How to Remove Darkness on Upper Lips?

How to Remove Darkness on Upper Lips

How to Remove Darkness on Upper Lips?

Dark tone color on your upper lips can be problematic for many girls. I receive patients on a daily basis who are concerned about the dark skin tone of their lips. This is a detailed guide that will help you improve the skin color of your lips.

Dark-colored lips can affect your self-confidence. There are many home-based remedies which you can use to get rid of dark lips.

Before going into the details for today’s question, let me briefly explain this answer here:

You can remove darkness on your lips by staying hydrated, exfoliation your skin, protect yourself from sun rays, using lemon and honey mixture, applying glycerine at bedtime, applying skin whitening cream, and regular use of lip balm.

How to Remove Darkness on Upper Lips? by Dusky Skin

Our editors have worked hard for this article. We have done the research and found some amazing techniques that can be done at home to remove darkness on the lips.

We have added 10 proven methods to enhance your skin and help remove the darkness around and on your lips. 

Let me explain all these:

Stay Hydrated

This is my first recommendation to all who are concerned about their skin. Drink more water on a daily basis, I suggest drinking a cup of water extra, also drink water before and after you sleep.

This will maintain optimum levels of hydration. You will notice a good change in your skin tone once you start drinking more water. 

Apply moisturizing balm on your lips, there are many good brands in the market. Lip balm will also help to decrease darkness on your lips. This is also beneficial to keep your lips stay hydrated.

Applying beeswax products on your lips will also be beneficial to your dark color lips. Gently apply the mixture on your lips over-night or even for a couple of hours. 

Avoid Waxing

If you have just started noticing dark skin tone on your lips, avoid regular waxing around your lips. This darkness may be a result of an allergic reaction to materials in the wax. By avoiding waxing and shaving around your lips is one of the best methods to get rid of dark skin tone.

Regular use of Glycerine

This is amazing, Glycerine is a natural product that helps to prevent dark spots and darkness on your lips. Take a decent amount of glycerine and gently apply on your face and especially lips. You will start noticing results within a few weeks.

Vegetable glycerin is best suited for whitening skin. You can buy this from Amazon.

Skin Lightening Creams

Dark skin tone is a direct result of overproduction of melanin. Regular use of skin-lightening creams helps your skin to have a light and better skin color. You can also use skin lightening cream on your lips.

A mixture of honey and rose petals

One of the amazing natural gifts to us is Honey, this also prevents dark skin color, if used regularly. Take four to five rose petals, wash off any dirt with water. crush these rose petals and mix one to two spoon of honey with it.

Gently apply that mixture to your lips. Let it dry and wash it after 15 minutes. You can use this on a weekly basis and results will amaze you.

Potato Juice

Now, this is interesting, very few of us know that potato juice contains a special enzyme Catecholase that works magic for dark skin tone. Take one potato and apply its juice directly to your lips. I have recommended to a few patients and results were just awesome. 

Lemon Juice

Now, you can not use bleach directly on your lips. However, nature has a solution for this, lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Take lemon juice and apply directly on your lips. This may cause irritation if you have wounds or cuts on your lips, you can always dilute it with water to prevent this. 

However, apply directly and without diluting has better results to prevent and remove darkness on your upper lips.

Massage your lips

This is interesting, massaging your skin helps to boost blood circulation, same goes with your lips. Massaging your lips will help you get better and healthy skin on your lips.

You can almond oil to massage your lips, gently apply on your lips and massage your finger. Do not over massage, be gentle with yourself.

Start using Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin C is ideal to enhance your skin health. Healthy skin will make your skin glow, start consuming Vitamin C on a regular schedule. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C.

You can even consume medicated tablets containing vitamin C, starting a multivitamin is recommended for your skin.

Click here to buy Zinc Capsules from Amazon.

Similarly, zinc is a blessing of nature for girls. I recommend using zinc on a daily basis, your food should be high in zinc.

Exfoliate your skin

This is a must, regularly exfoliating your skin will help the removal of dead cells. Exfoliation will bring new skin cells and you will notice shiny and glowing skin. Exfoliating on your lips will bring pink skin appearance on your lips.

You can use a mixture of olive oil with sugar to exfoliate your lips. Take 1 teaspoon of olive oil and mix it with one spoon of sugar. Mix properly, and gently apply on your lips. rinse after 15 minutes.

You can use Liquid Salicyclic Acid Exfoliant, check the latest price at Amazon. 

Liquids containing salicylic acid are also beneficial to remove darkness on the lips. Apply it on your lips and properly wash it after a few minutes, do not lick it.

Avoid Black tea and Coffee

Avoid drinking coffee and tea, instead drink more water. I have seen many girls who complain about their skin tone and they regularly drink black tea multiple times a day.

You can drink fresh juices and green tea and this is really helpful.

Quit Smoking

Now, this is is a must, smoking can permanently make your lips dark. You will notice darkness around lips and even around gums. Smoking makes nicotine stains on your lips that will result in dry and dark lips.

Smoking also causes decreased blood circulation to your lips that is also bad for your lips. Quitting smoking will help you remove darkness on upper lips. Read this detailed article on reasons for dry skin.

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