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Is Rice Water Good for your Hair?

Is Rice Water Good for your Hair?

When it’s about beauty, we always go to glitz the glam and the clever marketing material but all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes the inexpensive cheap common materials are even much beneficial than that of costly branded products.

I receive patients on a daily basis who are concerned about their hair and wants to avoid medical treatment.

Using rice water for hair is a perfect choice for girls. If you are talking about strong healthy shiny beautiful long hair then what could be better then rice water. You should rice water regularly for better hair.

It’s not new to use rice water for hairs ancient Heian period in Japan, the ladies used to cleanse their hairs with rice. This resulted in healthy and long hair, if you want a cheap easy effective remedy you  must have to go for rice water

Is Rice Water Good for your Hair?

Use of rice water for hairs is not a new thing. Rice water is being used for hairs as well rice is a staple food in almost half of the world.

In about 800 AD, the women of the Japanese imperial court used to wash their hairs with rice water and they were very famous for their long, black, shiny hairs.

Women in the Heian period(794-1185CE) had the long hairs touching floor and secret behind was rice water.

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Huangluo village in China, there was a tribe named as Red Yao tribe, their women particularly used rice water for hair beauty.

Due to their long hairs, the village was known as “village of Rapunzel’s”it also attain the certificate of the genius book of world record as the village of longest hairs.

Their tradition passed generation after generation and still in some areas of Japan and China, women use rice water for their hairs.

Which thing made rice water good for your hair?

There is 70 to 80 percent starch in rice water. rice water is rich in vitamins and minerals such as

  • Amino acid
  • Vitamin b complex
  • Vitamin e anti-oxidant
  • A lot of minerals
  • Inositol is the main ingredient present in rice water deep into your scalp, into damage hairs,  it will repair your damaged hair from inside to outward. Studies reveal that inositol has the ability to promote cell growth it will slow down the aging process and stimulates blood flow

How rice water is beneficial for your hair?

Rice water has a good biochemical composition. Use of rice water protects your hairs from harmful sun rays environmental pollutants and chemical treatments.

It will restore the moisture balance of your scalp to increase blood flow which promotes new hair growth and nourishes the older ones

Today the world’s main hair problem is dandruff. when your skin remains dry it becomes a good place for fungal infestation. studies revealed that rice water is as much effective for dandruff as it can remove 80 to 90 percent dandruff from your hair.

if you apply rice water then it can inhibit the growth of Malassezia (dandruff-causing fungus) what only for a day. With regular use of rice water, you can be completely get rid of dandruff but it’s not about flakes. When you stop using rice water flakes return as with that of anti-dandruff.

How to make rice water for hair?

Now that I have explained today’s question, Is Rice Water Good for your Hair?. Let me explain the procedure to make rice water. To make rice water is not so difficult. You can easily buy it from the store or can make it at home.

Also, you can buy rice water online.


  • 1 cup of rice either Basmati or long-grain brown rice. But i will suggest you white Basmati rice they are better than brown grain rice.
  • 2 -3 cups of water

How to prepare?

There are two ways of rice water

  • By soaking
  • By boiling

  By soaking

Purchase rice: first of all you have to buy about 250 gram or 1 cup of uncooked rice. you can buy rice from any nearby store. Now rinse rice thoroughly to remove any dust particles.

Soak for about 30 minutes: soak the rinsed rice for about 30minutes in2 to 3 cups of water. So that those nutrients in rice leach out in the water and the water turns milky. milky appearance indicates that Inositol has been released into rice water and turn it milky.

Swirling: swirl rice around with your hands or with the use of spoon or fork to break any clump of rice.on the other hand it will help out to observe much more in inositol and other ingredients in rice water.

Strain out rice water: there should not be any single rice in the rice water. to make sure you have to strain out properly.

By boiling

Repeat the above same procedure but instead of soaking rice you have to boil rice in about 3 to 4 cup of water until it starts bubbling .strain it and allows to cool.

Fermented rice water

fermentation is a biochemical process which involves the conversion of carbohydrates into acid or alcohol by the action of bacterias.fermentation  takes 1 to 2 days. Below is the procedure of fermentation.

1. For fermenting rice water take rice water either boiled or non-boiled in a bottle and keep it at room temperature for about 1or 2 days until it gets sour.

2. take the above-fermented rice water, boil it to stop further fermentation

3. allow to its ready for your use

4. it is too much concentrated you may dilute it with 1or 2 cup of warm water before applying to your hair.

Storage: pour this fermented rice water into an airtight bottle. keep this bottle into the fridge. you can use this water up to a week. Shakewellbeforeuse.

Comparison of fermented rice water with plain rice water 

You can use both plain or fermented rice water for your hairs but the question is which one is better? Rice water is good for your hair.

Plain rice water is easy to make and requires less time as if you have no time to wait to get it fermented, you can apply plain water.

Plain rice water has greater pH than that of your hair’s pH which is not too good. But fermented water has exactly the same pH as your hairs have so its quite compatible with your hairs.

Fermentation also enhance the number of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which make it better over plain rice water

During fermentation, a compound is produced in the rice water which has a large number of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids. Pitera will enhance the blood flow, cell regeneration, give nutrition to your hairs and provides you long, thicker volumes of hairs.

No doubt fermented rice water is much better than that of plain rice water but you can also apply plain water.

How to use rice water for hair?

For the use of rice water, you have no need to change your shampoo habits. You first have to wash your hair with shampoo but make sure your shampoo must be sulfate-free then apply conditioner on your hair for about 15 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly, then pour rice water on your hands.apply it on your hairs all around, especially deep roots of your hairs, massage properly and leave it for about one hour until it thoroughly absorbs into hairs root.

Rinse your hairs with cold water.m sure you will feel the difference in your first time also. Your hairs will get silky, shiny.

How often should I use rice water for my hair?

You can use this rice water two or three times a week. It is so beneficial that it will surprise you by its amazing effects. It’s a natural remedy so you can apply it with confidence

Side effects of using rice water on your hairs

There are not as such side effects of applying rice water on your hairs. But some of the research shows that rice water is as starchy water, removes the excess oil from your hair but if you left it for a long time then it may make leave your hairs dry.

Rice water contains vitamins like vitamin B complex and vitamin E but the vitamins are of very little use when applied to hair. If you take vitamins orally then they will work but in case of applying on hairs, they are useless.

Is there any drawback of using rice for longer period of time?

You can apply it with confidence but everything in excess is harmful. You always have to adopt a proper way and proper timings to apply rice water. For today’s question, Is Rice Water Good for your Hair? Yes, it is good but you should know how to use it properly.

Is there any danger of using rice water lies on the way you apply it and the duration. It depends upon some factors also.

The thickness of rice water.

Thickness and duration at which you apply rice water on your hairs are inversely proportional to each other. Greater the thickness, shorter should be the duration. Rice water you make by above-mentioned ways should not be too much thick.

You can use a max thickness of 1:1 means one cup of rice and one cup of water. Greater the thickness greater will be the chance of its spoilage and production of foul smell which will irritate you and also spoil your hair beauty.

The maximum duration you can apply rice water on your hairs

You can apply rice water on your hairs for about some hours but the max you can apply it for about 18 hours and after 18 hours you must have to rinse your hairs. If you apply more than 18 hours, then swat will mix up with the rice water dry mass.

It will provide a perfect nutrients medium for bacterias and fungal growth. You will feel itching on your scalp and this will even turn out in the topical infection on your scalp with the stinking smell. And in a hot climate and some exercise may worsen the situation.

Although rice water is like a great blessing for your hairs and no one can deny its too much awesome benefits on your hair but leaving for a very prolonged period should be avoided.

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