What Does Lactic Acid do for Skin?

What Does Lactic Acid do for Skin

What Does Lactic Acid do for Skin?

Lactic Acid is a blessing for our skin, it is an alpha hydroxy that works best for a number of skin conditions. Nature has gifted us lactic acid in milk, cheese, and yogurt, etc.

In this article, I will explain in detail the benefits of lactic acid for the skin. Lactic acid found in the skincare products is artificially made and you will notice the presence of lactic acid in all good brands.

According to DuskySkin Experts, lactic acid benefits skin in numerous ways, this has the right strength of pH that makes it ideal as a skin moisturizing agent.

Lactic acid is used to lighten the dark spots, ideal for skin exfoliation, helps to reduce fine lines and delay the appearance of permanent wrinkles, it will brighten your skin while keeping skin optimally moisturized.

What Does Lactic Acid do for Skin?

Let us get into details for today’s article,

Today one of my patients asked me about why lactic acid is important for our skin? Yes, it works awesome for many skin conditions. So, I decided to write this complete guide about the benefits of lactic acid for the skin.

Lactic acid is used in low and as well as high concentrations and both serve a different purpose. If used in high concentrations, lactic acid works as an exfoliating agent. This turns into a strong exfoliating agent and is the best exfoliating agent today.

Remove dead skin

Lactic acid works gently to remove dead skin cells and let your skin bring the real shine naturally. This will give you a natural glow while giving no irritation or itching. You will notice a progressive improvement in your skin texture once you use an exfoliating product that contains lactic acid.

Now, when lactic acid is used in low concentration, the results will amaze you. Lactic acid delivers nourishment to your skin and avoids excessive water loss. Yes, you read it right, it helps to keep your skin moisturized by increasing oil production.

Thus you will have optimum levels of skin hydration. You will notice the presence of lactic acid among all good moisturizing products.

If lactic acid is used in a higher percentage in skincare products, it will work more intensely. You should consult your doctor and select the best-suited product for your skin type.

Lactic acid removes hyperpigmentation

With the daily use of lactic acid in skincare products, you will notice a brighter and healthier skin.

Lactic acid helps to reduce hyperpigmentation by gently removing the outer dead layer of skin. This will result in a decent improvement in skin texture and better skin the final outcome. 

lactic acid cleanser

Lactic acid is found in facewashes, cleansers, exfoliating products and moisturizers. Lactic acid is the ultimate multi-tasker that works magic for your skin.

This helps to improve skin barrier, thus your skin will be better protected from harmful agents with a better percentage of water in your skin cells. You can buy lactic acid cleanser from Amazon.

Lactic acid peels are commonly used and they are great for skin dark spots and even acne. You can even use these peels at your home, just select the right one. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Lactic acid serums are another good choice to keep your skin moisturized. Gently apply the decent amount of serum on your skin and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with cold water for better results. 

Now you can even buy a lactic acid night cream and facemasks, I always suggest to go for a good and trusted brand. You do not want to end up with damaged skin.

DuskySkin.com Tips for using lactic acid for skin

According to DuskySkin Experts, if you rightly use lactic acid for your skin, you will always see good results. However, never use lactic acid skin care products if you have :

  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

In 2018 last quarter, DuskySkin.com did a study on the effects of lactic acid on the skin,  700 patients were selected, now out of these 700 patients, 17 patients complained of increased sun sensitive after using the product for more than three months.

Our team of Board Certified Dermatologists and Medical Specialists accessed the patients and they were of the opinion that there is no risk of any sort of skin damage. You may experience increased sensitivity to sun rays.

DuskySkin.com Experts, suggest the use of a sunscreen is a must if you are using lactic acid-containing products.

If you experience itching or redness after using a lactic acid product, consult your Dermatologist for an expert opinion. You must stop using that product immediately. However, lactic acid is among the safest AHAs and very gentle towards the skin.

If you have any questions related to the uses of lactic acid and you are experiencing any sort of skin issues, just comment below.

Thank you.

Team – Duskyskin.com

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