Can We Use Dermaroller for Hair Daily?

Can We Use Dermaroller for Hair Daily?

Can We Use Dermaroller for Hair Daily?

Studies and researchers support the idea that Dermaroller causes skin cell proliferation. The proliferation of skin cells is beneficial for wound, scars and even in new hair growth. This procedure involves 3 steps that include inflammation, proliferation, and remolding.

These steps are involved in the natural healing process of the wound. Remodeling causes scarring. Micro-needling does not cause scarring because scarring only occur when the wound reaches a certain depth and this only occurs in derma roller.

Dermaroller causes micro-injury which initiate the natural healing process, which tends to increase blood circulation to hair follicles and result in new hair growth.

We at recommends going for a Dermaroller procedure. Now the question arises, can you use it daily?

The simple answer is no. You can not use Dermaroller on a daily basis. No matter for which purpose you are using it. You can use Dermaroller for either stimulating hair growth or for boosting hair loss treatment products.

The frequency at which you can apply derma roller depends on the purpose for which you are using derma roller and size of needles you have. Different size needles require different frequencies, it also depends upon either you are using hair fall treatment products or not.

Due to hard water, heavily Chemical products or due to some genetic factors, you may face hair loss or thin of hairs. Hair fall problem is most common in men as compare to women.

Dermaroller provides you a quick and easy way to have healthy hair growth and equally effective for both men and women. 

It also not costs too much and almost all can afford it. The best point is that it’s a permanent treatment for hairs loss and involves the natural healing process with no side effects if used properly.

For thin hair in women to make pattern baldness, it’s equally effective. However, you must use it according to the steps mentioned here.

If you are going to use Dermaroller for your hairs, go through the article and you will have the answer of every query either it’s about frequency related or procedure-related.

What is a derma roller?

Dermaroller is a device which is used to increase hair growth and new hair production by increasing blood circulation and stimulating new cell production.

Can We Use Dermaroller for Hair Daily?

Dermaroller makes tiny pinpricks into your skin without any damage or pain. This provoking pricking causes an increase in collagen synthesis at the site of pricking, increase blood circulation, boost new cell production which tends to new hair growth.

You can use Dermaroller with or without minoxidil.

Use of Dermaroller with minoxidil

Minoxidil is of pharmaceutically active substance when applied topically on scalp tends to revive inactive hair follicle, increase blood circulation, stop hair fall and promote new hair growth. After application of Dermaroller, effects of minoxidil boost up several times due to direct absorption deep into the hair follicle.

Use of minoxidil for hairs hair loss treatment is to first roll the scalp with the help of Dermaroller and then apply minoxidil. It will help out minoxidil to penetrate deeper into your scalp and show maximum absorption.

When you roll your scalp with the help of Dermaroller, it creates temporary channels in the scalp. These channels will be closed after 30 minutes to 1 hour. You must have to apply minoxidil during this short period with proper care.

Some people prefer to first apply minoxidil and then roll their scalp. Although it is not recommended but however if it’s essential for you, then roll your Dermaroller into minoxidil.

The concentration of minoxidil:

most recommended Initial concentration for minoxidil is of 2% after one alternate day. If you are OK with it and experience no side effects then you can msg increase minoxidil concentration up to 5%.

Note: if you are using minoxidil then essentially you have to use needles with a smaller size of about 0.2 to 0.3 mm otherwise it will penetrate deep into your scalp and cause irritation.

Use of Dermaroller without minoxidil

Use of minoxidil is not compulsory. You can use Dermaroller for hairs growth without minoxidil also. Dermaroller pricks scalp makes micro-injury in the scalp, initiate a natural healing process which in turn increase blood circulation and simulation of protein necessary for hair growth.

Step by step procedure for using Dermaroller for hair

Wet your hairs:

before using Dermaroller into your scalp, it is highly recommended to wet your hairs properly. By doing this, your hairs will be protected from tangling into the roller.

Start from hair baseline:

start using the Dermaroller from the front of your scalp, the baseline of your hairs and then proceed further down the back of your head.

At one time, focus on your one section:

you must have to focus on a specific portion at a time. You have to roll each area up to 15 times .you have to roll horizontally, vertically, diagonally each area 3 to 4 times. 

Only roll when needles are in contact with the scalp, and to only in one direction. Avoid back and forth rolling which is prohibited otherwise there is a great chance of catching your hairs into the roller.

Cover entire effective area:

by repeating the same procedure, you have to cover the entire effective area.

Note: you have to treat only that area at which hair fall has occurred.

