Should I Wash My Hair Before Steaming?

Should I Wash My Hair Before Steaming?

Should I Wash My Hair Before Steaming?

Your beauty defines by the health of your hairs. How healthy and shiny hairs you have your beauty will enhance. These little things attract the personality, so we should wish to have healthy and shiny hairs.

For good health of hair, you should take care of it. So by taking care, shampooing, conditioning and steaming to your hair, you can make them beautiful.

Yes, you must wash your hair before steaming. Use a gentle shampoo and a conditioner for your hair. After steaming, do not use a hair dryer.

Should I Wash My Hair Before Steaming?

These steps can be divided into two parts. As steam is a middle step. So one should follow some basic steps before the steaming and after the steaming for good results.

Before Steaming Hair

If you will not follow the basic steps before steaming then you will not get good results of steaming your hairs.

Clean your hair day before the steaming:

When you will decide to steam your hairs or make an appointment at saloon for steaming hairs then shampoo your hairs 2-3 Days before and make sure they should be neat and clean. Avoid daily washing your hairs.

Use warm water to wash hair:

When you are going to steam your hairs do not wash it with hot water because hot water will destroy the roots of hairs and make them weak. So use Luke warm water to prevent your hairs from more drying.

Use Conditioner on hair before steaming:

Apply good quality of conditioner on your hairs before steaming your hairs. It is best for dry hairs it makes the hairs smooth and shiny. You can also use coconut oil and apply it on hairs in the right way.

Almond oil and olive oil is also recommended for the hairs before steaming. This oil will penetrate your hairs and nourish them.

Now apply a plastic cap on the hairs to dry it and makes it balance. By applying a cap on the hairs after conditioning it will moisturize all the hairs equally. It is the best way to nourish the hairs.

Steps involved after steaming hair:

Read these important points:

Rinse off steam hairs:

After the stemming of your hairs now take shower with cold water and massage your hairs with your hands in a gentle way. In this will all the dirt dandruff and foreign particles will be removed off from the hairs and hairs will become soft and shiny. It also strengthens the strands of hairs.

Shampoo your hair after steaming:

After rinsing out the conditioner particles from the hairs now apply good quality of shampoo on your hairs. Do not use paraben contain shampoo it is very bad for the hairs.

A study shows that it contains carcinogenic particle in it. Avoid the use of this kind of shampoo. It will be better if you will choose organic shampoo.

Correct technique of washing hair:

People use shampoo in rough ways and wash the hairs in a hurry, it leaves shampoo particles to remain in hairs. So there are some ways of washing your hairs.

Before applying shampoo you should wet your hairs strand and stand under the shower for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now take a little amount of shampoo in your hands and apply it on hairs do not apply shampoo on hairs with a shampoo bottle.

Apply in this way that massage from top to bottom not bottom to top.

Then wash your hairs with cold water in a gentle way. Avoid fingering in your hairs.

Drying off your hairs:

After washing your hairs people use to dry it with a towel. Dry your hairs gently with a towel. Do not harshly dry it with a towel.

Do not use a hairdryer to dry your hairs after steaming because it will damage your hairs. Dry your hairs naturally without any hair blow dryer

Does steaming help in hair health?

Steaming is very helpful for hairs as we use an excess amount of water to keep our skin hydrated. Just like this steaming keeps the hairs hydrated and prevents them from drying. Because the drying of hairs ultimately causes dandruff.

For today’s question, Should I Wash My Hair Before Steaming? This is a must. Steaming plays an important role in the health of the hairs. It enhances the growth and if you have curly hairs it makes them straight and shiny.

It smoothes the hairs by providing moist to them. The moist heat of the steam increases the circulation of blood and due to circulation increases the hair growth.

Ways of steaming hairs:

There are too many ways to steam your hairs. That you can also steam your hairs at home. These are very simple ways.

Steam towel method:

It is a very easy method to use. It provides steam to the hairs and makes them allow growing healthy and long.

