What Should We Eat to Avoid White Hair?

What Should We Eat to Avoid White Hair?

What Should We Eat to Avoid White Hair?

White hairs are a very common problem nowadays. It makes a person embarrassed in gathering. Hairs turn into grayish or whitish with age. As we grow hair color change from dark to light it is a natural process. 

It is common in young generation mostly in the 30s and also 20s of the generation. Boys and girls are both equally affected. There can be a variety of reasons for your hair to turn white.

Nutritional deficiencies are among the top in this list.

You should eat foods high in Vitamin C, E, folic acid, copper, and Iron and seafood to avoid white hair. You should avoid spicy and oily foods for better and healthy hair. 

What Should We Eat to Avoid White Hair?

It is very annoying to see your hair turns white even though you are young. Turning white hair can be prevented by eating vitamin-rich food that is perfect for hair.

Foods and Vegetables Should be added into diet meals can really help to reverse white hair back to your original or black hair color.

Eat vitamin C and E:

Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerful to prevent white hair which helps in slowing down the aging process of hair. Foods of vitamin C and E are

Orange: It contains vitamin C rich in an amount which will be helpful to prevent hairs from whitening. Take orange juice in its season to prevent from whitening of hairs. 

Peach: It acts as antioxidant and full of vitamins. it improves the health of hairs and remains its color

Banana contains potassium and vitamins A E and C. All are these help to prevent the whitening of hairs. Due to potassium banana helps in the growth of hair.

Mango: Mango contains rich amount of Vitamin E that are helpful in hair growth. Mango increases the secretion of sebum oil the moisturize the scalp in the hairs and remove dandruff from hair.

Leafy green vegetable: These are vitamin-rich vegetables and helps in the growth of hairs. It reduces the effect of aging because of the mechanism of photochemical.

Copper containing foods

Food Rich in copper helps to generate more melanin & to help restore from white hair back to its original hair color.

Crab: It contains copper and zinc in it. And it also provides protein to the hairs. They are rich in vitamin B that helps in hair growth.

Oyster: It contains copper and vitamins that help in the growth of hair and it keeps the ph of hairs stable to avoid white hairs. It improves the appearance of hairs.

Basil: It contains the properties of anti-inflammatory anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It removes dandruff from hairs. basil seed oil can also be applied on the roots of hairs to prevent from thinning of hairs

Sunflower seed: It is very essential for the white hairs. Oil of sunflower oil can be applied on hairs to prevent thinning. And it also cleans the scalp and avoided the hairs from drying. It reduces the effect of aging on hair.

Eat foods rich in Zinc to avoid white hair

High minerals of zinc are also crucial to reverse white hair color back to the original color.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms contains High levels of zinc and copper in it which encourage scalp health and helps in melanin production. That makes the hair color dark. It prevents from whitening of hairs.

Beef: It provides the iron and protein to the hairs and it increases the production of melanin to makes the color of hair darker and avoids it from whitening.

Sesame seeds: Rich in antioxidants. That naturalizing the aging effect of free radicals on our hair.

Pumpkin seeds: It acts as an antioxidant and increase the production melanin. It makes the hairs healthy and increases its growth. It prevents dandruff in hairs.

Lentils: These are packed with vitamin B9 increases the collagen in hair follicles and contributes to a healthier mane.

Omega-3 fatty acid for white hair

For today’s question, What Should We Eat to Avoid White Hair? This is a must. Omega 3 fatty acids contain Super benefits for healthy strong hair and work to keep the natural color of hair.

Salmon: Seafood is high in zinc and this zinc helps to keep your hair color natural and avoid it from whitening

Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in copper that increase the melanin production that maintains your hair color natural.

Vitamin B12:

Consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 can re-infuse your hair with pigment. Low in vitamin B12 can cause the hair dry, thinning and whitening hair prematurely.

Eat B vitamins (B6, B12, folic acid) can turn white to original hair color in three months as studied.

