Can I Steam My Face Everyday

Can I Steam My Face Everyday?

Can I Steam My Face Everyday?

It’s not about yes or no. It depends upon your skin conditions. If you have too much oily and resistive skin then yes you can steam daily but no one has so resistive skin that can bear daily steaming.

Studies show that too much steaming has a negative impact on your skin. Your skin cells may burn out with excessive steaming. On the other hand, it snatches your skin moisture, leaving it dry which brings other skin complications also.

If you have too much oil and feel your skin is resistive then you may steam continuously for about 2 or 3 days and then give a gap for 7-10 days. No doubt it’s beneficial for skin but you should be very careful during the procedure.

Way of steaming, duration of steaming, and how often you steam decides whether it is going to be good for your skin or going to damage it.

Can I Steam My Face Everyday?

The shortest answer is once a week. I have explained all the details here:

Streaming although beneficial for your skin but everything in excess is harmful. Duration and how often you apply are the main factors. Not only steaming but everything in excess is harmful.

Steam is basically applied during facial to remove dust, excess oil, blackhead, whitehead, trapped bacteria, etc.

Steam open facial pores, because of steaming, skincare products are much more able to penetrate deep into the skin. But you may have noticed that after steaming, red patches may appear on your cheeks and nose.

With all the benefits, steaming also has a bad impact on your skin especially of your skin is sensitive.

Steaming can cause irritation on your skin, the appearance of red patches, and even burn out with excessive steaming.

The most recommended duration for steaming is of max 15 minutes once a week but if you have sensitive skin then 5 minutes steaming after each week.

Different strokes for different folks. Steaming duration also depends upon the nature of the skin. If you have sensitive skin then you must have to shorten the period of steaming. If you have a good resistive skin then you can also increase the period of steaming.

How long you put your face above the steam, distance from steam, and the temperature also matters a lot. According to Dermatologists, 45 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for your skin, not too hot and not too cold. At this temperature, steam is also not too much concentrated.

During steaming, you must have to maintain a distance of about 12 to 18 inches to keep save your face from burning out and severe damage caused by extra heat.

It’s better to expose your skin to steam slowly than abruptly. Give some good time to your face to withstand the hot water mist to avoid heat shock.

Why should you not steam face everyday?

Daily facial steaming is never recommended by the Dermatologist and also by professionals. With daily facial steaming, your face will dry out. Instead of giving good, it will hurt you.

Daily steaming can burn out your face, it rewards you with red patches, itching, skin flushing, etc. Daily steaming will worsen the condition for which it is applying.

Daily steaming on the one sideburn out your skin, also becomes the cause of acne and if you are already facing acne problem, daily facial steaming may worsen it.

For today’s question, Can I Steam My Face Everyday? This is a must-read. During steaming heat in the form of water vapors is applied on your face. This water mist has the ability to open the pores and penetrate deep into your skin, open the pores, and melt out the clogged sebum.

If you apply steam on daily basis, your open pores as not fully closed and you are again going to open them further, and day by day you are attempting to reopen your partially opened pores further and further.

Can you imagine the situation? How much it can be damaging for your facial skin as it is a sensitive one? How could you expect that it is good for your skin?

Simply avoid daily streaming is you have sympathy for your skin. I’m not saying you that streaming is harmful and avoid it. I am just saying “daily ” steaming is harmful. With the excess, even the worthy one can become the dangerous one.

Harmful effects with daily steaming

The following are the harmful effects of daily face steaming. You should be very careful while doing this. Read all the details before starting the procedure.

  • Itching
  • The appearance of red patches
  • Dryness
  • Excessive loss of sebum
  • Darkening of your skin
  • Appearance of wrinkles
  • Your superficial layer may be flush out
  • Increase in skin sensitivity
  • The appearance of holes in your skin Tips for face steaming

Steaming is a sensitive process and if we are talking about-face steaming then it requires some extra care. Your face probably the most sensitive part of your skin. Steam with caution is highly recommended.