Take a face towel that you are using to wash your face. Take hot water in a bowl dip towel in it and then squeeze it. Apply conditioner on your hairs and apply head cp on it. Now apply a hot towel on the cap and put another cap on it to provide steam to hairs.

Hooded dryer method:

It is a common method used in saloons but you can also use it at home without any risk. You can provide heat to your hairs or skin by a hooded dryer.

First of all moisturizer your hairs with good conditioner you can also use a good quality of natural oil like coconut oil. Apply it on your hairs. Now sit under the hooded dryer. You must set yourself for a good position of steaming to the hairs.

Sit under it and wit for 1 hour. If your steamer does not have a temperature control then set it low setting to prevent from any damage.

After 1 hour, wash your hair with cold water that is very necessary for the hairs and remove conditioner from hairs with hands.

Provide steam by hot shower:

The steam shower is also a good choice for steaming your hairs. It increases the circulation of blood and causes the reason for hair growth. It makes hairs healthy and strong. It is also beneficial for all your body circulation.

You can convert your shower room into a steam room by these steps.

First of all, locate the location where you want to install the steamer. Most recommended place is near showerhead.

Use a good quality pipe for the water line to the location which you selected for installation of the steamer. Also, make ensure the electricity. Allow wiring from the steam unit to control panel.

Now install the steamer at its located place and check all the setting of the steamer. Mostly black gives hot water red gives normal steam water it depends upon the company of steamer.

The last thing to do is to install a nozzle of steamer just below the shower. It will be attached to a steam unit.

Connecter steamer with a control unit. Now you can enjoy a steam shower at your home.

Hair steaming at the gym’s steam room:

If you do not afford steam room for your hair then you can use a spa or saloon steam room. You can also use gyms steam room to provide steam to your hairs. It takes not more cost for the steaming of hairs. You can easily use this opportunity if you don’t afford a steam room.

Benefits of the steam shower for hair

There are plenty of benefits for the hairs of steaming. Here we will discuss the benefits of steaming.

Steam treatments for the hairs reduce breakage by adding moisture and elasticity to the hairs. Steam treatments help low porosity hair by opening the hair cuticles.

Steam treatment allows deep conditioners to better penetrate the hair. It is helpful to better hold onto moisture and maintain the vibrancy of color.

Regular steam treatment balances the moisture levels of your scalp helping reduces dandruff as well as dry itchy flaky scalp. Regular steam treatments help to plump your curls giving more volume. Helps to cause your curls to clump together which creates a better curl definition.

It also increases moisture in your hair strands helps to cause your curls hand to downward verses out. The steam treatment works great for relaxed natural and chemically treated hair. Try steam treating your hair before straightening. As well your hair will be exposed to less heat as a result.

Steam treatment also promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Steaming hairs after oiling will moisturize your hairs and nourish them.

Precautions for washing hair before steaming

There are some precautions to the use of steamer for hairs.

Do not use hot water during the shower. It makes the hairs dry and thin. Always use lukewarm water for the shower.

Avoid using unauthentic hair products on your hairs. Chemicals in hair products can damage your skin and steam will not show its effect.

Make habit of keeping your shower short; long shower also gives bad impact on the health of hairs.

After steaming so not wash your hairs daily. Don’t move fingers in your hairs during shampooing it will entangle them.

Do not apply an excessive amount of conditioner on your hairs it will make your hairs greasy a doily. Apply conditioner on the end tips of hairs do not apply it on the scalp.

When you will condition your hairs then steam it within 1 hour otherwise grease will form in the roots of hairs. The hooded steamer should be in its setting to give a good effect.

Set your right position to take steam from the hooded steamer. Do not use a blow dryer to dry your hairs it will damage and weeks the hairs.

Final Words:

It is concluded that your hairs should be cleaned before steaming. If you have an appointment of steaming-day after tomorrow then now wash your hairs with shampoo and leave it to dry naturally. Before steaming you should apply conditioner and then steam your hairs.

After steaming wash your hairs with shampoo will give you naturally strong and healthy hairs. It removes dandruff from the scalp. Make the habit of steaming your hairs in a week. It is a very beneficial technique for curly hair.

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