What Causes Dark Skin Around Nails?

What Causes Dark Skin Around Nails?

What Causes Dark Skin Around Nails?

Almost all of us wants healthy pretty hands with beautiful nails either we are in a business meeting, some family gathering, in social circle, or even at home. Many of us are facing the situation like darkening of the skin around our nails which become a hurdle in looking our hands pretty.

Dark skin around your nails indicates your carelessness about your health and body requirements. Do care of yourself to have a good better life. Dark skin around nails as not look pretty but also is an indication that something is wrong in your lifestyle.

One of my regular patients recently asked me about the causes of dark skin around nails.

Dark skin around the nails is caused by the use of soaps containing chemicals, dehydration, sun rays, stress, medical illness, nail-biting and environmental factors.

Many of the problems automatically end up with a proper lifestyle. So, adopt a better lifestyle to have good healthy beautiful skin around your nails and whole body also.

What Causes Dark Skin Around Nails?

Before going to any remedy you first have to notice the causes behind dark cuticles around your nails

There are so many leading causes behind dark skin around your nail. Many of the factors are there which play their role in darkening nail cuticles.

Environmental Causes

The environment in which we live plays a great role in our lives. environment influence directly our body conditions. Many of the environmental factors also play a big role in darkening skin around your nails.

seasonal changes play a great role. Parts of skin around nails are mostly the most exposed parts to the environment. A too cold or too hot environment is a direct source of dark cuticles around nails.

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In hot summer, direct exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage. The harmful sun rays when coming in contact with your skin burns out your skin and increases melanin production and eventually the darkening of your skin.

During summer, most of us use to wash our hands too much frequently with soap. This excessive washing of hands also darkens the skin all over our hands, especially around our nails.

During the winter, cold winds blow and snatch the moisture from our skin which dries our skin. extremes winter and extreme summer bring a lot of skin problems.  

Must use a moisturizer after washing your hands especially around nail skin. Never keep your skin dry and during the summer season, use gloves whenever you have to go outside during day time and where there is a chance of sunlight exposure.

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You have to use white color gloves made of simple cotton coz white color is the best reflector of light and it will protect your hand skin from direct exposure to sunlight. 

Chemical factors

We are living in an age where we are totally surrounded by chemical agents. These chemicals are very reactive and used for various purposes but on the other hand, they also have intense harmful effects on our bodies.

Today’s soap, nails paints, cosmetic products are enriched with different chemicals, and the production of the desired effect also harms the skin.

Many of the people are allergic to the nail paints or the nail paint remover. Nail paint removers contain acetone mostly people allergic to acetone or such types of other chemicals like methanol are susceptible to attain black skin around their nails.

When we apply nail paints on nails the chemicals present in the nail paint interact with the skin and blackens the skin around the nails.

Some soaps also contain chemicals and their regular use affects the skin of our hands. Soaps containing chemicals are the major source of skin darkening around your nails.

Gloves that contains latex are also the source of darkening of the skin around your nails. Medicinal gloves come with latex which by regular use causes the darkening of the skin around your nails.regular use of any chemical containing products harms you.

Whenever you are using nail paints or nail paint remover or any soap which is rich in chemicals, do not compromise on the brand. Always use cosmetic products of good company. Use hand washes instead of soaps of a good brand.

Dehydration can cause dark skin around nails

Dehydration is the potential cause of the blackening of skin around your nails. Dehydration occurs due to many causes. During dry summer due to excessive loss of water from your skin, your skin gets dehydrated.

Washing of hands frequently or the large exposure of water to hands also dehydrate the skin and tour skin turns black. Everything is good until it is in balance. Even useful beneficial things when applying in excess cause the damage so avoid it.

During the winter season, people do not drink water as much as body requirements. This leads to dehydration and dry skin eventually turns out in dark areas.

During the summer season, drink plenty of water but do not expose your skin too much with water and protect your skin from the direct sun rays. Sun rays contain some harmful rays like cosmic rays which not only darken your exposed skin but also cause the majority of skin problems.

During the winter season, you must use water according to your body needs. Avoid your body from dehydration .you must have to take water as much as possible during winter. During winter, we usually take fewer drinks and the only source of water is pure water. So do not ignore as dehydration along with the darkening of the skin around nails also leads to many medical complications.

