What to do After Microneedling?

What to do After Microneedling?

What to do After Microneedling?

Thanks to the latest technology, now we can have healthy and glowing skin with simple procedures. Microneedling is one of the best skincare procedures that help to get flawless and even skin tone with improved skin texture.

Microneedling removes the scars and clears the skin. It helps to get rid of freckles and wrinkles from the skin. It makes the skin smooth and soft. Microneedling is also called as a collagen therapy because it increases the collagen secretion.

After Microneedling, you should avoid sun exposure, avoid skincare products, makeup, alcohol-containing products, avoid exercise, drink more water, and use a mild cleanser for the face. According to Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani, it is recommended that you do not smoke and do not use products containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and retinol.

After micro-needling of the skin, Dermatologists will give you precautionary measures to take to prevent any damage to the skin.

What to do After Microneedling? Aftercare Tips and Post-Treatment care

Microneedling is a technique in which skin scars are removed by needling. In this process, a derma roller can be used to remove scars and to remove wrinkles. As derma roller contains needles that where remove the scars it can also harmful for skin if a precautionary measure is not taken.

As a dermatologist, I recommend my patients to take these safety tips after their micro-needling of the face neck or other parts of the body:

Avoid sun exposure:

Microneedling opens the skin pores and when you will go out after Microneedling UV rays will damage the skin. Keep away from the rays and light of the sun for 5 -7 days after the treatment to prevent any harm.

Sunlight gives a bad impact on the skin and it makes the skin dull. When after micro-needling UV rays contact with open pores of the skin pores clogged and damaged.

If you are a job going lady then you have to take leave for 5 days and stay yourself inside for 5-7 days until pores or wound becomes healed. After the healing process, you can go out for a job or to shopping.

Avoid skincare product

To attain your required results after treatment then stay away from any skincare product. Use those cream or lotion that is prescribed by your dermatologist.

After a Microneedling treatment, your skin cells become extended due to needling, and whenever you will use skin product it will be clogged or caught by skin cells. So avoid using skincare products after-treatment like a moisturizer.

Avoid alcohol-containing skin products

Some skincare products contain alcohol in them to penetrate the skin. And it acts as a carrier in many creams to lighten the skin.

Most people love to use these creams for whitening purposes and to make the skin flawless but they do not they are doing wrong to their skin. It will burn the skin so it is very risky to use after micro-needling. Avoid using these types of skincare products that contain alcohol or methanol in them.

Skip makeup

Do not use makeup products after your treatment of micro-needling because makeup products can block your pores. After micro-needling skin pores become opened and it is very easy to stick foreign particles to fix in these pores.

Avoid the use of any kind of makeup product for 24 hours. If you are suffering from your color tan then wait for 4 to 5 days and then use makeup products. I will suggest not using makeup products that can harm your skin cells.

Makeup products, unfortunately, damage the skin cells, and using after micro-needling it is very harmful to the skin.

Keep your skin hydrated

This safety tip is for everyone for every condition. More your body will be hydrated more you will be energized. So keep yourself hydrated before and after treatment. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily. After needling it is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated otherwise, there will no effect of micro-needling shows.

Make habit of drink 8 glasses of water on a daily base. You can set an alarm to remind you to drink water after an hour or half-hour. In this way, you can keep your body hydrated.

Keep your skin cool

After micro-needling skin pores become opened and the temperature of skin elevates. To keep your skin temperature normal drink juices or water to keep your skin temperature normal. Pores of skin remain open until skin temperature is high.

It is necessary to calm down skin temperature for the rapid healing of the skin. Foot bathing plays also an important role to keep your skin cool down.

Do not allow sweating

This treatment is for enhancing the beauty of skin so avoid that entire workout that becomes the reason for sweating. After your treatment, do not cook for 3 to 4 days because skin channels are opened and when you will work in kitchen dirt will be stuck in the skin cells.

Do not involve in the work that could be the reason for sweating. Sweating interferes with the healing process of micro-needling.

You should not smoke after micro-needling

Smoking delays the healing process. In micro-needling, healing is the most important part of getting healthy and good skin. One of the common questions that I receive from patients is, Can I smoke after micro-needling? Answer to this question is, NO, you must not smoke after getting a micro-needling procedure. Smoking will delay the production of new skin cells that will eventually, damage the skin. 

