Can I Spray Magnesium Oil on My Hair?

Can I Spray Magnesium Oil on My Hair?

Can I Spray Magnesium Oil on My Hair?

Magnesium oil is important for the hairs due to its protein-making property. Protein helps to grow the hairs and make them healthy. The Oil containing Magnesium is very helpful for hair growth, hair loss, scalping and graying of hairs.

Magnesium is an important mineral in our body which is helpful for biochemical activities like protein synthesis. People use vitamins oil to treat their hairs but you ever used minerals to treat your hairs?

In this article, our editors have explained the benefits and methods to use magnesium oil for your hair.

Yes, you can use Magnesium Oil on your hair. Magnesium Oil helps in hair loss, hair growth and makes your scalp healthy.

Magnesium oil is not like essential oil like almond oil coconut oil and olive oil. It is different from essential oil due to the presence of magnesium chloride.

Can I Spray Magnesium Oil on My Hair?

Many studies have proved that spraying magnesium oil on your hairs is more beneficial than taking supplements of magnesium. Magnesium oil absorbs readily into the bloodstream due to this circulation blood increase which ultimately increases the growth of hairs.

Magnesium supplements cannot easily be digested by the gastrointestinal tract that’s why magnesium oil topically gives its benefits to hairs.

Magnesium oil benefits for hairs:

There are too many benefits of magnesium oil for the hairs. It is also very useful to treat baldness

Helps in hair growth:

Magnesium helps in breaking the calcium deposits. Sometimes calcium deposits on the follicles of the hairs where due deposition of calcium growth inhibits. Magnesium oil assists in dissolving the deposit of calcium on follicles of the hairs.

It removes the clogs that formed on the scalp of the hairs and aid in the growth of hair. Magnesium removes the calcium from the scalp and transfers it into the bones where it is required.

Magnesium oil helps in the synthesis of protein which ultimately increases the growth of hairs. This oil delivers the magnesium to the bloodstream, where it increases the action protein synthesis and becomes the reason for hair growth.

First of all, take a good quality Magnesium oil of a trustworthy brand. If you make magnesium oil at home then use that oil in a spray bottle.

Before using anything you have to know about the right direction of treatment. Apply this spray bottle in that area where you want to regrowth hairs. It is not necessary to apply it to your full head. Spray it only that area which is affected.

Now, wait until it absorbs in the scalp. Wait up to a half-hour. Many researchers recommend that you can apply it overnight but it contains salt in it that can irritate your skin. So I will recommend you to wash it after 1 hour.

Helps in Hair loss:

Magnesium helps in the inhibition of hair loss. If you are facing the problem of hair fall then you can face that stage of baldness. To prevent further hair loss use the magnesium oil after your shampoo will prevent drying of the hairs and remove dandruff from the hairs. By using magnesium oil your scalp will not grow more hairs but it will stop further hair loss.

Helps in curling hairs:

Magnesium oil contains magnesium sulfate in it helps in curling the hairs and prevent it from fizzing of the hairs. Magnesium sulfate used mostly in the hair spray to set the hairs. It is beneficial in treating the hairs during humid weather. If you are fond of curling your hairs on daily routine then make the habit to use magnesium oil it will not damage your hairs after curling, unlike other hair care products.

Helps in sound sleep:

Magnesium oil is very helpful in biochemical activity if the body. If you have insomnia and you cannot sleep for a night then massage the magnesium spray on your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed it will give you a sound sleep.

Prevent gray hairs:

 Whitening or graying of hairs caused by the deficiency of minerals. Magnesium is one of those minerals that make the hairs white. You can overcome the deficiency of magnesium by applying it in your hairs or by taking magnesium supplements. Magnesium supplements do not give that effect due to their low absorption rate.

By applying it on your hair will prevent hairs from graying but it does not mean it will reverse the natural color back. Magnesium oil will prevent further whitening of hairs. If you will use magnesium oil for 2 years then you can see the effective results.

Effect of Magnesium oil on eyebrows:

If you want to see the effectiveness of magnesium oil then firstly use it on your eyebrows it will help you to decide the use of magnesium oil. Eyebrows hairs grow very fast they complete their life cycle within 3 to 4 months. By applying magnesium oil on eyebrows will tell you that it revitalized the hairs of eyebrows by applying once in a week.

How to make magnesium oil at home?

