Does Vitamin C Help with Hair Growth?

Does Vitamin C Help with Hair Growth?

Does Vitamin C Help with Hair Growth?

Vitamin C plays an essential role in our body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant of the body. It is effective but also activates the important ingredients of the body when it is taken. It involves collagen synthesis in the body.

Vitamin C is also called L-Ascorbic Acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin C plays a major role in hair growth. We received emails on a daily basis about the hair growth and role of vitamin C in this.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for hair growth. Lack of Vitamin C results in the dryness of the hairs that can indirectly loss of the hairs. So by taking vitamin C supplements, You can get healthy shiny and stronger hairs.

Because of its antioxidants property, it prevents from hair damage. Using vitamin C daily as an antioxidant will make your hair looks beautiful and healthy.

Unlike animals, ascorbic acid cannot be synthesized in the body. The human body gets vitamin C through dietary supplements or food. so one should take a diet containing Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C biosynthesized the collagen and another neurotransmitter, it is also involved in the protein metabolism.

Does Vitamin C Help with Hair Growth?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body. it provides many benefits to the body. recommended daily dose for the female is 70 mg and for the male is 90 mg.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant it makes the body immune system strong and makes your body defense system more strong. Vitamin C helps in the battle against high blood pressure. It normals the blood pressure either it is low blood pressure or high blood pressure.

Vitamin C helps in lowering heart decreases the risk factors of heart disease. Vitamin C helps in gout disease and also decreases the cholesterol level and triglycerides. It helps in anemia, prevent iron deficiency by improving iron absorption. It protects your thinking and maintains your memory.

Vitamin C has many benefits for the body, surprisingly it also beneficial for hair growth and hair treatment. Because it involved in the synthesis of the collagen that are tiny amino acids that are provided to the hair for their growth and health.

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In many different ways vitamin c provides benefits to the hair:

Strengthen hair growth:

Vitamin C helps with hair growth, it enhances the hairs. Low intake of Vitamin C may affect the growth and health of hairs. Due to the lower amount of Vitamin C in the food may damages the hairs and split of the hairs end. And it makes the hairs weaken and eventually it becomes thin and hair fall results due to lack of this Vitamin.

When we take food without contains Vitamin C in it, it eventually produces energy in the form of glucose and due to which free radicals produced that damages the hair growth.

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Vitamin C has an antioxidant property that reduces the formation of free radicals and maintains the metabolism of glucose. Antioxidant gives the strength to the immune system to protect from free radicals.

So food which is rich in vitamin C should be taken to enhance your growth.
people who take good quality food containing vitamin C have healthy and thick hairs and long hairs.

Prevents whitening of hairs:

Vitamin C helps in preventing premature whitening or graying of the hairs.

People who do not take sufficient vitamin c with their food they mostly suffer from this problem, of hairs. In young age, their hairs turn white due to lack of vitamin c because free radicals damage the hair structure and its color too.

So one should take sufficient amount of vitamin c in daily routine. If your diet does not contain vitamin C then must take a supplementary diet containing vitamin C.

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prevents Dandruff:

Dandruff is the most common problem of hairs. It found in many people who are suffers from this problem.
Scalp accumulates on the skin of the head and damages the hair roots. Vitamin C helps prevent dandruff.

Dandruff damages hair roots that are the part of hairs to grow. Due to the accumulation of scalp and bacteria in the roots of the hairs results in this problem.

Vitamin C fights against the bacteria and makes the head skin clean and clear. It drains dandruff and helps in getting rid of the debris to improve the health of the hairs.

Prevents Itching:

Many of the people face the difficulty of itching due to the clogged follicle of hairs and flaky skin. They feel shy to itching in front of their colleagues. So it helps to prevent the skin to be flaky so that one can stay away from itching.

Vitamin C supplements help in this problem and prevent itching because of its antiviral property.

Vitamin C as hair color lightener:

Many females use Vitamin C to lighten their hair color. It is a surprising property. When someone applies Vitamin C on the hair for a few hours then after washing hairs its color will lighten than its natural color. For example, if you have dark brown hair color then definitely by applying this you will get a light brown color.

