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What Causes Skin Indentations on Face

What Causes Skin Indentations on Face?

Today’s topic is very interesting, the majority of the patients that I receive for Skin Indentations are unaware of the facts that are really causing skin indentations on their face. Skin damage can cause skin indentations on the face.

It is important for all the patients to know,

What Causes Skin Indentations on Face?

Before going into the details of this topic, let me explain, what are Skin Indentations? 

Pick marks or scars from acne that normally do not fade away, tends to appear like small holes or indentations of skin, resulting from the damage to the deep layers of the skin are known as Skin Indentations. Among other causes are, Chickenpox, sudden weight loss, and edema. These are also known as pockmarks or icepick scars.

In this article, our Dermatologists have explained all the causes of skin indentations on face. Below is the detailed description of this:

What Causes Skin Indentations on Face?

There is a variety of different conditions that can cause indentation of skin. Here we go, I will try to stick to the causes of this skin condition:

Skin Damage

There are many factors or reasons that lead to Indentations on the face. Normally this is the result of the damage occurred to different layers of skin, mostly the deep layers of skin are involved. Skin damage is one of the main causes of skin indentations on face.

Once the support structure of the skin is damaged, it leads to scar formation. Remember, scar formation is the first step towards healing, but in this case, there is limited scar formation in the affected area. This prevents the damaged area of the skin to be flush with new cells, leading to visible small scars on that very area.

Skin damage is one of the main reasons for the indentations of skin.

Acne causes skin indentations on face

As I said, among the major reasons for skin indentations are the damaged skin areas. Ance can cause severe damage to the skin that can lead to the damaged skin layers, resulting in skin indentations.

You should 5 percent benzoyl peroxide to treat acne on the face. Now face wash are also available that contains this formula. 

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If you have been battling acne for years, you may still see skin indentations, as even healed acne can cause this. This can even lead to the formation of sebaceous filaments.

If you have acne-prone skin, you should take care of your skin, otherwise, it may lead to skin indentations on the face.


Another condition that changes the scar formation in the layers of the skin is smallpox. If not treated, this will lead to altered scar formation, thus resulting in indented skin on the face.

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Even after a scar, skin damage is prominent, once a scar is shed, it will leave a mark because the underlying skin failed to flush the area with new cells.

Smallpox must be treated, otherwise, it can cause the appearance of indentations of skin.


This is a common reason among all, Chickenpox can lead to skin indentations and damage can vary from small to significant. This is a common condition among kids and even young adults. It is strongly suggested to visit your doctor if you are facing this viral condition. You must always keep your face skin hydrated.

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Edema or fluid retention

This is one of the few causes of skin indentations. This happens to patients that are already suffering from some sort of kidney disease or heart impairment (right ventricular failure). Once fluid start accumulating, it leads to skin indentations.

If this condition continues, skin indentations will start appearing and in such a case, it is strongly suggested that you visit a nearby medical specialist.


This is a rare condition that also results in the formation of skin indentations. In this condition, fat deposits underneath the skin start disappearing, leading in the shrinkage of the skin in that specific area.

This normally happens to isolated areas like face or legs, however, there are cases affecting the major portion of the body. This depends on the severity of the lipoatrophy.

Sudden Weight loss

Weight loss, this means sudden weight loss that may be due to any medical condition. If the person was not fat or healthy before the weight loss, he is likely to develop skin indentations. If you are planning to lose weight, go slow or you may have to face sudden skin indentations.

Final Words:

Being a Dermatologist, I have to deal with patients with a variety of different skin conditions. Skin Indentations are something, that needs to be evaluated and you must find the underlying cause of this disease. Patients with skin indentations fail to get even skin tone.

I have explained all the reasons that may cause skin indentations on the face. Feel free to contact me for any questions related to today’s topic, just post your question in the comment section and my team will respond.

Team – DuskySkin

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