consult your dermatologist on best treatment options. Your skin will thanks to you later after its treatment.

Because when you will pop a pimple at home it will cause infection of skin due to the presence of bacteria on your hands and near the area of the pimple. These bacteria combine and then cause infection of the skin.

What to do after Popping Pimples at Home?

After popping your pimple you will have red scars of the wound appear on that surface. A dermatologist will advise not to pop your pimple but when you have popped it well then you have to be careful after its popping.
I will suggest some important tips to prevent further damage to your skin and to get rid of the redness of popping the pimple.

Do not touch the pimple after popping

Avoid the contact of your hands to the surface of popped pimple because it will transfer the bacteria to the skin that will cause inflammation of the skin.

Many people think that more pus will become out after popping pimple and they continue squeezing a pimple that ultimately leaves the scars and makes the skin more worsen. It ultimately causes more formation of pimples.

Clean the surface of popped pimple:

When you have done with popping pimple the clean gently with a mild cleanser. Wash it off with mild cleanser and allow it to clean. You can also use alcohol to remove bacteria that will form near the pimple after popping it.

I will recommend you to apply witch hazel powder on the surface of the popped pimple. Take a little amount on your fingertip and push it on the surface of popped pimple it will lessen the inflammation and redness of the pimple.

Compress the skin warmly:

If after popping white pimple the surface area becomes swollen the use some warm compressor to lessen the swelling of the surface area.

You can apply an ice cube on the popped pimple to avoid swelling of the pimple. Apply ice cube directly or wrapped it with a cloth and push it on the surface if your popped pimple already formed the scab then ice cube will never work on it so please skip this step.

Apply medicated ointment:

When you will pop your pimple it will form a wound so to heal the wound using a good quality antibiotic ointment to heal the wound of the pimple. Use a little amount of antibiotic ointment on it to heal fast. It can take a few days but it will remove the scars as early as possible. It will form clog on the wound to heal.

Do not touch scab:

If a layer is formed after popping pimple then do not touch the layer because it is a sign of healing wound. If you will touch the scab then it will cause the infection. Many people do not have tempered and they remove the scab which can cause infection.

After popping pimple scab is formed and when the wound starts healing another scab is also formed that means wound is healing perfectly so leave the scab alone and do not touch or remove the scab.

Continue your OTC treatment:

If you are using on the counter, medication before popping pimple then continue that medication. Because it will help you out to get rid of the problem. And it will heal your wound speedily. The Antibiotic treatment contains antibacterial properties help heal the wound of the popped pimple.

If you will be tolerant then you will heal the pimple speedily. Do not be aggressive during the popping pimple because it can worsen your skin than before so I will suggest you to stay with patience.

Final words:

Pimples hold debris, oil, and bacteria. Some experts are strictly against popping pimples. By popping you can potentially cause more harm than good. Being too aggressive can result in lasting scars.

The Popping can increase inflammation in the surrounding skin and contaminate surrounding pores which can likely lead to more pimples. The Poking pimple can cause bacteria to move into the deeper skin.

If the popping is done correctly then it can reduce the scarring and likeliness of inflammation. But before the popping makes sure pimple has formed a white head. Because when it will form a white head it means pimple is ready to be popped out.

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