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How to Speed Up Peeling After Chemical Peel

How to Speed Up Peeling After Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is like a blessing for girls. Getting a chemical peel is the best method and in fact, this is proven to give your skin a better exfoliation that results is healthy skin. Now, this is not all, chemical peels are found to reduce fine lines and even wrinkles.

We received this question in an email, and she asked, How to Speed Up Peeling After Chemical Peel?

Here are a few methods that will help your skin heal better and fast after a chemical peel:

Moisturize your skin.

Do not expose your skin to harmful sun rays.

Use sunscreen or sunblock.

Avoid hard exercise and steam on your face.

Use a gentle cleanser.

Do not over-exfoliate.

Chemical peels work best for dark spots and improve skin tone. Now that you have decided to get a chemical peel done, you should be patient for one to weeks and let your skin heal properly.

How long will it take for your skin to heal depends on the strength of the chemical peel used? Strong chemical peels will result in more redness and itching or wound and will need more time to heal.

How to Speed Up Peeling After Chemical Peel?

Now let me explain all the best methods to speed up peeling after a chemical peel. If this is your first time or even if you have the experience, DuskySkin methods will definitely help you speed up the healing process.

Use Vaseline

This is the first step towards a healthy and healed skin after a chemical peel. Immediately you are done with a chemical peel, gently apply vaseline on your entire face. Make a thin layer of vaseline and this will layer will protect your skin from harmful and dangerous sun rays.

Keep applying vaseline on a daily basis and at least for one week after a chemical peel. This will boost your skin healing process and you will notice an improved skin within one to two weeks. You can buy Vaseline from the Amazon. Click here.

Do not rub your skin

After a chemical peel, you may experience itching or swelling on your skin. Do not pick your skin or rub hard. This is normal after having the procedure, be gentle with your skin. 

Protect yourself from Sunrays

Now, this is a must, sunrays are always harmful to our skin. After a chemical peel, you need to be more careful and protect yourself from sun rays. I recommend using a sunscreen or sunblock as per your skin tone and type. 

Mineral-based Sunblock works perfect and is easily available at the Amazon

Use Gentle Cleanser

I have seen many patients who damage their skin by using a strong cleanser and rubbing hard. After the chemical peel, your skin is more sensitive to chemicals present in the cleanser.

You should go for a gentle cleanser and gently wash your face. Do not over-exfoliate your skin, remember it takes time for healing.

Check this Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser. You can buy this from Amazon.

Washing your face

This is important, once you have a chemical peel, you should wait for a minimum 12 hours before washing your face. I repeat, do not wash your face for 12 to 24 hours after this procedure. I have just posted an article about washing face after a chemical peel, give it a read for full details.

Hydrate your skin

You should drink more water after a chemical peel, this will help your skin stay hydrated. DuskySKin experts suggest drinking one glass of water before sleeping and one glass after you wake up. Also, you should add one to two glass of water during the day time. 

Our skin needs water to keep its cells hydrated and when outdoors water loss increases. The only way to prevent dehydration is by drinking more water and that too on a daily basis.

Avoid hard exercise

If you are related to sports and you have a daily regime of hard exercises, I recommend avoiding this for a couple of days. Exercise will make you sweat and this is harmful to your skin after a chemical peel.

You can always do light exercises that do not make you sweat hard. Also, stay indoors and using an air conditioner during the summer is beneficial for your skin.

Feel free to ask any questions related to chemical peels, Dermatologists, will respond to your questions. Just post your question in the comment section below.

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  1. I had a pca retinol peel. However after one week I thought peeling had stopped so I foolishly slept with my sleep mask. It must have rubbed against the new skin during the night since under one eye it was red and irritated and sore. It has been a few weeks and the redness is mostly gone but it still feels sore and tender and my veins are more noticeable. The doctor said to use Crisco on that side and little else and that it could take another month or more to fully heal. I do use a gentle mineral sunblock on it when I go out. I never thought a light chemical peel could cause such a problem. Any advice other than to wait it out??

    1. Hey, Amy, thank you for your question. You should continue what your doctor prescribed, my suggestion is to stay protected from sun rays, you should sunblock twice daily, drink more water and add Zinc in your daily diet. get back to us in 2 weeks and let us know about your skin.