Can Kojic Acid Make You Darker?

Can Kojic Acid Make You Darker

Can Kojic Acid Make You Darker?

Kojic Acid originated as a by-product from the fermentation of Japanese rice, it is formed by a variety of species of fungus. For centuries kojic acid is being used by women around the globe for skin whitening. You can even have records in ancient Chinese and Japanese about the use of kojic acid as a beauty product.

A few decades ago, a couple of manufacturers start making kojic acid commercially and since then there is no stopping.  Kojic acid is being used worldwide and almost 1 person in a family has used the kojic acid product once in their life. 

Kojic acid is being used in soaps, creams, serums, facemasks, and a variety of other skincare products.

Kojic acid does not make your skin darker, in fact, it makes your skin lighter and shiny. With regular use of kojic acid, you will notice a gradual enhancement in your skin tone.

Can Kojic Acid Make You Darker?

Now coming to today’s question, if you have a dark skin tone and planning to use Kojic acid, this article is for you. Cathy asks DuskySkin, Will her skin be darker by using kojic acid?

I will explain all the features of kojic acid and its benefits, however, in short, kojic acid does not make your skin dark.

Kojic acid is a natural product and many brands are using these amazing ingredients in their skin whitening products.

Check the sensitivity test before using kojic acid soap Experts recommend that if you are planning to use kojic acid on your skin for the first time, then you must do a skin sensitivity test. For this simply place a small amount of kojic acid cream on your forearm and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you notice any itching or redness, do not use the product. If there is no allergic reaction, you are good to use Kojic acid product.

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Kojic acid decreases melanin

Dark skin is caused by the Melanin in our skin, increased levels of melanin will lead to dark skin tone.

Kojic acid work by decreasing the number of melanin that will eventually result in a light and healthy skin. With regular use of kojic acid, you will notice a decent enhancement in your skin color.

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Kojic acid works as an anti-oxidant

Kojic acid is a natural anti-oxidant that works magic for our skin, you will notice a younger and healthy-looking skin within a couple of weeks. So, there is no chance that you will have a dark skin color, rather be ready to have better and whiter skin.

kojic acid soap removes dark spots on thighs and arms

Kojic acid also works for dark spots around thighs and arms. You can use a kojic acid soap for skin whitening, if you do not experience any allergic reactions or itching, you can use it regularly.

There are many brands that are manufacturing Kojic acid products, I suggest going to a reputed brand.

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Different combinations of kojic acid soap

Kojic acid is also available in a variety of different combinations. Kojic acid with Papaya extract is helpful to get a better skin tone with less dark spots. This works to exfoliate your dead skin cells and gives a natural glow to your skin. Do not worry, Kojic acid will never make your skin dark. 

Kojic acid is also available with Glycerine, now this combination will not only give a whitening skin but with a smooth appearance. Glycerine is an ideal moisturizing agent and when added with kojic acid, you will just have neat and smooth looking skin with no dark spots.

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Many brands are introducing skin whitening soaps with Kojic acid along with Coconut oil. This is a unique combination that will only make your skin more glowing. Addition of coconut oil will help kojic acid to absorb in your skin, this way kojic acid will work more efficiently on your skin that will only result in an improved complexion.

Kojic acid is not limited for use on the face only. You can use it on any part of the body to get desired results. Kojic acid is helpful for dark spots on inner thighs and even knees. I have seen many girls using kojic acid creams and they have attained desired results on their skin. There are even body washes that have Kojic acid added in for better skin tone. 

You can even use skin whitening serums that contain Kojic acid as an ingredient. Apply kojic acid serum regularly will always benefit your skin. Within a couple of weeks, you will have an improved skin tone with less dark spots.

Adding Zinc in your diet will give more benefit if you are using Kojic acid. Zinc has many benefits and if used on a regular basis, you will notice a healthy and better skin. Kojic acid and Zinc work together to give you better and enhance skin color.

Feel free to ask questions related to Kojic acid and skincare. Just post your questions in the comment section below and my team will get back to you.

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