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How to Reduce Fine Lines on Face Naturally

How to Reduce Fine Lines on Face Naturally?

The appearance of fine lines on your face marks the start of the aging process. Fine lines are formed at parts of the skin where facial muscles are affected by movements of jaws. These are also known as expression lines as these are directly related to facial expressions.

In this article, DuskySkin Dermatologists explains, How to Reduce Fine Lines on Face Naturally? This is a question asked by a regular visitor and she is concerned by the appearance of fine lines at her face.

Fine lines must not be mixed with wrinkles. Actually, fine lines show that your skin has start aging that will eventually result in the wrinkle formation. Fine lines are shallow and hard to see at initial stages but as we age, these become more and more prominent unless treated.

How to Reduce Fine Lines on Face Naturally?

Let us get into the details:

There are a variety of different ways that can be used to reduce fine lines on your face. Drink more water, avoid sunrays, keep your skin moisturized, avoid spicy and oily foods, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking, using medicated facemasks, using olive oil, and consuming foods that are high in zinc and vitamin C are among the few ways that you use to reduce fine lines on your face naturally.

Egg whites

Whip 2-3 egg whites in a small bowl and gently apply all over your face. Let it dry for a minimum of 10 minutes, your skin will absorb natural Vitamin B and Vitamin E that will help your skin stay healthy.

Massage your skin

Skin massage helps your skin to have boosted circulation, using few drops of olive oil for face massage will give you a soft looking healthy skin. Keep your skin moisturized for better results.

Fruits and Vegetables

Adding fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you fight free radicals. These natural eatables are best for our skin and you will start noticing results within a few weeks. Drink more water, at Dusky Skin headquarters, we have a routine of drinking water every 2 hours. This helps us stay hydrated and is also beneficial for our skin.

Lemon juice and Honey

Now, this method is being used for hundreds of years. It is very simple and you can easily do it at home. Mix honey with lemon juice and dilute it with warm water. Apply the mixture to your face and let it dry. Gently wash it with warm water and flush cold water at the end. Apply mixture carefully around the fine lines and you will see improvements if used regularly.

Now, that I have explained basics, I will get into more details.

Dusky Skin – Pro Tips to Reduce Fine Lines on Face

Anti-wrinkle formula to reduce fine lines

You can choose from a variety of different formulas that are now commonly available in the market. If you are going for a medicated formula, you may need a doctors prescription, it is better if you can get an opinion from a Dermatologist. 

Not every anti-wrinkle formula suits all skin types, you should get details before you finally plan to buy one. Check the ingredients before buying, few useful ingredients include retinol, hydroxy acids formulas, kinetin, coenzyme Q10, and copper peptides, etc.

Chemical Peel

Fine lines appear at the superficial layer of skin, getting a chemical peel for fine lines has good results. For severely damaged skin, your Dermatologist may suggest a strong chemical peel, this will remove top layers of your skin. Chemical peels work fine for many skin conditions like damage from sun, acne scars and even fine lines.

Filler Injections

Now filler injections are commonly being used by the Dermatologists and these work great to reduce fine lines around the face. This is a medical procedure that should never be attempted at home. Let your doctor decide and do it for you.


A new study has found that collagen induction therapy that is also known as the Microneedling is beneficial for fine lines. During this procedure, small needles enter your skin that stimulates the collagen production. This will not only heal the skin but also reduce fine lines. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are now FDA approved and you must check and read details before buying any. There are many brands in the market that are promoting their dermal fillers. Dermal fillers work by injecting the solution directly into the area where you have fine lines. Our Dermatologists are doing this procedure on a regular basis. You must get an opinion with a Dermatologist before making any decision.

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