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Can I Wash My Face After a Chemical Peel

Can I Wash My Face After a Chemical Peel?

Almost everyone asks a number of questions before and after getting a chemical peel. This article is the continuation of the series where I answer your questions. This article is focused on the question asked by Cathy and she states, Can I Wash My Face After a Chemical Peel?

This is one of the common questions that girls ask me after getting a chemical peel done. Chemical peels have low pH solutions and this help to repair your skin damages by removing your top dead layer of skin. You should always ask your doctor about any questions that you have after a chemical peel or even ask Duskyskin.com

Can I Wash My Face After a Chemical Peel?

Let us get into the details of today’s topic:

Yes, you can wash your face after a chemical peel, but you should wait for a minimum of 12 hours. DuskySkin.com Dermatologists suggests washing your face after 12 – 24 hours of getting a chemical peel done. During a chemical peel, the uppermost layer of the skin that has dead cells is removed and it helps you make your skin healthy and glowing. Even after a light chemical peel, you should wait 12 hours before washing face.

Now, let me explain why you should for a day before you can wash your face. During the procedure of peeling, your skin may get a few wounds and that is perfectly normal. It is better to avoid water contact for hours and this will let your skin heal properly.

Even after 24 hours, when you plan to wash your face, follow these guidelines:

After 24 hours wash your face with tap water, gently flush water to your skin. Do not use warm or hot water, it is better to use  It is better to use normal tap water that is not too hot or cold. 

Do not rub hard and after washing, use a soft cloth to dry your face. Rubbing your face may cause damage to your new skin cells that are just booming. You must be careful while you dry your face.

Do not use a scrub or any chemical containing materials for a minimum of three days. As I mentioned you must not rub your skin hard and same is the case with using a scrub. You can use a mild cleanser to exfoliate your dead skin cells. However, it is better to wait for 2 to 3 days.

There is strict Sun avoidance for 3 days, do not go outdoors, try to avoid sun rays as much as you can. Sunrays are always harmful and after a chemical peel, you should be more careful about these harmful rays. 

You should be using sunblock for straight two weeks, Yes, this is a must. After a chemical peel, your skin is vulnerable to harmful rays and it is better to get it protected with sunblock or sunscreen lotion. By using a sunblock that is suited for your skin type, you will be protected and your skin will have better chances to heal.

After 24 hours you can use a face wash that is gentle in nature for cleansing. Never use a strong facewash or any chemical that is low in pH for washing your face. Your skin will remain sensitive for a couple of days to weeks before new cells totally replace the dead cells.

As the superficial skin layer is removed during a chemical peel, you should monitor your skin for a couple of days. It is better to add Zinc to your diet and this will also enhance your skin repair.

You should consult a doctor if you notice any rash, itching or burning sensation on your skin. Your doctor may prescribe you medicines accordingly. However, getting a chemical peel is a totally safe procedure and skin reactions are a common factor in this.

In certain areas, your tap may be not suitable for washing your skin, you can boil the water before using or go for mineral water. This is just to ensure better healing of your skin.

Drinking more water is always beneficial, it is suggested to drink one cup of water before and after your sleep. Also, try adding one more glass of water during the day time. 

Feel free to ask me questions related to skin conditions, my team will get back to you and also I will post a detailed article on your question. 

Team – Dusky Skin

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