  • Blueberries: Rich in vitamin b12 copper and zinc and iodine. These compounds help to prevent premature graying of hairs.
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Seafood

All the above foods contain vitamin b12 that is essential for the hairs it avoids white hair.

Folic Acid:

Lack of folic acid can cause premature whitening of hair.

  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Beans
  • Peas

These all are rich in folic acid foods. These food prevent you from the graying of hair color before age

Vitamin D from sunlight:

Expose to sunlight for 20 minutes a day to absorb more vitamin d to help in reversing white hair to original hair color.

Precautions for white hair:

There are some precautions to avoid hairs from turning into white.

Avoid refined sugar:

Refined sugar is white and brown table sugars refined by a chemical process which can interrupt hair tissue grow and disrupt of protein absorption causing more white hair.

Avoid Smoking:

Your standard of living has a lot of control over the health and color of your hair. Smoke affects free radical damage by destroying tiny color sacs in every hair follicle and the worse can cause hair loss.

Maintain Optimum thyroid levels 

It is essential to take care of  your thyroid levels to be aware if it is causing the loss of pigment in your hair.so keep a check on your thyroid level,

Eat antioxidants:

Your diet will help to prevent white hair. Just make sure that you consume enough antioxidant. Take food that contains antioxidant like lemon-orange.Antioxidant food like fresh vegetables, fish, green tea and olive oil.

What causes hair to turn white?

There are different causes of turning hairs into white before age.


Genetics is the major cause of whitening of hairs. Different studies explained that hairs turn into white color before older age because of genetics.

If you have white hair color in your genetics then your hairs will be turns into white or grey at your young age that are 25 according to Asians. However, this is just an estimate. We at Duskyskin.com have started doing research for hair color changes.


Hormones also play an important role in hair color. During pregnancy different types of hormones secretes or inhibited that affects the metabolism of the body. it also affects the colors of hair.

Deficiency of vitamins:

Deficiency of vitamins also plays an important role in graying of hairs color. If you have suffered from the deficiency of vitamin E biotin or other vitamins B12 then definitely you will face this problem in your early stage of life.

Nutritional deficiency:

When you will take food that does not fulfill the requirement of the body that different body mechanism affects. Whitening of hairs color can be caused by the malnutrition.


Stress also plays an essential role in whitening of hair color because when you will take stress then antioxidants will be insufficient to control free radicals.

Free radicals cause damaging of skin and hairs. Free radicals increase the aging effect due to which hair color turns to white.

Medical condition:

Autoimmune condition can turn the hair color to whitish due to its aging effects. In this condition melanocytes cells decreases that become the reason for hair loss and whitening of hairs.


Smoking also affects hair color. 2 out of 10 patients suffer from this problem who smokes regularly as compared to a person who does not smoke.

Hair products:

Hair products or hair dyes also become the reason for whitening of hairs. Hair colors contain chemicals or acid that destroys the natural color of hairs and bleach hairs and hair color turns into white.

Duskyskin.com Tips to Avoid White Hair

There are some remedies to prevent from graying of hairs.

  • Apply gently coconut oil into your hair daily before you taking shower.
  • Regularly wash hair with a gram flour and milk mixture.
  • Massage your hair often with onion juice and it will turn back the hair color.
  • Apply papaya into your hair for 15 minutes.

This question is asked by many people that can these hairs are reversible when once it turns into whitish before the age. So the answer is the eating fruits and green vegetables prevent your hairs from further graying and whitening.

When one thread of hair turns into white it also whites the other hairs. By taking a sufficient amount of fruits to full fill deficiency of vitamins zinc and copper will avoid white hairs.

It is concluded that when you will see you one strand of white hair it makes you screaming that how will you face the gathering with white hair? People with old age can dye or color their hairs by applying chemicals.

But it is the biggest problem for teenagers who face this problem in their 20s due to some different causes like genetics and stress factor.

It is due to deficiency of vitamins folic acid iron and other essential components. So one can prevent this problem by taking a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables to full fill the deficiency. These foods are easily available in our daily routine. By eating above fruits and vegetables will be helpful in avoiding white hairs.

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