How to Get Darker Skin Fast?

How to Get Darker Skin Fast

How to Get Darker Skin Fast?

Many of us are looking for ways to dark skin with a golden tan. There are many ways that can help you achieve dark skin tone fast and naturally.

Staying in sunny outdoors is among the best and widely used method to get skin tan with a darker tone. However, if you are living in a seasonal climate, options for sunny outdoors are limited and you may need for other ways to get a darker skin fast.

Let me briefly mention ways that are commonly being used to get darker skin fast, these include: getting a sunbath and staying in sunny outdoors, using tan spray, going for a tanning bath and even the use of tanning bed. DuskySkin Dermatologists strongly suggests using a sunscreen lotion and staying hydrated during any of these skin darkening procedures.

How to Get Darker Skin Fast?

In this article, DuskySkin Experts have explained in detail, how you can get a dark skin tone naturally and fast without any side effects.

Let us go into the details:

Getting Darker Skin by Natural Sunlight

This is the first step that you should do for a dark skin tone. Spending time outdoors in the Sun on a daily schedule will help you achieve darker skin. However, you must know that only parts exposed to sunrays will get a dark tone and covered portions will almost remain the same.

Spending more time outdoors is also beneficial for your health. Not only you will get darker skin but it will help you increase your Vitamin D3 levels in your body.

Sunrays are absorbed by our skin that leads to the increased formation of Vitamin D3 by our body.  Vitamin D3 helps fight viral infections and is also good for your bones.

According to Dermatologists, you should daily spend some time outdoors and not only you will have a darker skin tone but with time, you will notice a healthier change in your body.

Taking Sunbath

Now, for a Sunbath, you have to sit or lay down in the skin. Using a sunscreen lotion or a sunblock is a must for this. You do not want to end up with a sunburn. Let your skin absorb sun rays in a healthier way by protecting your skin with a layer of sunblock.

Start with a few minutes daily routine and spend a couple of minutes outdoors. Slowly progress it to around 15 minutes daily, stay protected with sunblock at all times when you are in the Sun.

You should apply sunscreen lotion at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to Sunbath and repeat the procedure immediately after the procedure. This will let you achieve your dream skin color that is darker and healthier.

Getting a Spray Tan

There are many people who do not want to spend more time in the Sun or outdoors because of their busy schedule. Going for a spray tan is an ideal substitute for a sunbath. This will let your skin be darker fast and you will not have to spend more time exposed to sun rays.

You can use a Tan Spray Machine, buy it from Amazon.

In this method of making skin darker, moisture is sprayed on your body that gives similar results as with the sunbath, a more darker skin. This is one of the best answers to today’s questions, How to Get Darker Skin Fast?

These procedures of getting tan by spray are totally safe and amazingly this stays a week. In recent months, these spray tans are gaining popularity and results in getting darker skin fast.

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Now there are few things to keep in mind when using tan spray for a dark skin tone:

Your skin must be waxed properly or shaved before going into the procedure. This will let the mixture to absorb properly that will result in the evenly darker skin.

Removing dead cells is also essential prior to spray tan, going for a skin exfoliation will better result. Using any makeup or cream is not recommended when doing a spray tan.

After the procedure, you should wait for a minimum of 12 hours before taking a bath. This will let the mixture absorb completely and you will notice a better looking darker skin fast.

Tanning Bed

tanning beds are becoming popular with each passing day. In this procedure, you are exposed to radiations that will give similar results as getting skin dark in the Sunrays.

Do not expose your skin to radiation more than a few minutes, just a couple of minutes and the procedure is done. DuskySkin suggests taking an opinion from a Dermatologist is better for your skin. Always wear goggles to protect your eyes from radiations.

Remember to take good care of your skin, if you are going for any of the skin darkening procedures mentioned above. Keeping your skin moisturized after the procedure is a must for ideal results. By using a tanning bed, you can achieve darker skin overnight.

Self Tanning Lotions

Now you can even use a tanning lotion yourself at home to get a neat dark skin. These tanning lotions will make your skin darker within a couple of days. One of the benefits of tanning lotions is that it results in an evenly darker skin tone with a few weeks.

There will no patches small or larger with a different skin tone, you will only notice a neat and dark skin tone. Dermatologist Tips for Getting Darker Skin Tone

Spending time daily outdoors and exposing skin to sun rays.

Using a sunscreen lotion whenever in the Sun. Exfoliation your skin at a regular schedule. Adding Zinc in your diet will help you achieve healthy skin.

Drinking more water, now that you are exposing yourself to sun rays, water loss will increase. Drink plenty of water to let your skin stay hydrated, this is a must, otherwise, you may end up with a dry and burned skin.

You can ask questions about getting dark skin and related conditions. Just post your questions in the comment section below and my team will get back to you.

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