Why is My Skin Shiny But Not Oily?

Why is My Skin Shiny But Not Oily

Why is My Skin Shiny But Not Oily?

Having healthy and glowing skin is a blessing. Few of us have shiny skin and it can be because of the presence of oil. We all are concerned about our skin. I receive many girls who complain about their skin. Recently one of my regular visitors was concerned about her shiny skin.

There is a very fine line between having glowing skin and having shiny skin. With glowing skin, you will have more confidence and you are sure about your skin health. On the other hand, with shiny skin, girls get worried that they have super oily skin.

Shiny but not oily skin can be a sign of over-exfoliation. You can use a wood lamp to check the amount of oil on your skin.

Every individual is different, few of us have shiny skin and others do not. This is perfectly normal, girls get confused when they see shiny skin in the mirror. Majority of girls will check if they have oil on their skin and is it the oil that is actually causing the shiny skin.

This question arises when they believe there is no oil on their skin and still they have a shiny face.

Let us get into the details of today’s topic:

Why is My Skin Shiny But Not Oily?

Having shiny skin can make you do makeup for hours. There are not many foundations or creams that can stay on oily skin. It is perfectly normal to have oily skin but having excessive oil can be problematic. Whenever someone complains about having shiny skin, my first question is about the location. 

The main question is what if you do not have oily skin and still you have a shiny face? Is that really possible? 

The first step here is to evaluate the skin of the patient, it is strongly recommended that visit a certified Dermatologist for this. It is better to have your skin tested for the amount of oil and activity of sebaceous activity in that part of your skin.

Check Oil on Skin

I use Woods Lamp to access the skin of my patients, this is a device that checks pigmented and depigmented areas of skin along with the sebaceous activity of that part of the skin. If Woods lamp shows the yellow color that is a positive sign for oily skin. This helps to check the shiny face.

There is also another method that checks the oiliness on the skin. You can use oil blotting papers and these are very easy use. This may not be the most accurate method but if you do not have access to the Woods Lamp, you may use this method.

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Clean your face with good quality facewash, after 30 minutes press the oil blotting paper against your skin. Check for the presence of oil on the paper, if you see some oil that is a positive result, however, no oil means you have dry skin.

Oil on your skin can result in a shiny nose. Now remember whenever you have oily skin, that means the presence of oil on that part of the skin.

Many think that they have dry skin then why this oil. Since the oil may be in minute amounts that maybe not accessible by the naked eye or at home. You can always get an opinion from a qualified doctor or a Dermatologist.

How to prevent oily and shiny skin?

Now that you know that oil is the main cause for shiny skin and face. In this part of the article, I will explain a few methods that will help you avoid a shiny face:

Discuss it with your Dermatologist and if she thinks the reason is the over-exfoliation of the skin than check your schedule and you must know how often to exfoliate your skin. You also observe shiny skin, if you do not have even skin tone.

We use different methods for exfoliation of our skin. If you are using face scrubs or any physical object, stop using this and go for liquid exfoliation. There are many good quality face enzymes that help to exfoliate your skin without making it oily and shiny. 

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Use of Vitamin A is recommended in such cases, using a retinol serum can help your skin glow without the use of scrubs that are causing over-exfoliation.

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If you have acne, this can also lead to oily and shiny skin. It is strongly advised not to use liquid foundation on your skin if you have acne that is developing and growing. If you plan to use any makeup check if it is safe for face acne and then use it. If you are visiting a Dermatologist, go for a Woods lamp test to check the oiliness of your skin. Read here about getting rid of Sebaceous Filaments on the nose.

Drink plenty of water and I advise all my patients and readers to drink a cup of water before you sleep and when you get up. Drinking water will eventually help you have better and healthy skin. If you have oily skin, drinking water will help you achieve glowing skin that is not oily and shiny.

You can also use a sebaceous friendly cleanser that is now available in the market. This will help you avoid shiny skin.

Using a hydrating mask at night will also help, just place the mask on your face gently before you sleep. Let it stay overnight and wash your face in the morning. You will notice a major improvement in the coming days and weeks. Remember for the skin you must never hussy, there is no magic involve here and every regime takes time.

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Whenever you sleep, always remove makeup and cleanse your face properly. Never sleep with makeup on your face. I have just posted a detailed guide to hydrate face overnight.

Always use a sunscreen lotion whenever you are out and exposed to sun rays. This is a must for all skin types.

Feel free to ask me questions related to today’s topic. My team will respond to all the answers you need. 

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