If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you either stop smoking or do not go for the procedure. Smoking not only damages your lungs but you will notice a dull skin if you continue to smoke.

Do not use Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid skincare products

You should be very careful in selecting skincare products after you get a micro-needling procedure. People often ask, Can I use glycolic acid after micron-needling? Answer to this question is, No, you should not use glycolic acid or salicylic acid products. 

Glycolic acid is a good product to get good skin but after micro-needling, you must avoid these ingredients. Your skin is injured during this treatment and you should always treat your skin with care and according to the guidelines of your doctor.

Apply facemask with a cooling agent

Face masks play a vital role after micro-needling treatment it keeps the skin hydrated. Skin can be give burning sensation after the treatment because of the opening channel of pores. You can keep your skin calm and cool by applying face masks.

It will helpful in inflammation and it will hydrate the skin. You can apply cucumber chilled masks on your face to keep your skin hydrated and to give a cooling effect.

A cooling mask can also be made by meshing banana with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and then apply on the skin. This cooling mask will give a cooling effect to the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Avoid exercise:

If you love to do exercise and have walking routine morning or evening. Then skip this routine and avoid exercise for a few days. Because workout leads to an increase in blood circulation that can agitate the capillaries of the skin.

Do not exercise for a few days after treatment. When pores healed up you can again start your workout routine. But do not exercise at least 2 to 3 days after the treatment of micro-needling.

Use mild cleanser foam:

Use a mild cleanser after your treatment that would not harm your skin. After micro-needling skin becomes thinner and little harsh cleanser can damage the skin. Avoid washing your face for 2 days after it you can use mild cleanser foam.

Be aware of using a cleanser it must be mild cleanser foam that gives gently effect on the skin. Gently massage on the skin in a circular motion and do not use any kind of brush on the skin up to 7 days.

Apply serums to moisturize skin:

You can use a hyaluronic acid serum or vitamin e serum on your skin after a treatment. It will help you out to heal the skin and moisturize the skin.

This treatment is also called collagen treatment. Hyaluronic acid serum increases the production of collagen in the skin. The antioxidant serum helps to moisturize the skin and rapid the healing process; it gives a healthy impact on the skin.

Do not use retinol or vitamin C Serum:

Vitamin C can harmful to the skin after treatment it will give a harsh effect on the skin. Avoid the use of skin products like serum creams or lotions that contains vitamin C in it. Avoid that kind of skincare products and use a hyaluronic acid serum after micro-needling of the skin.

If you are using before the treatment these products then after treatment do not use it until the redness of the skin goes away. Wait for it for 5 to 7 days.

Use of sunscreen:

I will suggest you to not go outside in front of the sun for 24 hours or after 24 hours. If it is necessary to go out for a job then apply sunscreen on the skin before going out. Sunscreen contains SPF sun protection factor that prevents the skin from Ultraviolet rays of the sun.

If it is possible then use sunscreen without any chemical because some sunscreen contains alcohol in them so to avoid that kind of sunscreens. Use chemical-free sunscreen to prevent sunlight.

Do not take anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen:

The one thing I will suggest you to not to take anti-inflammatory drugs after the treatment. Because after micro-needling our body starts stimulating collagen and it gives somehow inflammation of the skin that is a natural process.

When you will take an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen this process will be disturbed. I will suggest, not to take pain killers or NSAIDs after treatment. If you have a severe headache or fever then you can take after 24 hours.

Avoid scrubbing of skin:

Exfoliation makes skin pores unwrap so after treatment do not exfoliate the skin for 7 days. Allow it to heal naturally do not use any product on the skin. Scrubber contains ingredients that can be harmful to the skin so do not exfoliate your skin after the treatment.

Do not use harsh face wash:

Micro-needling makes skin sensitive so do not use rough face wash or soap that will damage the skin.

Avoid washing the skin for 24 hours and after 24 hours wash your skin with coconut oil soap or cucumber face wash you can also use neem face wash for gentle massaging.

Avoid Hot shower

People love to take hot showers or hot baths to lessen tiredness. But if you are having treatment then avoids taking a hot shower because it can be destructive for the skin. Avoid taking a hot shower after micro-needling.

If you are thinking about taking treatment of micro-needling then for sure go for it. Above aftercare tips will help you out and you can comfortably take benefit of this treatment.

By taking safety measure you can take maximum results of micro-needling. I hope the above tips will develop your confidence to take micro-needling treatment for flawless skin.

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