What to Put on Face After Chemical Peel

What to Put on Face After Chemical Peel

What to Put on Face After Chemical Peel?

Treating sun damage and dark spots with a chemical peel can bring amazing results. A Chemical peel has many advantages for our skin, this also reduces hyperpigmentation and improves skin tone.

I receive many emails and many girls are concerned about how to proceed with a chemical. If you have invested your time and money in getting a chemical peel, you should also be focused on methods that help your skin heal early.

After a chemical peel, you should be careful with your skin.

Do not wash your face with water for at least 12 – 24 hours, keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, avoid sun exposure, drink plenty of water and be gentle with your skin. According to DuskySkin experts, you should only use a gentle cleanser to wash your face after 24 hours.

What to Put on Face After Chemical Peel?

Let us explain today’s question, if you are going for a chemical peel, remember patience is the key. You should never expect results overnight and for a chemical peel, you have to wait for a minimum o three to four weeks.

Immediately, after a chemical peel, you may notice swelling and itching on your face. This is absolutely normal, and I said above, be gentle with your skin. It is now time to moisturize your skin, you can use Vaseline to cover up your skin. This has many benefits and works as a protective layer for your skin.

Your skin will be more sensitive to certain chemical and sunrays. Stay indoors and always use a sunscreen whenever you are outdoors.

Take care of your skin

During a chemical peel, the uppermost layer is skin is removed by the chemical and new skin cells need time before they reach the skin layer. This is the most important time for your skin to heal.

Do not wash your face Immediately after a Chemical peel

I have seen many girls, who wash their face after a chemical peel because of itching and redness. Never do this, you have to wait for a day before you can apply water on your face. This is important and your skin cells will heal faster if you follow all these methods.

Stay Hydrated

I always recommend my patients to drink plenty of water. This is the basic thing our skin needs, if you are properly hydrated, you will notice that your skin will also be healthy.

During summer, there is a loss of water from the skin surface and your skin needs water to stay healthy. At, DuskySkin, we recommend drinking at least a small or medium-sized cup before you sleep and when you wake up.

Wash your face with cold water

After a day, you can wash your face with cold water, using warm water is not recommended after a chemical peel. Also, do not wash aggressively, use a mild cleanser for exfoliation and properly rinse with water. Using a moisturizer after the face wash has always amazing results.

Use a moisturizer

Take a decent amount of moisturizer and gently apply on your face. Do not scrub or rub hard, let it absorb naturally, you can gently tap on your skin. This is a line answer to today’s question, that is What to Put on Face After Chemical Peel?

You can even use a room hydrating machine that keeps your skin moisturized during the night. This is also good or your skin and especially after a chemical peel.

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During the procedure, you should discuss with your Dermatologist about the aftercare and any precautions. Remember you have to wait and let your skin heal properly or better results. Never rush in any skincare procedure. Do not rub your skin if you have itching, gently massage that area and if itching continues, it is better to consult the doctor.

Do not Peel off your skin

The main purpose of the chemical peel to remove your dead skin layer. Now, after a chemical peel, dead cells will shed and new skin cells will replace those dead cells.

Do not peel off your skin, just give it time, using hands to and fingers to the skin can lead to scars and dark spots. If you experience any breakouts, you should just give it time and wait for the results.

Use a hair tie or any sort of hairband to keep your hair off your face. If you have long hair and they touching your facial skin, this can lead to infection and scarring. You have to be extra careful about your skin for better results.

Keep your hands off the face

We have a habit of touching our skin unintentionally, now after a chemical peel, keep your hands off your face. We have a lot of germs on our hands, it is better to wash your hands multiple times a day, so if you even touch your face by mistake, your hands will be clean.

You will notice dead skin cells shedding off in next couple of days after a chemical peel. Also, you just have to be patient and give your skin a couple of weeks for better results. Never rush into results.

You can ask questions related to chemical peels, just post in the section below and my team will respond with a detailed answer.

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