You can take magnesium oil from natural sources if you are suffering from the deficiency of magnesium which is called hypomagnesemia. You can fulfill your requirements of magnesium by taking magnesium-rich foods.

Fatty fish, avocado, nuts, and dark chocolates contain rich amount of magnesium in them. By taking these foods can meet the requirements of magnesium.

You can easily make magnesium oil at home if you have all the required ingredients.

Ingredients required:

  • Half cup of magnesium chloride flakes
  • half cup of water
  • Glass measuring cylinder
  • Glass spray bottle.

Step-by-Step Procedure to make Magnesium Oil at Home

Few steps are involved in the making of magnesium oil. It is a very simple method to make magnesium oil.

Boil distilled water:

Take half a cup of distilled water and put it into flame for boiling the water. We use distilled water instead of tap water because distilled water increases the shelf life of the components. You can use this mixture for a long time due to distilled water.

Mix ingredients:

Take half a cup of magnesium chloride in a cylinder and pour the boiled water into a cylinder and mix magnesium chloride flakes with water.


Stir the mixture until it gives completely dissolved solution. Stirring makes the mixture balanced and appropriate.


Now allow the mixture to cool and store it in a spray bottle. I would suggest storing it in a glass spray bottle. You can store it at room temperature for six months. Keep this spray bottle on your bathroom for daily massage on your hair.

From where you can buy magnesium oil?

Magnesium oil is used commonly for many problems and used as a therapeutic agent. You can buy it from your nearby pharmacy. You can but it from the supermarket. If it is not available in the market you can order it online.

Some magnesium oil contains other minerals in it so make sure to choose the magnesium oil free from chemicals. These chemicals can damage your hairs. Although magnesium oil with aloe Vera can be used for hairs, it will give beneficial effects on the hairs.

How to apply magnesium oil on hairs?

Apply it on your scalp and massage it for a few minutes after taking a shower. It wills removes dandruff and prevent hairs from drying. Make sure before applying that your hairs are free from other oil or conditioners.

Massage gently magnesium oil on your hair for 10 minutes. By massaging in circular motion magnesium oil promotes the blood circulation and boosts the magnesium at that site.

After massaging the magnesium oil on your scalp for 10 minutes leave it for 30 minutes on your scalp for better absorption. Then wash it off or wipe it off.

the right amount to apply it on the scalp is about 30 lit will provide magnesium of about 2000 mg .but do not use more than 30 ml on your scalp it can cause discomforts like itching burning or inflammation.

Use magnesium oil once in a week but using it daily after a shower can also give the best result to show.

How to Use Magnesium oil toner with derma roller?

You can also use magnesium oil toner for hair growth. You can buy a good quality magnesium oil toner from the market or you can make this toner at home.

Derma roller contains metal pins. when you roll it on the skin it’s metal pins penetrate the skin cells where Magnesium oil toner can easily apply. When skin cells will penetrate rub toner at them it will accelerate the growth of hairs. Wait for 3 hours between the use of derma roller and magnesium oil toner.

Side Effects of magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil having benefits for hairs likewise contains side effects too. One should use magnesium oil for hairs with safety precautions. Here are some side effects of magnesium oil use:

  • People who suffer from bleeding disorder should not use magnesium oil because it reduces the process of clotting blood and increases bleeding.
  • Magnesium oil is not recommended for cardiac and kidney patients.
  • Magnesium oil should not be used on the people who suffer from neurological disease.
  • Excess amount of magnesium oil will increase the magnesium in the body that further cause disuse like diarrhea vomiting low blood pressure and muscle weakness. Tips For Using Magnesium oil:

For today’s question, Can I Spray Magnesium Oil on My Hair? This is a must. Before using magnesium oil you should take some safety tips to prevent any type of inconvenient.

  • Make sure that a person who is using magnesium oil is to having any allergic disease.
  • Before applying it on the hairs test it on your arm or hands.
  • Take a patch test of magnesium oil before using it on your hair. Apply a little amount of oil on the arm and wait for 5 minutes if any burning sensation itching or inflammation causes do not use it on your hair.

Magnesium oil is famous for the treatment of hair loss or baldness. It also helps in nourishing the hairs and growth of the hairs. It is a very easy way to help out hair loss because of its protein synthesis quality.

By spray magnesium oil gives two benefits, it removes dandruff and cleans the follicles of scalp and secondly nourishes the hairs. After using this you will feel confidents about your hair. Your embarrassment of hair loss will become faint and your glory will flow the right way.

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