Do Indented Scars Fill in Over Time?

Do Indented Scars Fill in Over Time

Do Indented Scars Fill in Over Time?

Today’s topic is about Indented Scars and their treatment. I will be posting a series of articles in coming days and all of these are based on your questions related to skincare.

Before going into the details of this article, let me explain a bit about Indented Scars. 

Indented Scars results from aggressive ance that damages your skin cells. However, typically a scar is formed when the skin undergoes a damaged skin layer. Immediately, after the skin damage, skin cells start working and try to heal the wound. A clot is formed that is the first step of healing.

Yes, Indented scars fill in overtime. Indented scars can always be improved by a variety of skin procedures. Laser, Chemical peel, filler injections, dermabrasion, and steroids injections. However, filling time of indented scars may vary from one individual to another. 

The dermis layer of the skin starts making collagen, during this process a scar is formed. However, the layers of the skin may not close properly that leads to the formation of Indented Scars.

Do Indented Scars Fill in Over Time?

Let us proceed to answer today’s question. I have personally received many patients who have asked me this question and are worried about fixing their skin scars.

How a scar heals depends on a number of things that you must know:


This is the first thing that you must keep in mind when you discuss skin scars. Young people have more collagen and elasticity in their skin. Old aged people have less collagen that leads to delay healing of the skin and prominent appearance of skin scars.

Skin Tone

People with dark skin tone have a prominent appearance of scars. The dark tone of the skin does not affect the healing process but makes healed scars appear more prominent. You can discuss your skin tone with your Dermatologist or even ask DuskySkin professionals.

Size of Scar

Whether a scar will look like a prominent feature on your face or not, also depends on the size and extent of the scar. Larger scars not only take a while a heal but they will take a long time to fade and fill.


Every individual is different and the same goes with hormonal issues. Few individuals complain of long-lasting acne that leads to hyperpigmentations and scar formation on your skin. Hormone levels can alter your skin conditions and I always suggest to visit your doctor and get a better opinion.

Dermatologist Treatment for Indented Scars

Below is a list of suggestions or tips from our panel of experts. At,, we have a dedicated panel of Board Certified Dermatologists with years of experience. 

Let us discuss how you can fade away these scars:

The number advise is to drink more water, this is one of the main things that affect our skin. We neglect this basic thing that helps us to boost skin growth and maintain its health over time. It is suggested to drink one cup of water before and after you sleep.

Addition of one cup of water extra on a daily basis will boost your skin cells that will help indented scars to fill in overtime.

Use Anti-oxidants for Indented Scars

Using anti-oxidants will boost scar healing, these will fight free radicals that damage our skin. Antioxidants boost collagen formation that eventually helps in healing of the scars. Using these on a frequent basis will lead to more healthy skin.

Add Vitamin C in diet

Addition of Vitamin C in your routine has amazing effects on your overall skin condition. Vitamin C stops the over-production of melatonin that occurs when there is a skin injury. Vitamin C can be taken in the diet, also it is available in a number o different skincare products.

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Use Vitamin A for Scars

Using Vitamin A also help the healing of scars. Retinol exfoliates the top layer of skin, helps to remove dead skin cells that lead to a better skin tone with fewer scar marks. However, using Retinol totally depends on your Dermatologist suggestion.

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Use Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunrays, I always suggest using sunblock as per your skin type. This will prevent skin damage and you will notice a healthy and bright skin. This also prevents scar formation and helps to heal the skin scars.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a medical procedure that is proven to treat skin damages and even improves skin tones. Also, laser therapy along with Filler injections are considered among the best choices for scar healing.

You can always post your question in the comment section below. My team will answer your question and also, I will post a detailed article on your questions.

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