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What to do After Removing Blackheads

What to do After Removing Blackheads?

Blackheads occur when Sebaceous filaments become infected. The pores of the skin when become filled with excess oils, this will lead to the appearance of blackheads.

Blackheads are the points at our skin which are like pores that become filled with oil and later turned black, thus giving a black image inside the pore. Once you remove the blackheads, it may result in open pores. Now that you have removed the infected part from your skin, how to fix that opening?

After removing blackheads on your skin, you can close pores by cleansing your face properly, use a skin toner, pore-minimizing creams, facemasks, chemical, and laser therapy. You should always use a sunscreen after removing blackheads.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated after removing blackheads. Stay indoors and add Vitamin C and Zinc in your diet.

What to do After Removing Blackheads?

Now that you have successfully removed blackheads, it is time to fix the skin. Removal of blackheads can result in large or small pores depending on the size of the blackhead. Proper treatment may help to reduce the size of the pore and improve cosmetic appearance. 

Cleaning your face

The first step after removing blackheads is to properly wash your face with water. Use a mild cleansing agent if you have acne or oily skin. Gently apply the cleanser on your skin and massage in a circular manner. Flush your skin with water to properly remove the cleanser. 

Use cold water a few times after using the cleanser. This will help the pores to close in a better way. Let your skin or use a soft cloth. Do not rub hard with a towel.

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  • Do not use cleanser on your skin multiple times a day. 
  • Do not use a hand towel, use a soft cloth and gently use at your face.
  • Drink more water, you must be properly hydrated.

Use a Skin Toner

You must use a skin toner after removing blackheads. Once your skin is completely dry, use a skin toner on your face. It is suggested to use a skin toner with the active ingredient of salicylic acid in it after cleansing your skin. This is best suited for your skin after removing blackheads.

This will ensure removal of any oil left on your skin, also it will remove any debris from the cleanser. Using a skin toner helps to prevent acne and oily skin if used on a regular basis.

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Skin tones are especially important in their role as skin tightening agents and this also helps to close open pores after removing blackheads.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

It is better that, you get this procedure done by your Dermatologist. This is beneficial for a number of reasons and also helpful in closing pores after you have removed the blackheads.

This removes the top layer of your skin, by using a chemical that helps to boost your top skin layers. This enhances the collagen production and that results in the early closure of open pores and skin tightening.

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Using Pore-minimizing creams

Now, this is interesting, you can even apply a cream that is dedicatedly made to reduces open pores after blackheads removal. It is better to buy a cream that contains vitamin C, this helps in boosting skin cells.

Always, read the instructions before using the cream. I always recommend y patients to have a sensitivity test before using any new product.

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Apply a minute amount of the cream on your forearm and wait for 2-3 minutes, if there is no skin rash or itching or burning sensation, you are good to go. 

Good quality foundation

Using a silica-based foundation will also help minimize the pores. If you are not into skin foundations, you can also use primers.

This will minimize the appearance of large open pores and also absorb your skin oil. With less oily skin, you will have a better appearance and with fewer pores after removing blackheads.

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Chemical Peel

It is better to have yourself checked by a Dermatologist at a regular schedule. Do not just Google things and start implementing. You can go for a chemical peel and this has better results than the majority of the procedures.

You will a better and healthy skin after a chemical peel. However, this procedure can only be done at a doctor s clinic, these chemicals are low in pH and you may damage yourself if you try at home.

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Use Facemask

Using an overnight facemask will help you minimize the appearance of larger pores. face masks also help to tighten your skin and you will have better-looking skin.

Apply the mask, just before sleeping and let it stay on your face overnight. This will help your skin to heal after removing blackheads.

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Use Sun Screen Lotion

You must use a sunscreen lotion or cream to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Your skin will be sensitive after removing blackheads.

Always use the sunscreen that is best suited for your skin type. I suggest reading the instructions manual that explains the basic use and how you can select according to your skin.

Use a Blotting Paper

You can use a blotting paper on areas of your skin where you notice excessive oil. This will absorb all the oil and help minimize the appearance of large pores.

Add Vitamin C and Zinc in diet:

After removing blackheads, you should add Vitamin C and Zinc in your diet. These vitamins give healthy and better skin within a few weeks. After removing blackheads, you can adjust your diet for high nutrition value. You can even use supplements containing Vitamins for the skin.

Zinc helps to heal the skin and you will notice enhanced skin health even after removing blackheads.

Use an Oil-free Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing your skin is must, many girls fear it may increase oil production. I suggest using an oil-free moisturizing cream that will ensure that your skin stays oil-free.

Laser Therapy

This can only be done by a Dermatologist. By using laser therapy, you can minimize your large open pores and this will help you have a better skin appearance.

You must discuss all of your complaints with your doctor and even message me here. I will try to guide you in a better way.

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