Can Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth?

Can Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth?

Can Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth?

In this modern world where everyone is trying to live a good calculated life with a good job and a big house, sometimes we forget to care about ourselves.

A stressful environment, polluted atmosphere, and an unhealthy diet plan have made us suffer much. The outcomes of it can be shown on the skin and hair.

As you cross 30 years of age, there is a good chance that you might experience hair loss or other scalp issues.

Hair loss has become common nowadays. Hair loss can lead to baldness at an early age too. It is an alarming situation for those who don’t want to look old too soon.

There are multiple reasons for hair fall. It might be having loads of stress. Age can be a factor too. Eating unhealthy can lead to hair fall too. If you style, blow dry or iron your hair it can too, be a cause of hair fall. There are certain diseases and infections too that can make you bald.

We have received many emails, where girls want to know about using Red Light Therapy for hair. Also, they are concerned if it really helps hair growth.

Yes, Red Light Therapy helps hair to grow. Red Light Therapy is available in the form of Combs, Spa beds, Helmets, and Laser devices for hair growth.

There are multiple solutions to reduce the hair fall and even re-grow your hair again. Some of them are surgical and some are medicinal or through laser.

In this article, we will talk about laser treatment for hair growth. We will also discuss the method to use it and its benefits plus the time it will take to complete.

Can Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth?

Red light therapy is one of the best and safest procedures to re-grow your hair. If you want a less costly, nonsurgical and harmless therapy then you must opt for red light therapy.

When NASA did experiment red light on plants to see their growth, the results were so satisfying. Being harmless in nature, they thought to test it if it will work well on humans too.

The research indeed made them aware that it is perfectly harmless for humans and it does have strong healing power.

Red light therapy does wonders on the skin. It rejuvenates the skin and builds up the collagen reducing the wrinkles on your skin.

It is a perfect treatment for the healing of wounds and pain. It is also considered to provide a shield for the sun damage.

It is also known as soft laser, red led therapy or low-level light therapy (LLLT). It is sometimes referred to as Photobiomodulation too.

How does it work?

Red light therapy as the name suggests uses a red LED light or a particularly lesser level of laser to get in contact with the skin.

The red lights can go as deep in the skin as about 10mm. The light increases the flow of cells and regenerate new ones. They help build tissues too.

The tissues are exposed to wavelengths of 630 to 670 nm of red light. Wavelength exceeding this limit can damage the skin or tissues.

How to re-grow hair with Red Light Therapy?

For today’s question, Can Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth? This is a must. This therapy works for both male and female. It can reduce partial or total baldness in both the genders. This procedure takes 2 to 3 months to complete.

The red light therapy can be done with the help of certain devices. The most popular of them are LED red bulb, a red light comb, and red light helmet.

The procedure takes like 15 to 30 minutes. You may do it every day until 3 to 4 months to see the best results.

There are basically three stages of hair growth in a human. The initial stage is referred to as the ‘anagen phase’ or growth phase.

Then the second phase is called the ‘telogen phase’ or resting phase. The last phase is the ‘catagen phase’ or it is called the shedding phase.

What the red light treatment does is that it generated the flow of red blood cells and blood on the scalp. The hair follicles on the scalp absorb the red light.

The enzymes present inside those follicles send signals to the brain which in turn increase the stimulation of the gene on the part and reduce the cell loss on the area.

The red light fuels the metabolism in those catagen and telogen follicles hence reducing the resting and shedding and leading to the anagen growth phase.

Devices for red light therapy:

Let’s discuss the devices that are available in the market for red light therapy.

Red LED light bulb:

One of the cheapest ways for red light therapy is to buy a red LED light bulb.

The process is quite simple. You just have to hold the bulb and point it near to the desired area of the scalp. Do not put the bulb on the scalp.

It is recommended to carry on with this procedure for ten minutes or less. This should be carried out on a daily basis or twice or thrice a week.

Red laser combs:

It is a comb with little LED light all over its bristles.

The procedure is simple; you just have to use it as a regular comb. Just slowly move the comb throughout your scalp and let the laser do its work.

It is convenient to use. You just have to use this therapy for a good 20 to 40 minutes.

The only drawback is that it is tough to keep track of how much laser has penetrated on a side of the scalp. Uneven distribution may occur too.