Apply minoxidil or hair loss treatment:

when you have done needling process, apply minoxidil or other hair fall treatment which you are going to use and give a gentle massage.

How often you can use Dermarollers for your hair?

How often you can apply this treatment depends upon the size of needles and the purpose for the usage of Dermaroller. This is important to select the best-sized needle for your hair treatment and better results.

Size of Dermaroller needles depends upon the purpose for which you are using.

For boosting hairs loss treatment products

For hairs loss treatment, you have to use two different Dermarollers with different sizes. To boost the absorption of a topical hair treatment product, you have to use smaller needles on a weekly basis.

You have to use 0.2 to 0.3 mm needles to boost hair loss treatment or increase its efficacy.

The best needles size is of 0.25 mm .you can use 0.25mm needles aye every day according to your skin sensitivity. If your skin can tolerate it, you may use it daily.

For stimulation of hair growth:

if you are using Dermaroller to stimulate hair growth by stimulating endothelial growth factor, you have to use larger needles of about 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm.

If you are using 0.5 mm needles, you can use it once a week or once a month according to your skin.

If you are using a larger needle of about 0.75 mm or 1 mm, you can repeat the procedure once per month.

If you are using 1.5 mm needles, it’s of much larger size, you can use it once a month with professional supervision only. This large size needle is very painful and you have to apply micro-needling numbing cream.

Schedule for hair growth stimulation only with 0.75 to0.1mm needles.

If you want to increase the thickness of your hairs by stimulating hair growth, you have to use larger needles.

During the first week: you have to use a needle of 0.5mm during the first week and use once a week

During 2nd week: you may increase the size of the needle. You can use 0.75 to 1mm needle once a week.

 During 3rd week: You must have to give a gap during the 3rd week. Don’t use Dermaroller and give your scalp a good gap.

During 4th week: again use a needle of the small size of 0.5 mm

For hair loss treatment product stimulation and promotion of hair growth with 0.25 and 0.75 needles

For multiple purpose treatment, you have to use needles with different size of 0.25

During the first week: you have to use roller day after other and the first start from 0.75 mm and then use 0.25mm. keep in mind you can only use roller day after other, not in two consecutive days.

During 2nd week: during this time, you have to use only smaller needles of about 0.25 mm and never use in two consecutive days.

During 3rd week: start from a need of large size of 0.75 mm or 1 mm and then use an only smaller needle of 0.25 mm day after other.

During 4th week: only use smaller needles of size 0.25 mm day after other.

For boosting hair loss treatment product and stimulation of hair growth with 0.5 and 0.25 mm needles

During week one: you have to use 4 times a week. Use 0.25mm needles for 1st two attempts and then use 0.25 mm needles at 3rd attempt and then again use 0.25mm needle at 4th attempt

During 2nd, 3rd and 4th week: same as for week one. Tips for Using Derma Roller for Hair 

For today’s question, Can We Use Dermaroller for Hair Daily? This is a must. When you are going to use Dermaroller for hair fall treatment, you have to keep in mind some key point given below:

  • At one time, focus on one section.
  • Avoid using derma roller back and forth position.
  • While rolling, don’t apply too much pressure which is very harmful to your scalp. It will cause irritation at your scalp.
  • It’s recommended to wet your hairs before rolling your hairs
  • Roll each area about 15 times min and Max 20 times.
  • Use to roll skin in all directions given below
  • At one time, roll your skin in One direction 4 to 5times and then change direction.

Why do some people claim that they don’t get desired effects with Dermarollers?

Some people claim that they don’t get results with derma roller. Why? Whenever you are taking a treatment many factors influence it. How you apply? how often you are applying? have you followed the exact procedure? Are you doing this in the supervision of a professional?

With all the above important points, your physical factors may also be involved like stress, your diet, your way of living, exercise, etc. Take a good look at all these factors and then note the results. You will definitely get the desired results. Have stress free life, do exercise daily, use healthy food which is full is nutritions, have proper sleep.

With all the above stages of follicle growth cycle also matter a lot. There are three stages of hairs follicle growth. Anagen, catagen, and telogen. If your hair follicles are at the catagen stage, then your hair follicle will stop producing hair for about 10 days.

If your hair follicles are at telogen stage then your hair follicles will remain inactive for about 3 months and then produce hairs .until your follicle reaches Anagen stage, your hair growth will not start.

Be patient if you are not getting results at earlier stages. Your hair follicles might be in the resting stage and within a short period, as hair follicle will be active, your hairs growth will be started.

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