How Can I Stop My Hair from Thinning at the Ends?

How Can I Stop My Hair from Thinning at the Ends?

How Can I Stop My Hair from Thinning at the Ends?

Girl’s beauty is described with reference to her hair. More beautiful her hair, more beautiful she considers. The era, we are living is in a struggle to provide us a complete mechanical life.this mechanical life has snatched our beautiful traditions and natural products necessary to maintain good health, very silently.

We are like in a race to have more and more wealth but totally ignoring our health and even don’t have time for our health.whenever we face any problem, we only want a quick and trendy solution without having the proper knowledge. Same is the case with hair thinning.

You can stop your hair from thinning at the ends by using a good quality shampoo, regular moisturizing, use of biotin, and avoiding heat.

Naturally, your hair weight age on your scalp is greater than on ends. Why? Because you lose a number of hairs daily and at the same time, new hair is formed every day.

How Can I Stop My Hair from Thinning at the Ends?

Newly grown hairs, don’t reach down of your hair length so your hairs on the scalp are ever thicker than tips. But if you claim that your hairs are thinning day by day from ends then they were earlier, surely there is some problem.

It’s a very very common issue nowadays with almost 98% of girls. Most of us, don’t even have time to search about cause and proper solution, we then rush for a solution. And haste makes waste.

You can easily stop your hairs from thinning at the ends with just some easy ways.

Regular trimming

When I was in my 20’s, my hair ends start to become thinner day by day. I got worried and done everything which can I but I was not satisfied with the result of any treatment.

I consult a dermatologist and he suggests me to trim my hairs after every month. Yeah, afraid of losing my hair length but I tried trimming and literally it worked.

Your hairs ends are more prone to damage and breakage .your regular hair cut to give your hairs new life. When hairs get damaged, their growth also stops.

How a damaged end hair can grow further? People try to reserve their damaged hair with oiling which can temporarily seal them, hair mask can temporarily mask them.

However, the last option you have is to trim your’s of no worth to preserve your split ends hair just because you don’t want to cut down your hairs.

Trimming enhances hair growth and causes thickening of your hairs. If you don’t trim your hairs, the damage will proceed further and further and may reach up to the root. You can only fix them by trimming.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to trim your hair ends on a larger length of one inch or more. Just pick up a strand of your hair, check out the damaged cut and cut it. It will not reduce your hair length to a considerable extent. Professionals recommend less than half-inch trimming.

I have seen many people who don’t use scissors for trimming. They just pick up the damaged part and with hands break off, please don’t do this. Instead of going to good, you are giving more damage to your hairs. Always use scissors to trim your hairs.

Keep your hair away from heat

Heat is dangerous for your hairs, especially at the ends. With excessive heat, your hairs start to damage and thinning. All the hairstyle equipment like a blow dryer, hair straightener or curling irons use to produce heat. Avoid them all if you really love your hairs.

Let your hairs dry naturally and if it’s too much necessary for you to use hairstyle equipment, then don’t use them more than once a week if you really love your hairs. And one thing, before giving heat to your hairs, never forget to apply a protectant spray on your hairs.

Instead of using a hairbrush, use a wide-tooth comb

Combing your hairs with the narrow toothbrush is not preferred over wide-tooth comb especially if your hairs are wet. Wet hairs get damaged more easily than a dry one. It’s also recommended to comb your hairs after proper drying.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and shampoo properly

For today’s question, How Can I Stop My Hair from Thinning at the Ends This is a must. The way you shampoo your hairs and type of shampoo also matters a lot in hair thinning. Most people pile up all their hairs at the top of their head and rub vigorously.

Just apply shampoo on your scalp and let flow up to tips. Always use sulfate-free shampoo for your hairs. Sulfate-free shampoo damage your hairs.

Moisturize your hairs

Your hairs also need proper moisture content to grow healthier. Moreover, moisture lubricates your hairs and prevent them from friction, rubbing, and damage.

Moisturize your hairs accordingly. Too much moisture is also not recommended. It will half your hairs frizzy and may become a source of dust accumulation. Keeping your hair 

Use of hair serum and hair vitamins

Your hair tips require more care and nutrients as compared to the scalp. Reason? Blood is directly supplied to your roots but your hair tips get nutrients from the root hair. So your tips are more prone to damage than that of roots. Vitamin is available for hairs. Their regular use will thicken your hairs from top to end.

