Is Retinol Good for African American Skin

Is Retinol Good for African American Skin

Is Retinol Good for African American Skin?

Retinol is one of the best agents that helps slowing down the aging process. If you are in the mid-30s, you may be noticing fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol works best for African American Skin and reduces wrinkles. Retinol speeds up the turn over of skin cells that results in healthier skin.

Jenny asked DuskySKin, Is Retinol Good for African American Skin?

Retinol increase shedding of skin cells that slowly and progressively improves your skin. You have to use Retinol containing skincare products on a daily basis and with the right strength. According to DuskySkin Dermatologist, adding Zinc to your diet will enhance the results of Retinol for African American Skin.

Using a Retin-A with a skin lightening cream will boost the skin lighting process. For a dark skin tone, this is beneficial, if you use it over a couple of months, you will notice improved skin texture.

Remember results does not come overnight, you have to consistent with the use of Retinal containing products.

Let us get us into the details now:

Is Retinol Good for African American Skin?

For this article, DuskySkin contacted Dr. Methew Mada, an African American Dermatologist. Dr. Methew MD, Board Certified Dermatologist, will be explaining the rest of the article.

Retinol is beneficial for all skin types and also works great for dark skin tones and especially for African American Skin. Retinol is present in a variety of different skin care products.

Retinoids and especially Retin-A is used to reduces hyperpigmentation in your skin. You can use this a variety of different combinations that are commonly available in the market. However, it is strongly suggested you get an opinion from a Dermatologist.

According to Dermatologists:

Using a combination of Retinol with benzoyl peroxide is a better choice, these are two different agents that work together to boost your skin tone and reduce skin hyperpigmentation. This combination helps in reducing dark skin tone and helps bring freshness to your African American Skin. Benzyl peroxide must be used in lower concentrations to avoid irritation or rash.

Retinol for dark spots:

In a recent study conducted at Headquarters, Retinol also helps to avoid acne scars that result in an improved skin condition. Retinol works best to reduce dark spots, black spots or even red spots in African American Skin.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the increased production of melanin, and this is more obvious for African American Skin Type. However, melanin overproduction can occur in any skin type and we will help you fight melanin overproduction.

For wrinkles:

Retinol containing products are ideal to prevent fine lines that can lead to wrinkles. With regular use of retinoids, your skin will have fewer wrinkles, also it helps to reduce open pores. These are a few of the benefits of retinoids for dark skin that are just awesome.

Retinol can be used in a variety of different ways, let me explain a few here:

Retinol containing cream

This is normally present in the market and you can use it routinely. Night Retinol creams are more famous now and without any skin irritation. You can use it for multiple months without the fear of any skin reaction.

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Retinoids Serums

This is again one of the common skincare products for dark skin tone. Take a decent amount of serum and apply it gently on your skin. Let it dry or 15 to 20 minutes before applying moisturizer.

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Adding Zinc in your diet will have better results if you are using Retinol containing products. Zinc helps to boost your skin cells and you will have a healthy and glowing skin.

Always use a sunscreen lotion or sunblock, your skin may be sensitive to harmful rays and this may slow the function of Retinol. Using a sun-protecting agent will help you achieve your desired skin tone with better results.

Dark skin is more sensitive and prone to have uneven pigmentation. For African American Skin, melanin production has to be controlled otherwise you may experience dark patches on your skin.

Retinol works best in such cases. Retinol is safe for black skin and in fact, according to research done by Dr. Methew Mada, using skincare products that contain retinol is a must.

While using a Retinol, you should be careful selecting exfoliation agents for your skin. If you experience any sort o rash or irritation, immediately consult your doctor. You have to be on the safe side when using any sort of skincare products.

Retinoids based creams are easy to use, however, you should be using a moisturizer on a daily basis. Do not over-exfoliate, this can lead to dry skin. Use a cleanser 20 to 30 minutes prior to using the retinoid containing cream.

Start adding antioxidants in your daily regimen, if you want better results with dark skin tone. These naturally detoxify your body and you will notice a decent improvement in your skin.

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