Why is the Skin Around my Mouth Dark? by DuskySkin

Why is the Skin Around my Mouth Dark

Why is the Skin Around my Mouth Dark?

Juliana asked to DuskySkin about the dark-colored skin appearance around her mouth. This article is the part of the series, where I answer your questions. 

If you have dark-colored skin and especially around the mouth, this may make you feel less confident. I have received many patients in the past that were worried about their dark skin color.

According to Duskyskin.com experts, the dark skin around mouth can be caused by a number of reasons especially hyperpigmentation, that may result from the inflamed skin cells around the mouth, damage to the skin by sunrays, excessive smoking, consuming alcohol, emotional stress, dehydration, and by using certain medicines.

The peri-orbital dark spots can also result from using hair removing creams and even fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Why is the Skin Around my Mouth Dark?

Let us get into the details for causes of dark skin color around the mouth. I have listed all the causes here and also explained them in detail.


This is the number one cause for the dark skin tone. Girls commonly complain of dark areas around the mouth and that may result from hyperpigmentation. This is a common skin condition that may result from hormonal changes or sun damage.

Dark skin tone also results from overproduction of melanin. If you are experiencing dark skin around your mouth, this can be from the hyper-pigmentation.

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Age Spots:

These are also known as sun spots and they normally appear on the face and around the mouth areas. This is directly related to the exposure to the sun rays and damage from UV light to your skin cells. You should always protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. 

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It is recommended to use sunblock when you are outdoors and your skin is vulnerable to these skin-damaging rays.

Emotional Stress:

This may be surprising for you but researches prove that that emotional stress can make your skin appear dark and even darker patches around the mouth. If you are experiencing any stress that is damaging your skin, visit your doctor and get yourself checked.

Vitamin deficiency:

Deficiency of certain vitamins can result in the dark skin areas around the mouth. Vitamin B12 is responsible for maintaining your skin tone and you are deficient on Vitamin B12, you may end up with dark skin tone and patches.

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You can add fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin B12 or even take medication that contains vitamins.


Water is essential for our life, but that’s not all, if you are not hydrated, this can result in cracked and dry lips. If you are consuming less water on a daily basis, you may notice a dark skin tone and your face will start showing the damage.

I always recommend my patients to drink more water on a daily basis and adding a cup of water before and after sleep. This will keep your hydrated and you will start noticing a better and healthy you with improved skin tone.

If you are not consuming a good amount of water, then you must not be asking, Why is the Skin Around my Mouth Dark?

Excessive iron intake:

Now, this may be new for you, but consuming iron daily or above the recommendations may cause skin discoloration. If you are taking iron daily and now experiencing dark skin tone, immediately consult your doctor.

You may also notice dark skin after a blood transfusion and that may be due to iron levels in your body.

Certain Medications:

There are few medicines that can also result in skin color change and even cause dark spots on areas of your face and mouth. I will briefly explain a few of such medicines here:

Antimalarial drugs such as quinine sulfate and cytotoxic drugs that are used for cancer treatment. If you are using any medicine on a daily basis and now you are experiencing changes in skin color and especially around the mouth, go visit your doctor ASAP.


This is also a common cause for dark skin around the mouth. This normally happens to individuals who are sensitive to certain drug or medicine or even routine use product.

Duskyskin.com experts did a study last year and we observed over 1500 patients with dark skin color that happens quickly.

The results showed that the following products caused this allergic reaction that ends up in a dark skin tone on face:

lipsticks, facemasks, hair dye, and even green tea caused this allergic reaction resulting in dark-colored skin.

Whenever you start a new product always do a sensitivity test, this is easy. Just apply that specific product on a small patch of your skin and wait for a couple of minutes. If you observe any rash or irritation, this is a positive sign for an allergic skin reaction.

Consuming alcohol and excessive smoking:

Now every one of us knows this and we still ignore this basic thing. Your skin is in your own hands, stop smoking and consuming alcohol if you do not want dry and dark-colored skin. Alcohol imbalances the toxins in our body and because of this, you will notice dark spots around the lips and even on lips.

Team – Duskyskin.com

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