How to Get Even Skin Tone on Body Naturally?

How to Get Even Skin Tone on Body Naturally

Even skin tone is a dream of every girl. Daily hundreds of girls contact me for their skin related problems. Having a healthy and even skin tone is a dream of every girl. I have received this question from one of our regular readers, and she is really trying hard to get even skin tone on her body.

How to Get Even Skin Tone on Body Naturally? Few methods that will help you attain even skin on your body are lifestyle modification, avoidance of fast foods along with the use of Vitamin C, Niacin, Kojic Acid, Chemical peels, and use of lemon juice.

Before going into the details, I will explain what are the reasons that lead to uneven skin tones.

The uneven skin tone on the body can be a result of multiple factors like:

  • damage from sun rays, this happens when we have long term sun exposure
  • certain medications can lead to compromised skin tone
  • hormones are one of the risk actors
  • age

Now, whatever causes this uneven skin tone, there are always ways to get rid of this. Uneven skin tone can be temporary, however, there are cases where the damage is permanent. I strongly suggest visiting a Dermatologist, if a condition persists.

How to Get Even Skin Tone on Body Naturally?

Basically, this article is dedicated to all my patients who keep asking about an uneven skin tone. I hope, once you are done reading this detailed guide on improving skin tone, you will have a better understanding of how things work on skin.

In order to get even skin tone on the body, you should modify your eating habits, add fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid oily foods, and stress, etc.

There are many things that we can do to improve an uneven skin tone. I have explained all the best ways to get even skin tone on the body.

Lifestyle Changes to get even skin tone

Whenever I receive any patient with an uneven skin tone, my first suggestion is to improve the quality of life and make modifications accordingly. 

One of the first things that I suggest is to stay hydrated. Yes, Drink More Water, this is the basic and most important thing that will glow your skin in the long term. This does not mean that you drink tons of water, the main target is to modify your routine, where you have plenty of water every day.

Now staying hydrated does not only mean that you keep drinking water, but you have to hydrate your skin also. For this, I recommend applying moisturizing creams and lotions that will enhance the water content of your skin. This helps to get even skin tone all over the body.

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You can also choose non-comedogenic moisturizers that will prevent skin damage and you will notice an improvement in skin tone in the coming weeks.

Hydrating your skin does not mean that you only use moisturizing creams on your face but it should be applied to the whole body. I have seen patients who complain about having an uneven skin tone on the whole body and this can be avoided by this simple trick.

Foods for Even Skin Tone

This is what I love, Yes, eat healthily and you will have nothing to worry. We normally ignore natural foods and are focused on non-organic stuff. I strongly recommend starting using natural and pure foods. 

Now, amazingly, God has blessed us with so many amazing ingredients in natural food that is required by the skin to maintain a healthy and even tone. I will explain below the list of good foods for the even skin tone.

Use Vitamin C

The first thing that comes to my mind about making skin healthy is the regular use of Vitamin C. You can find many quality products in the market but why not take advantage of nature.

Simply, start adding foods that are rich in Vitamin C and you will have all the results that you are looking for, even skin tone with improved color.

You can even add vitamin C powder in your diet for daily Vitamin C requirement.

You can use natural ways to even out skin tone. Following foods are rich in Vitamin C:

  • strawberries
  • oranges and citrus fruits
  • guava 
  • peppers

Lemon Juice

This is my favorite food for improving skin tone and making it evener. You can always use lemon juice and it will enhance your skin within a couple of days or weeks. This is also helpful in preventing the formation of sebaceous filaments.

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Now the question is how to use it? You can simply squeeze a lemon and use the fresh juice and apply it on your desired skin area. You can use it twice daily for better and fast results. I recommend drinking more water on a daily basis, this will keep your skin hydrated.

Natural products are always best to get even skin tone.

Use Niacin

This is a natural product that has amazing results for the skin. If you use this on a regular basis, even skin tone is just a few weeks away. Niacin is extremely good for hair, nails, and skin.

It also helps to enhance skin tone and make it even, once used regularly. This is a must if you are looking to get even skin tone on the body naturally.

Niacin is now commonly available in the market in the form of tablets. You can easily buy this from online market places.

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It helps to make skin tone even. Niacin is present in many foods, few examples are:

  • tuna fish
  • poultry
  • mushrooms

Rosehip Oil

This amazing product can help for a better skin tone. Rosehip oil is beneficial for acne and even scars. This also good for age spots and wrinkles, you can easily find this amazing product in lotions and many soaps. You should use this oil on a regular basis for better results.

It also helps dusky skin tone to get even. Rosehip oil is now commonly available from the market, you can even buy this from online stores.

Kojic Acid

This is my personal favorite and women are using it for decades. to get even skin tone This is a powerful anti-oxidant which works like magic on many skin conditions. It helps to enhance skin color along with skin tone. Kojic acid soap is an ideal choice and makes even skin tone naturally.

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Whenever you plan to use Kojic Acid, always do a skin sensitivity test before you start using it on a regular basis. You must properly use Kojic Acid for better results.

Chemical Peels

Thanks to the latest developments in the sciences, now we have different types of peels that help to enhance skin tone and color. You can easily buy it from the market but I always recommend opinion from your local Dermatologist or you can even ask me 🙂

Never go for a chemical peel, if you have sensitive skin and if you are using any products for improving acne. If you plan to go for a chemical peel, first stop using acne products and only then go for a peel, also you should be familiar with what to use on the face after a chemical peel.

Salicylic Acid

This can help you improve your skin tone and make it even. Salicylic acid is found in many over-the-counter medications that many people buy and this has the ability to improve skin that is damaged from the sun rays.

Remember, in the first paragraph, I said sun rays are among the factors that can cause an uneven skin tone. In order to get better and even skin tone naturally, use salicylic acid.

Avoid specific foods

The second most important thing to consider is making changes in your dietary habits. If you genuinely want to improve your skin tone and make it even, I suggest reading this part carefully.

I am adding all the foods that you Must NOT Eat and you will see amazing results in the coming weeks. remember, improving your skin tone and making it even is not a single day job. All of these tips mentioned here will amaze you but not over-night. You should use the best foods for even skin tone.

Foods to avoid:

  • Foods having a high content of sugar and salt
  • Snacks, this must be avoided
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks
  • Greasy and spicy foods
  • Any food that is processed
  • Non-organic dairy food

Laser treatment

Lasers are used to enhance skin tone and color. I have used it on hundreds of patients and the results are just awesome. Now, surprisingly, lasers are being used for multiple skin conditions and once you get laser therapy, you will be amazed.

There is a variety of different lasers that are now being used by professionals. Never ever go to any saloon or parlor for this, you need to visit a qualified Dermatologist.

However, I never recommend laser, straight away. First, you should use all the natural ways to get even skin tone. The laser may also cause changes in skin color and not for everyone out there. 

4 percent hydroquinone

This is an amazing product that is found in creams and improves skin tone along with its color. This is a cream that can improve dark spots that eventually results in a better-looking skin with even tone. 

If you plan to use this for your skin, go for a sensitivity test first, if it does not cause any irritation, you are good to go. However, even a single episode of redness, pain or irritation and you must stop this immediately.

Apply Makeup

If you need to get an improved skin tone on an immediate basis, go for good makeup. You can use many different things starting from a foundation or even concealers that will just work magic. But remember, this is just a temporary solution.

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