Vitamin C has a property to lighten the color either it is of skin or hairs. So by applying vitamin C on the hairs, you can get a lighter hair color.

Increase collagen production:

 It increases the production of collagen that are tinny amino acids which helps in the hair growth and repair the damage hairs and prevent from hair fall so one must take vitamin C on regular basis for the best results for hairs.

Deficiency of vitamin C and hair loss:

Lack of vitamin c results in the splitting of hairs and damage of the hair. lack of this vitamin makes the hairs thin and hair fall caused because of lack of vitamin C.Hair loss or baldness is not directly depend on Vitamin C, other nutrients also involved in their growth although vitamin C is a major vitamin that can help to make your hair strong and healthy and make them long and shiny.

Promotes thick hairs:

Vitamin C helps to make hairs thicker by improving the blood circulatory system. It makes hair stronger and makes them healthy by promoting the blood circulatory system. Regular use makes your hairs healthy and strong and thicker.

So make sure that you are taking an appropriate dose of the vitamin c in daily if not then take it as extra supplements on regular bases.

Vitamin C benefits for hair growth:

Application of Vitamin C on hairs:

If you are using an appropriate amount of vitamin c and still your hairs are drying or falling down then you can apply vitamin c directly on the hairs and make them healthy and shiner.

How vitamin C helps get thicker hairs?

first of all take some vitamin c in the form of tablets or you can also use vitamin C serum. If you cannot afford the serum or tablets you can select vitamin C from daily food like lemons orange or papayas.  For today’s question, that is Does Vitamin C Help with Hair Growth? let me explain here:

 Apply vitamin C in your hairs, or if you have dandruff problem then apply it on the scalp.

Gently massage the vitamin C in your hairs. and leave it for a few hours of for a night. Wash your hairs with a good quality shampoo. It will make your hairs smooth and thick and free from dandruff.

How Vitamin C lightens Hair color?

Vitamin C is also called bleaching agent. So it lightens the color of hairs. If you have dark color hairs or dyed your hairs but now you do not like your hair color and want to lighten the color then apply vitamin c on it. You will get a lighter and shiny color of your hairs.

1)  If you want to lighten hair color through vitamin C then vitamin c tablets will give you good results. White vitamin c tablets give you best result do not use an orange or pink color tablet of vitamin C. take it from a pharmacy.

2) Take 20 to 30 tablets in the packet and make it close. It should be resealable to make sure that bag should seal properly that tablets cannot move out from the bag.

3) If you have shorter hairs then 10 to 15 tablets are enough for lighting purpose.

4)  Now grind the tablets or crush them within the resealable bag. Or crush it in the grinder. Make the powder of this tablet and put into a bowl.

5)  Take a small amount of shampoo in the bowl and mix it with vitamin C tablets mix it until it makes a paste.

6) Apply it on your hairs; make sure that it should be applied on all the hairs of the head step by step.

7)  Put a hair cap on the hairs and then wait for 2 hours until it gets dry.

8) After drying now wash your hairs with open water for 5 to 10 minutes and make sure all the ingredients are removed from the hairs.

9)  Now apply good quality oil conditioner to your hairs.

10) Dry the hairs it will lighten your hair color if you want to lighten more than repeating the process.

Natural sources of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin so almost it is found in all the fruits and green vegetables.

1)Guavas: Guava contains 120 -130 mg of calcium

2)Oranges: half of the orange provides 70 mg of vitamin C.other citrus products like grapefruit also gives that much of quantity.

3) Strawberries: 100 gms of strawberries gives 52 gm of vitamin C. it also provides other nutrients and acts as an antioxidant.

4)Papayas: 62 gram of vitamin C obtains from the 100 gm of papayas.

5) Persimmons: it is an American fruit that is just like orange in flavor and gives vitamin C.

6)Lychee:  one lychee provides 7 mg of vitamin C.

7) Lemons: 1 lemon contains with its peel 82 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very rich in lemon.

8) Broccoli: it is rich in vitamin C. it is a vegetable that also contains another nutrient like magnesium and half cup of broccoli provides 60 mg of vitamin C.

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