How to Get Rid of Pale Lips?

How to Get Rid of Pale Lips?

How to Get Rid of Pale Lips?

It’s an era of fashion and beauty. Everyone is in a struggle to look beautiful but can you imagine beauty without beautiful lips? Many of the physical, environmental and habitual factors take away the natural pink lips and make them pale or discolored.

No doubt girls beauty based upon beautiful pink lips. Lips are the second point of attraction in a girl after eyes and to achieve pink lips. People especially girls throw money and waste their time on lip products which no doubt can resolve your problem but for a short time period and with a lot of side effects.

Market-based products give quick results with long-lasting side effects. What about natural products? Slow and steady wins the race. Natural products are best to get rid of pale lips. It may take a while before you start noticing pink and healthy lips.

There are  3 ways to permanently get rid of pale lips:

  1. Eliminating the root cause
  2. With some simple home remedies
  3. Healthy lifestyle

only remedies to get pink lips are not enough. You have to eliminate the leading cause and adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can definitely get rid of pale lips for your life.

By skipping anyone from above, you can not get rid of pale lips.

How to Get Rid of Pale Lips?

If you have pale lips then don’t worry, there are some natural home remedies to get rid of pale lips

Almond and milk for pale lips is the best remedy. Almond and milk paste will provide nourishment to your lips, exfoliate your dead lip skin, enhance blood circulation and with regular use your pale lips will turn into pink.

How to apply: take 5 to 6 4 almond and grind them in a fine powder. Pour 2 tablespoon of raw milk and add the almond powder in it.mix well and with the help of cotton or your fingertips.

Give a gentle massage to your lips in a circular motion for about 10 minutes. They let it dry and wash your lips. Do it regularly for soft, pink lips.

Use Lemon to get rid of pale lips

Lemon contains vitamin C, an essential vitamin for your lips beauty. Take a large size lemon, cut it into two halves. Take some sugar of about 3 spoons in a bowl.

Dip cut surface of lemon into sugar and massage on your lips. You have to massage it for about 10 minutes daily for 5 days. Wash your lips with water after 10 minutes and apply a good moisturizer on your lips. It will remove all the pale coloration from your lips and turn then natural pink.

Red Pomegranate and honey

Red pomegranate is well known for lips for many years. Its regular use on lips makes them pink and beautiful. If you drink pomegranate juice also, it will help in an increase in blood flow of your body.

How to apply pomegranate for lips?

Squeeze the juice of pomegranate of about 50 ml and add a half teaspoon of raw honey. Mix well and apply on your lips. You have to massage this mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes in a circular motion. Its regular use for lips amazed you with its results.

With beetroot

Take a beetroot and mesh it to make a paste. Gently rub beetroot paste on your lips for 5 minutes. It will instantly give you pink lips.

Rose petals

Take some fresh red rose petals and rub on your lips for about 10 minutes daily. It will provide your lips with a natural pink color.

Olive oil or coconut oil

Take one to two teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil and add a half teaspoon of honey. Massage on your lips for about 15 minutes daily. You will have soft lips with the removal of all pale color of lips.

Sugar and cocoa butter paste

Add one teaspoon of sugar in one teaspoon of cocoa butter. Make a smooth paste and with a soft baby brush, rub this mixture and try to exfoliate your lips. It will remove dead skin cells and enhance boys circulation to lips and you will get rid of pale lips.

Red tomato scrub for pale lips

Take a fresh red tomato, mash it well and make a smooth paste. Add one teaspoon of honey, few drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of sugar in it. Scrubbing your lips with this lip scrub will provide you astonishing results within a week. You can store this paste at a cool temperature for about 3 days.

What causes Pale Lips?

From physiological problem to the unhealthy lifestyle there can be a variety of reasons for your pale lips.

Lack of oxygen

The main leading cause of your pale lips is an insufficient supply of oxygen to your lips. Lack of oxygen means a lack of sufficient blood supply to your lips. When there is not enough oxygen supply to your lips, they become pale yellow.

How to attain proper blood supply?

  • By exfoliation
  • By lip scrubbing
  • By eating red food like beetroot, strawberry, pomegranate

Sun exposure

Sun has a direct impact on your skin especially on the exposed part of your body. Sun rays when coming in contact with your body, your melanocytes become more active. As sun rays cause the synthesis of vitamin D and vitamin D cause activation of melanin production (dark pigment) which in turn causes discoloration of your lips.

How to prevent pale lips due to sun exposure?

Simply have less exposure of sunlight to your lips as less as possible. If necessary to go outside in the burning sun, then must cover your lips. Lip baps are also available which protects your lips from sunlight.

Too much consumption of caffeine

Advancements in technology although reduces physical stress but increase mental stress. To reduce mental stress or to be mentally active, consumption of caffeine is increasing day by day. Caffeine is basically a dark color ingredient which by regular use, strain our lips pale to black.

In start caffeine imparts pale color, then with time turn pale color to black. Although caffeine is a good brain stimulant but not much pretty with your lips.

How to prevent the caffeine-based tan from lips?

Reduce the amount of caffeine and make sure whenever you take coffee or tea, take a tissue paper, dip in glycerine or rose water and cleanse your lips for about 5 minutes.

You have to do this every time you take tea or coffee. It will help you to remove coffee or tea stain and stop from further accumulation of caffeine stain.

Can dehydration cause pale lips?

When your lips become dry due to loss of moisture they turn either pale or discolored. Lack of moisture causes dry, chapped lips which appears pale. It’s really not good for lips and is an indication that your body is not in good condition. Dehydration along with pale lips bring too many other complications

Best ways to treat pale lips due to dehydration

The water you drinks directly moisturize your lips. Drinking plenty of water is also a source to hydrate your lips.drink at least 8 glass of water in a day. If it’s too much sunny or you are workout then you have to increase the amount of water to up to 12 glass of water.

During a workout, loss of water from body surface area is get enhanced many times so increase intake of water is the best way.

Deficiency of vitamins can also cause pale lips

Lack of essential vitamins with other abnormalities in your body also cause paleness of your lips. Your lips also need essential nutrients and don’t have, get pale.

How to get essential vitamins naturally for lips?

Our body can’t synthesis vitamins. We have to take vitamins from either plant source or animal source. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A are essential vitamins to get rid of pale lips. You can get vitamin C from green leafy vegetables, papaya, bell peppers, orange lemon, berries, etc.

You can get vitamin A from pumpkin, broccoli, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc.

You can get vitamin E from almond, spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds.

Medical illness

The causative agent in pale lips can be due to some medical illness also. Jaundice, anemia, diabetes, etc can be responsible for pale lips also. But how you will know that is there any medical condition behind your pale lips? If your pale lips are due to some medical condition then notice your eyes and nails.

If your eyes and nails along with lips are pale then obviously there is a medical condition and you have to consult professional as soon as possible. Tips to Get Rid Of Pale Lips

For today’s question, How to Get Rid of Pale Lips? This is a must. There are some tips listed below to protect your lips from paleness

If you are a chain smoker, then first quit smoking.

Eat healthy vegetables and fruits. Enhance consumption of red fruits

Avoid your lips from dryness. Drink plenty of water

Have a good sleep of about 7 hours. Lesser the intake of caffeine

Avoid licking your lips. Always use good quality lipstick and whenever you remove lipstick, must do a cleansing of your lips.

Whenever you apply lipstick, first apply any lip protectant which saves your lips from staining of lipstick and chemicals used in lipstick.

Take a good quality moisturizer with vitamin E and keep it in your pocket. Apply after every hour on your lips.

Before going to bed, take a tissue paper, put some drops of glycerine in it and massage your lips on a daily basis.

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