How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel? 

How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel

How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel? 

Using the chemical peel to make your skin healthy and glowing is being widely used by Dermatologists around the Globe. For me, a chemical peel is the best procedure to get rid of dead skin cells and boost new skin cells. A couple of chemical peels and you will start noticing a major impact on your skin.

Chemical peels are being used to treat a number of skin conditions and must be done by a qualified Dermatologist. It is highly recommended to read this detailed guide about getting a chemical peel.

You can get a Chemical Peel done every five to seven weeks, however, it may vary according to your skin type. In certain skin conditions, like acne, you may need to get it done on a frequent basis. 

How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

In this article, I will explain in detail the frequency of chemical peels that you should have for your skin. There is not a fixed number as it varies with skin types and conditions. 

Before going into the detail about today’s question, that is, How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel? 

what is a chemical peel?

There is a big variety of chemical peels that are present in the market. Every brand has its own features and formulations. These are the solutions that normally have one alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta-hydroxy acid (BHA).

These are applied to the skin and must be applied through layers. However, there are chemical peels that are just for one skin layer. These have low ph medium and it will remove the top layer of skin resulting in a wound that is easily controlled. 

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After the chemical peel, your doctor will remove the chemical carefully, thus letting the skin heal. 

Chemical Peel after four weeks

A chemical peel removes the topmost layer of skin and then the new skin cells start replacing the top layer. New skin cells take around three to four weeks before they reach the top of the skin. Therefore chemical peel is recommended after four to five weeks. 

However, if you have acne or melasma, your doctor may ask you to get it done on a frequent basis. This is a step-by-step process and do not expect immediate results after a chemical peel.

You may feel burning or itching sensation during or after the procedure. Do not repeat or perform chemical peel at home and on a frequent basis. It may result in dry and flaky skin if done on a weekly basis.

There are few chemical peels in the market that can be used at home. I suggest taking an opinion from your doctor before applying chemical peel at home. You can always consult our Online Dermatologist for an expert opinion on getting a chemical peel.

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Normally your Dermatologist will recommend you for a Chemical Peels after five weeks or a couple of months. This may depend on how your skin responded to the procedure and the strength of the chemical peel.

Select chemical peel according to your skin

As I said earlier, these are low pH solutions and have to used carefully, therefore, your next chemical peel will only be decided after you have gone through the procedure first.

Light chemical peels are done to reduce fine lines, acne, dark spots and even sun damage. These are normally repeated after 8 weeks and it must be done by an expert in the field.

Strong chemical peels have increasingly low pH and are done to maintain the skin tone and effects of earlier procedures. It is strongly recommended that your Dermatologist decide this for you.

Majority of the girls anticipate immediate results, it may take a couple of weeks before you see any major impact. Your doctor may recommend a follow up chemical peel after 3 – 4 weeks if there are no prominent impact on your skin.

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If you regularly get skin procedures done and have undergone the laser therapy for skin, you may notice a slight improvement in the skin tone and color. 

You may notice a sensitive skin after a chemical peel is done, it is recommended to use a sunscreen lotion or sunblock to avoid damage by sun rays. If you often get a chemical peel, it may damage your skin. You should wait a few weeks before repeating the process.

Precautions while using a chemical peel

Few people may feel severe burning or itching sensations during the procedure. This burning or itching sensation will go away once the procedure is completed. If you already have sensitive skin, inform your doctor. In such cases, you may start with a light chemical peel before going for a low pH chemical peel.

Chemical peels may not improve deep wrinkles or very sagging skin, for this, choosing a laser therapy is a better idea. That’s why you should not get chemical peel very often.

If you have any questions related to Chemical Peel and its procedure, post it in the comment section below. I will respond with an answer and also I will post a detailed article on your question for others to read.

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