With the use of plenty of water also use a moisturizer of a good company and whenever you wash your hands apply moisturizer on your hands.

Nutritional deficiency can lead to dark skin around nails

Today’s world as getting advance, getting careless about their diet and their selves. Today’s food we eat lack nutrition required for health. We prefer to eat junk food which no doubt feels pleasant to our taste buds but is free from nutritional elements necessary for our health.

Eventually, we become nutritionally deficient and which along with other health problems also darkens our skin around nails.

Dark skin around nails many of the times indicates a nutritional deficiency. Less intake of vegetables and milk products and fresh fruits is the leading cause of black cuticles around your nails.

Your nails and your skin surrounding your nails are important signs of your health. If it gets blacken then most of the times it may be due to vitamin B12 deficiency and also due to some fatty acid or zinc etc deficiency.

Need is to have fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, more juice in your daily life.

Milk, yogurt, eggs, calms contains vitaminB12. Take them regularly

Medical illness

Many of the medical illness causes the skin around nails to turn black and also the nails blacken and peeling of your skin.

There can be some fungal infection,  bruising of skin around nails, kidney or heart problems, skin cancer, etc.

Most of the time you got a fungal infection and due to which your skin around nails and your nails also gets black. Fungal spores attack your skin and got settled there. They are not much harmful but if not treated, go on spreading and will cause severe damage to your skin.

There are many antifungal drugs like imidazole, ketoconazole, etc but you first have to consult a dermatologist.

Bruising of skin around nails also darkens the skin around nails. Many of the times, you got a cut at around nails or your skin bruises around your nails which turns your skin around nails black. You have no need to get worried. Your skins around nails get blackens but after few days it returns to normal stages and it happens during bleeding or bruising of your skin around nails.

Many of the often, due to the kidney or heart disorder your skin around nails starts getting black. But if you have some kidney or heart problem, then surely you will also have some other symptoms along with dark skin around nails. If so then have a proper check-up of your self by a Certified Dermatologist and get treatment.

If somebody is suffering from skin cancer or melanoma then surely it will have black skin around nails but it is a very rare case. Skin cancer is a very serious disorder and you must have to consult a skin specialist.

If dark cuticles around your nails are due to skin cancer then there may be some other symptoms like holes on skin or warts or growth of tissues on skin. Do not ignore it, hurry up for good treatment.

How to get rid of dark skin around nails?

If your skin around nails gets darkens due to the above-mentioned reasons then what to do? Is there any simplest way to get rid of them?

For today’s question, What Causes Dark Skin Around Nails? I have already explained the major causes. Now let us talk about the treatment and how to get rid of dark skin around nails.

Yes, you can easily treat your dark skin cuticles around your nails and I will like to share some useful and easy remedies to have better skin around nails. Try them

Exfoliate your skin

Search a good nearby salon and have a manicure for good nails and dark cuticles around your nails. Manicure is the simplest way by which your dead skin cells remove out and which exfoliate your skin and a proper massage will increase the blood flow.

Apply lemon juice

Take a lemon and cut it into two equal halves. Put some sugar on one half and start scrubbing your skin around nails for almost 10 -20 minutes. Lemon is the best cleanser and also the skin color lightening agent while sugar is a good moisturizer

Use Sandal powder

You have to take a bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of calamine and one teaspoon of sandal power then add a few drops of buttermilk and mix well. Also, add some strands of saffron .dry it properly, and when it gets completely dry then apply it at your skin around nails which gets black. Apply this pack for almost 20 minutes.

It is a good homemade remedy and also much effective for dark skin around nails and anywhere else.

Healthy food

You should follow the above remedies along with good food. Many of the times dark skin around nails is the sign of unhealthy food and mutations deficiency like vitamins mostly vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. Eat food rich in vitamins

Final Words:

Dark skin around nails is not a big issue but the need is to take good care of yourself. Drink more water, less exposure to sunlight, with proper moisture balance and usage of good brand cosmetics will keep your skin healthy.

I recommend having manicure once a month and keeping your skin neat will definitely help you to have a good healthy skin around nails and also all over your body.

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