When your hairs are thinning from ends, means that are nutritionally deficient. Hair serum is also beneficial for your hairs. Gently massage hair serum on your hair tips regularly. You will have good results.

Greater intake of protein

More necessary hair ingredient your hairs require for growth is protein. Inefficient protein leads to thinning of your hairs. Your roots may get survive better but your tips not. They require a sufficient amount of protein to grow properly. If you have thin hair ending, increase protein in your diet.

Your hairs are covered with lipid layer made of proteinous matter. When you are lacking protein, lipid layer disappears, leaving behind dry hairs which can easily be damaged.

Meat, First, egg, milk are all rich in protein. Enhance their use in your daily life.

Iron intake

Iron is necessary for hair growth. It is a carrier in the supply of oxygen to your blood. If you are deficient in iron, lower will be the oxygen-carrying capacity of your hairs. Lower the oxygen, lower will be the growth of your hairs.

You can get iron from beef, mutton, beans or legumes.

Use of natural ingredients to prevent hair from thinning at the ends

Luckily nature has blessed us with a lot of natural ingredients help to maintain our hair thickness. Olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, aloe Vera gel, egg, yogurt are too much beneficial for your hair growth.

Make habit of oiling your hairs especially hair tips with oil. For oiling your hairs, castor oil or olive oil is best. Both of these helps to regrow your hairs. Protect your hairs tips from getting damaged. These also maintain the moisture content of your hairs.

An egg is full of proteins necessary for your hairs. When you apply to egg, it helps to the proper growth of your hairs. Simply take an egg, blend it well, add two teaspoons of any oil, preferably castor oil.

With your fingers, gently massage all over your hairs especially hair tips. Leave for 30 minutes and wash your hairs. Within a month or two you will feel a great difference.

Aloe Vera gel is also very effective for your hairs. Just squeeze aloe Vera gel and mix one teaspoon of oil, massage, and shampoo. Apply twice a week and check the result.

Use of biotin

Biotin is actually vitamin B, mainly collected from animal source and best known for hair, nail and skin growth but a major role is in hair is mostly known as the hair vitamin. You have to add biotin in your daily routine to get thicker hair growth.

If thinning of your hairs is more than from split ends, then maybe you are suffering from female pattern hair loss. Talk to some hair specialist.

Causes of hair thinning from ends

First have complete knowledge about leading causes so that with remedy, you can prevent them from further thinning.

First, have paper knowledge about causes then go for solutions.

In case of hair thinning from ends, more than one factors may be involved. For having healthier hairs, do everything which you can do to maintain and promote good hair growth from top to bottom.

You have to prevent hair loss and damage by taking some good steps. contributing factors can be from simple incorrect hairstyle to some complex medical causes.

Incorrect hairstyle

Regular styling your hairs and use of hair accessories are damaging for your hairs. When you bind your hairs with pins, hair clips, hair bands they all stretch out your hairs, weaken them and result in thinning of your hairs.

When you used to tightly bind your hairs at a place like a ponytail, cornrows it braids they tend to create tension in your hairs. This can cause your hairs to break down and get thinner day by day.

loosely bind up your hairs and if necessary to use hair accessories then use fabric bands instead of rubber, use pins with baled ends, use clips with rubber padding.

Avoid heat

When you use blow dryers, hair straightener, hair curlers or any other equipment which produce heat is damaging for your hairs. This can lead to hair thinning at the ends.

Your hair tips are not as strong as your hair roots. When you give heat, your hair, especially from ends, burn out. If you have split hair ends then heat will split then more. Avoid using heat-producing equipment.

Too much brushing

When you brush your hair, they get rubbed with each other and cause friction between your hairs and result in thinning of your hairs especially from ends. Research shows that people when reducing the frequency of brushing, their hairs thickness increase day by day.

Limit your brushing habit. Drive times the best thing you can do is to do nothing. Just leave your hairs alone for some time.

Use of rough towel

Sometimes the problem is nothing but our poor treatment worsen it. When you rub your hairs with a rough towel, what good you can expect for hairs except to get damaged and thinning. Instead of rubbing your hairs with a rough towel, let them air dry.

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