Red Laser Helmets:

Red laser helmets are considered to be the best red light therapy treatment devices. It has been proven to provide the best hair growth and less hair loss.

Research shows that it has 2 times more effective than other red light therapy devices when they grew the follicle diameter of the hair.

The procedure is quite easy. Just sit and relax on the chair, put the helmet on your head for like 25 to 35 minutes daily and let the laser dig deep into your scalp.

Note that this procedure can take months. You may expect good results after 2 or 3 months. Do not be hasty. Hair doesn’t grow back in a day.

Red light spa beds:

Just like the beds or pods used for tanning, there are red laser beds too. They are not as popular as other devices

The laser lights are set on a specific wavelength. You just have to lie inside the pods for some while. Doing it once or twice a week will be much effective.

The only good thing or a drawback is that the laser is exposed to all parts of the body. It may be unnecessary but if you want treatment for skin too then go for it.

What are the precautions to use red light therapy for hair growth?

Before buying any device, make sure that is FDA approved. FDA approved devices are harmless and clinically tested.

Always choose the best quality device for you. A little more money spent on it will be fruitful too.

Before using any device, always make sure to read the user manual carefully. The prescribed time, procedure and cautions will be written on it.

Never use a red light device more than the prescribed time or it can cause pain and irritation. Most devices come with a timer.

It is recommended to see a dermatologist too. You may have to follow certain procedures or precautions before going for red light therapy.

Red light therapy may not be much effective on permanent baldness, people with severe medical conditions or areas where they were no hair before.

Benefits of Red light therapy for hair growth

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of red light therapy over human.

Less expensive:

Red light therapy is much cheaper than the expensive laser treatments and hair transplants. You can easily afford it regarding the device you are using.

Provides safety:

Red light therapy is much safer than any other surgical or medical treatment for hair loss or hair growth. It is clinically proved harmless.

Does not cause pain:

Unlike the other surgical procedures and transplants that cause immense pain and other complexities, red light therapy is painless.

Does not disturb the hormones:

Red Light Therapy Helps Hair Growth. Red light therapy doesn’t cause distress in the hormones that some of the medicines used for hair growth can. It just absorbs into the skin 10mm deep and that’s it.

Useful for both men and women

It is scientifically proven to be useful for both males and females. It helps the growth of hair in partially bald men and women who have a thin layer or wide scalp.


Although this procedure takes the time it is certain that it will prove to be much efficient. As it will both stop the hair from falling anymore and regrow new hair twice as much.

Provides stronger hair:

The red light therapy increases the follicle diameter of our hair 2 times greater than before. It means that once the hairs are grown, they would not shed easy.

Prevents hair loss:

If you are having constant hair loss than by using the red light therapy it is much likely that it will prevent hair from falling, or maybe even stop it.


Red light therapy is best for those who have a fear of surgery or cuts into their skin. It is totally non-invasive and does not cause any tearing or opening of the skin.

Why few people avoid Red Light Therapy?

There are a few reasons which make few people avoid using the therapy:

It takes time:

Red light therapy takes more time than other surgical procedures. A good red light therapy takes about 3 to 6 months of constant therapy.

The number of sessions may increase with time. It is recommended that you do not leave the therapy ever.

Devices can be costly:

Red light therapy devices are sometimes costly and may cost you thousands of bucks. It is for you to choose what device you want to buy.

If you go to a clinic and have red light therapy it can be expensive for you too. It is best if you buy an LED red bulb for the treatment, which would be much cheap.

It may cause a headache:

You may feel pain in your head if you have irritation with direct infrared light. Plus if you have a history of migraine, it may cause you a headache.

May irritate light-sensitive people:

It’s a rarity but some people can show signs of sensitivity to direct infrared light exposure. If this happens, you should discontinue this therapy at once.

Can collide with other medications:

If a patient is using medicines for photosensitization, they should not follow the red light therapy as photosensitizing will cause an increment in light sensitivity.

Performing red light therapy on such patients can cause irritation and other sensitive issues.


Red light therapy is a much effective, non-invasive and a painless procedure to follow. It can be easily done at home and there are not much side effects of it.

Consistency is the only key in red light therapy. So we hope that you find it much helpful in your case and that you may grow some good hair. Good day!

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