How to Hydrate Face Overnight?

How to Hydrate Face Overnight

How to Hydrate Face Overnight?

Maintaining the optimum levels of hydration is a must for healthy and glowing skin. I have checked many girls in the last few weeks, who complain about waking up with dry skin.

During deep sleep, our skin undergoes a natural process of healing and adding moisture at that time is of great benefit.

Recently one of our regular readers asked about methods to hydrate face overnight.

You can hydrate your face overnight with regular use of Vaseline, Coconut oil, room humidifier along with face masks is among the few methods that can be used to hydrate face overnight. I recommend drinking water before you sleep and when you get up.

You can always delay the process of aging if you keep your skin moisturized and properly hydrated. The normal concept is that we only use a moisturizer on the skin and especially on the face only in the winter season. This is a totally wrong approach. Majority of us work outdoors and this dries up the percentage of water in our skin.

I have seen many girls who complain about their daily routine and how they are unable to add a moisturizer on their skin during the day time. For me, it is not a problem, I am also a working woman and you can always find time for your skin.

My suggestion, hydrate your face overnight, this is the best time as your skin is away from harmful radiations and dust and you no makeup what so ever.

How to Hydrate Face Overnight?

Let us now get into the details. I will explain a variety of proven methods that will ensure better hydration of your face. Remember, it is never about improving your facial skin overnight. I recommend using these methods for a couple of days to weeks and you will see major improvement.

Although, I received a few emails from patients who got immediate results. I have explained a few methods which you do magic for your skin. Start applying these every night when you sleep and you will thank me later.

Here we go:

Properly Cleaning the face

Now, this is the first step towards better and improved skin. We use makeup and different creams daily and it is a must to properly clean the facial skin every night when you sleep. I recommend using a good quality face wash for this.

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Never apply any cream or moisturizer directly on the face with makeup. This will damage your face in the long run and you may also see immediate drawbacks.

I recommend using warm water to clean away all the makeup and dust and flushing cold water in the end. Add moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera Water on the face for better results.

Vaseline on face overnight

Yes, I am talking about the old trusted Vaseline. We all have this amazing product at home and yet we ignore its benefits. One of the oldest ways to hydrate your face skin is the use of Vaseline.

My suggestion, start using it on a regular basis and you will be amazed by its hydrating potential. It is recommended that you use vaseline on face overnight for better results.

Use of Glycerine with Lemon

For hundreds of years, girls have been using the glycerine for their skin. I suggest using glycerine mixed with lemon juice with few drops of water, mix gently and apply on your face before you sleep.

You can even use soaps containing glycerine with lemon extracts, these are now commonly available from the online market places.

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Lemon juice has amazing benefits for skin, you will see results within a couple of days. I suggest using this method for a few weeks straight.

Coconut Oil is used to hydrate the face overnight

Coconut oil is filled with amazing benefits for the skin. I have been using it for months and many of my patients use this on a daily basis. Just apply a justified amount of coconut oil and gently massage over face.

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You can even use this for full body moisturization. My suggestion is to take a bath with warm water with added lemon juice in the morning. This will make your skin healthy and glowing.

Use of Humidifier in Room

Now, this is something interesting. According to recent research at, it is better to use a room humidifier for maintaining skin hydration. This may be surprising for a few of you, Yes, this is an indirect way to add hydration to your skin while you sleep.

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Lip Cream

I have explained all the details about hydrating face skin. Don’t forget lips, add a good quality lip cream. This will hydrate and moisturize lips while you sleep and you will have better-looking lips in the morning. 

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Drink More Water

This is my favorite, I recommend drinking more water. You should have a plan for adding more water in your daily activities. I suggest drinking water before you sleep and when you get up. This will hydrate your body along with your skin. 

Face Masks

If you are allergic to coconut oil, I suggest using a high-quality hydrating facemask. Simply apply the hydrating mask on your face just before you sleep. Let it stay overnight, this will help face mask to add more percentage of water into your facial skin.

Indian healing clay is among the best formulas used as a face mask. Now, it is easily available in the online market place.

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Use of face mask is among the best methods to hydrate face overnight. This will also help you get even skin tone. Use of facemasks also helps to prevent sebaceous filaments on the nose.

I have explained all the best ways to hydrate your face overnight. Remember you should never be aggressive with your skin. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article for hydrating your face overnight.

If you have any questions about, how to hydrate face overnight, just post in the comment section below. I try to answer all questions and also I add articles on these topics for other readers.

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