Can You Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin?

Can You Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin?

Can You Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin?

Back in our childhood stories, we read about the two brothers and sisters who were lured into a cottage made of sweets. They ate so much of that they couldn’t even move. Well, that is really what sugar is all about.

They say excess of everything is bad; this statement is 100% true for sugar. High intakes of sugar can lead us to diseases and damage to our body and skin.

We received several emails from  Upon inquiring our team came to the conclusion that all the patients had a high intake of sugar levels. The question is: Can it be cured?

Yes, you can reverse sugar damage to the skin.  You should maintain a balanced diet which contains drinking plenty of water and taking low carbs. Moreover eating fresh veggies and fruit can also help us. 

In this article, our editors have explained what is sugar damage and what effect does it have over your body. We will also tell you some easy methods that can help you in this matter.

What is the sugar damage?

In simple words, when you take high sugary foods in an irregular manner then it causes severe effects on your body and health. This is called sugar damage.

Basically, the particles of sugar combine to make molecules that are harmful to our body and skin. These molecules tend to spread wildly if not controlled timely.

Can You Reverse Sugar Damage to Skin?

Sugar damage can lead to acne. It can make one’s skin look dull with lesser elasticity. You may see wrinkles and lines over your face even when it’s too early to be getting old.

It can deeply damage our collagen; make our skin saggy on the face and neck. Moreover, it will make our skin and body dehydrated.

Follow these simple methods to reduce or reverse the effects of Glycation.

Use Herbal tea 

Taking herbal tea can provide positive effects on the body. The enrichment of antioxidants surely slows down the sugar from dissolving into the blood.

For best results, drink Green tea or Jasmine tea with lemon squeezed into it. It will not only boost your metabolism but will keep you hydrated.

More hydration means more urine will pass and that will also carry out the sugar from the body.

Healthy fats

Not all fats are harmful, some fats are vital for our body growth and sugar control too. A good example of that is Omega 3 fat that boosts our immune system.

There are many things such as nuts and some fruit that are enriched with unsaturated fat that helps reduce the sugar damage in the body.

You should try watermelon seeds, olive oil, almonds, raisins, etc to control your blood sugar level.

Peanut butter

If your body has shown bad results of sugar on your skin then you may start off with peanut butter at once.

The ingredients in the peanut butter help in slowing down the process of digestion as well as preventing the sugar molecules to dissolve into skin cells.

No to desserts

Isn’t it obvious? The sugar has already damaged your skin badly why do you want it to go any worse. This means that sugar intake at once must be lowered.

You have to give up on things like your favorite ice-cream, soda, and even ketchup. If you won’t take care now it will give permanent damage to your skin.

Adjust your meals

You might now reconsider your eating habits. Your meals must be balanced with relatively low amounts of sugar.

Try taking meals full of proteins like boiled eggs and fish etc. You may complement your breakfast with no sugar coffee or tea.

Avoidance of junk meals can bring a positive change to your health and reverse the damage inflicted on your skin.

Wholegrain meals

Wholegrain meals are full of proteins, vitamins, and many essential nutrients. The regular intake of it will help you pass out all the sugar toxicity.

Moreover, it will further help you in reducing this attack and help control your blood sugar levels.

Foods such as cereals, oats, brown rice and popcorn, etc can be eaten in this case.

Coconut water

Another useful thing is to drink coconut water. Coconut water is filled with potassium and sodium that makes our skin hydrated and fresh.

The consumption of coconut water will let us urinate more thus reducing the sugar damage from our body, while it will make our skin clear too.


Fish can be very useful to control the skin damage as the amino acids present in the fish are proved to fight against the free radicals and sugar damage.

It also contains Omega 3 fatty acid and lots of proteins that make it perfect to repair our wrinkly skin.

Lots of fiber

Best way to fight sugar damage is to use fiber-rich foods in your meal. Fiber is essential for better digestion of food and helps in constipation.

You may get fiber from fruit such as bananas, strawberries and oranges meanwhile vegetables like carrots and broccoli are best to provide fiber.

Eat vegetables

Munching on raw vegetables will help in slowing down the sugar molecules to attack our body. It will also aid in clearing down the previous damage.

For best results make sure to put broccoli, peas, carrots, asparagus and other dark-colored veggies as dark-colored veggies are richer in fiber than lighter ones.

A vegetable that has no or low amount of starch also helps in maintaining the insulin level and treating skin wrinkles and acne.

Regular Workout

It is essential for your body to have some regular exercise. You need to maintain the habit of working out because it has the most effect on our health and skin.

Daily workout not only controls the blood pressure and sugar level but it also releases the toxic materials from our body produced by high sugar level.

An hour spent on cycling, treadmill, and yoga surely will be beneficial for our body.


The antioxidants are necessary to fight the sugar molecules that are harmful. They will not let sugar consume up your body.

To have the best of antioxidants you need both to eat and drink things enriched with it. A cup of hot coffee or some leafy salad will be perfect.

They will also build up your collagen and clear out the blemishes and wrinkles. Consume foods enriched with vitamin C and E for best results.

Sun protection

While the sugar has already made your skin loose and weak, it is most important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Use a good quality SPF-30 sunscreen in order to prevent any burns or penetration of dangerous rays into the skin.


Your sleeping pattern greatly affects everything. If you do not sleep properly then it might cause more damage to your skin due to the creation of more free radicals.

So it is better to adopt a healthy sleep pattern as healthy sleep will help you heal and rejuvenate your skin more early.

Moisturize your skin

To prevent your skin from getting hard or dried out, apply a good amount of lotion in regular intervals especially before going to sleep.

No cola or juice

One ounce of cola is nearly equal to a teaspoon of sugar. Juices with artificial flavor also have the same amount of sugar levels in it.

So it is recommended to stop taking these drinks at once. You can make a smoothie out of veggies and fruit instead.

Consult a Specialist

There are many products that are in the market for the treatment of sugar damage. So you can meet your consultant and get yourself prescribed with efficient treatment.

Final words

We know that you have every right to satisfy your sweet cravings with your favorite dessert. We just want to make sure that you do not indulge deep into it.

These treats should be limited to maybe once or twice a week so that it won’t have a larger impact on our skin making it saggy and wrinkly.

Follow these simple tips and you will soon get rid of all the acne and loose skin.

Good day!

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