If it’s your first time in taking face steam, then do not have face contact for more than 5 minutes. Your face will become used to steaming, then have a longer session. Between the first two steal sessions, a gap must not be less than a week.

While steaming, maintain a good distance of your face from steam.

If you have sensitive have skin, they must have a gap of 1 week from one session to another, and steaming time should also be adjusted according to your skin type.

Listen to your face. It will tell you either its hot enough or not.

Water for steaming should not be too hot up to boiling. You are going to make it beneficial for your skin not to burn it.

Wash your face properly before steaming. Because you are going to remove trapped oil, dust particles by opening pore. If you don’t wash out your face before steaming, dust will particles and bacteria and sebum instead of coming out, get a chance to incorporate deep to your skin through open pores.

After steaming your face, you must apply any good moisturizing lotion or any good mask on your face to close the open pores.

If you let them open, then they will allow passing many unwanted agents to penetrate deep into your skin. You can apply honey, lemon, or clay mask after steaming to your face.

Why face steaming is recommended?

Facial steaming is recommended and nowadays it is becoming trending. Of course due to many of the benefits. Benefits of face steaming are listed below:

Deep Cleansing:

Facial steaming is basically the procedure of deep cleansing. With the steaming, pores in your skin open up, make it easy to remove all the dust particles, bacteria, and extra sebum (oil) from your skin.

With steaming, it also removes dead skin cells from your skin giving a chance of new cell reproduction to take their place.

Removal of toxins:

Removal of toxin from the skin with steaming becomes so easier. Sweating is itself a blessing in a sense that with sweat, many of the toxins stuck into your face skin inside, with sweat come out on the upper surface and removed off.

Steaming enhances sweating, enhances toxin removal open pores deep from the skin.

Use face steaming to prevent acne

If you are facing acne on the face, and in search of natural remedy then must go fort steaming. Steaming is a perfect, easy way to get rid of acne. The main cause of acne is extra sebum on your skin which is very good in trapping dust and bacteria.

When your skin comes on contract with hot steam, your skin starts sweating and sweating open facial pores. The opening of pores removes extra sebum and dust and other bacteria from your skin. Hence helpful against acne

To get rid of blackheads:

To get rid of blackhead and whitehead is not so easy but you are blessed with steaming. Yeah, steaming is effective in the removal of blackhead, and whitehead.blackhead are produced by sebum. Sebum is naturally produced in our skin, keep it lubricated, and protect our skin.

Sometimes the sebum gets stuck into your skin pores with dust and produces blackhead. When you apply steam, pores get open and then hardened sebum melt out and in the form of blackhead or whitehead run out from your skin.

Face steaming enhances blood circulation:

You may have noticed that people who do steaming on a regular basis have fresh, healthy skin as compare to people of the same age. why did this happen? Steaming enhances blood circulation. When you steam your face, your blood vessels get dilated and increase blood flow.

Decrease face wrinkles:

Greater the blood flow, the greater will be the supply of nutrients and greater will be the nourishment of your skin. Enhance blood flow leads the wrinkling cheeks to roast and glowy. Steam aids in healthy skin production leading to the reduction of wrinkles.

As you get aged, your skin also getting older and day by day becoming less efficient in the production of new skin cells. Your skin starts becoming dull and discolored .with steaming, you can easily exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cells.

More blood circulation, more removal of dead skin cells, more supply of nutrients, and more production of new skin cells eventually gift you with fresh, young, healthy skin.

Help to open nostrils and blocked pores

You can also use facial steaming for some medicinal purposes also. When you steam my face, your respiratory tract asks also your skin becomes the efficient route for drug absorption into the blood.

At your face, there is the number of blood capillaries and when we steam with a medical agent, these capillaries absorb the drug and show maximum therapeutic effects.

If you have nasal congestion, steaming will help out you in opening the respiratory tract. You can add licorice, or emulation recommended for nasal congestion into the stream water and have steam and can observe the better results.

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