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How to Prevent Eyebrows from Greying?

How to Prevent Eyebrows from Greying?

Are you less than 30 and still have grey eyebrows? Do you feel its too early?

Premature grey eyebrows indicate that either your hair follicles are getting aged faster or your pigment giving cells are dying faster.

As we grow, physiological aspects change as well. Metal, emotional and other physiological factors contribute to greying eyebrows. These factors reduce the pigmentation in your eyebrows and turn them grey.

Grey eyebrows occur mostly with age but I observed many cases where grey eyebrows occur in adolescent or adult age.

You can prevent eyebrows from greying by having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, avoid cosmetics, and using castor oil.

How to Prevent Eyebrows from Greying?

You can prevent eyebrows from greying by adopting several behavioral changes. In this article, our editors have explained proven methods to prevent eyebrows from greying. Some are given below

A good intake of vitamin B12:

Intake of food having vitamin B12 reduces the risk of developing grey eyebrows. If you have already got grey eyebrows, then increase the intake of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 maintains a balance between the chemicals of melanin. Vitamin B12 also has the capacity to turn grey hair into black ones.

Use of castor oil:

All of us fully aware of the benefits of castor oil for hair. By the regular use of castor oil, hair become black. Castor oil also thickened the eyebrows with turning them black.

Lifestyle Adjustment to prevent eyebrows from greying

With a healthy lifestyle, hormonal balance can be maintained and with hormonal balance,  you can avoid greying eyebrows.

Early to bed and early to rise, taking enough mental rest, avoiding mental stress and anxiety, balanced diet help to maintain hormonal balance in our body which avoids premature greying eyebrows.

Use Almond oil:

Regular use of almond oil either topical or oral is too much effective for gray hairs either of head or eyebrows. Almond oil has the natural property to dark your hairs.

It contains vitamins essential for black hairs. Almond oil’s nutrients also provide nourishment to your hairs. With the long term use of almond oil, your gray hairs will also turn black.

You have to take 1 teaspoon of almond oil in warm milk and drink it daily. Within a month, you can feel the difference.

You can also massage almond oil gently on your gray eyebrow hairs daily. It is also very effective.


Sunbath for almost 5 minutes a day is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Sun is the major source of vitamin D and vitamin D is necessary for the synthesis of melanin. Greater the melanin, greater will be the pigmentation of your eyebrows.

Don’t forget that sunlight is also harmful even for a minute. While you are taking sunbath, must apply sunscreen to protect yourself from sun damage.

Use Amla:

Amla is well known for slowing down of hair aging and hair growth. It is extensively used worldwide because it darkens your eyebrows naturally.

You can use Amla by either drinking Amla juice or by applying amla juice to grey hairs.

For making amla juice, take 5 – 6 pieces of amla and cut down them into small pieces after washing them to remove any dust.

In a glass of water, boil them for a few minutes. Cooldown and apply this water after you shampoo your hairs. You can apply amla water once or twice a week for better results.

Have a diet rich in vitamins:

Having a diet rich in vitamins plays a key role in maintaining dark eyebrows. Deficiencies of some vitamins lead to premature greying eyebrows .deficiency of vitamin B12, D3 and H lead to grey eyebrows in premature age.

You can restore these vitamins by the use of diet full of these vitamins like meat, fish, egg, cheese, etc. You can also take vitamin supplements with the consultation of your doctor.

Avoid stress and anxiety :

Stress and anxiety put pressure on your mind, create hormonal imbalance and with other disorders also cause premature gray hairs. If you start overthinking about any matter, your brain will start releasing hormones in a greater amount than in rest state.

This creates an imbalance in your hormones and if anxiety prolongs, it results in premature aging which comes with aging symptoms like gray eyebrows.

For today’s question, How to Prevent Eyebrows from Greying? This is a must. So avoid stress if you really hate premature aging. Stressful life also comes with the majority of complications which have no gain except loss.

Just live a happy life and forget all the things that mentally disturb you.

causes of grey eyebrows

Other than causes which contribute to greying eyebrows, I’ll like to describe the physiological phenomenon of greying eyebrows.

There is a pigment in our body known as “melanin” which imparts dark color to our different body parts like topical areas, hairs, and some inner parts also. Nature has maintained balance for this pigment but with age and other some different causes, we lost this balance. Melanin starts to accumulate in some parts like knees, ankles and disappear from others like eyebrows, hairs.

Question is what causes disturb melanin balance and greying of eyebrows?

There are many leading causes in premature grey eyebrows. Multiple factors contribute and discussed below

Unhealthy lifestyle :

As we are getting advancement in technology, we are getting more down to health.unhealthy lifestyle results in hormonal balance which in turn results in grey eyebrows. Some of the medications also lead to grey eyebrows.

Malnutrition :

Malnutrition means unavailability of nutrients necessary for good health. Today’s food mostly consists of refined and processed food which lack in nutrients.

Family history :

Most of the times, grey eyebrows is a result of heredity. Your family members also would have a family history of grey eyebrows at premature stages. The worst thing is we can’t control over heredity gifted grey eyebrows.

Autoimmune disease:

Some time the certain autoimmune disease may be the cause like vitiligo and albinism


Smoke as dangerous for our health also causes greying eyebrows. Smoking is a root cause in devolving premature grey eyebrows. Cigarettes contain Chemical name as nicotine which disturbs the production of melanin.


Low-quality makeup, expired products, and cosmetics having an excess of chemicals gift you grey eyebrows.

Vitamin D deficiency:

Vitamin D acts as a precursor in the synthesis of melanin (the pigment which imparts color to our skin hairs etc). Our bones and skin and hairs require melanin to work properly. When our body becomes deficient in melanin, our body parts get hypo-pigmented

Sun is the biggest source of vitamin D synthesis in our body. You may have noticed that people with more exposure to the sun becomes hyperpigmented as compared to those who have very less exposure to sunlight.


The real factor is aging. We can’t stop aging and its signs but yes we can slow down it by various lifestyle adaptations. As we get aged, nutrients supply to our hair roots gets lower and lower. Brow hairs start to grey with age.

Hormonal imbalance :

Some medications and other factors disturb our hormonal balance. Hormonal imbalance is more observed in men than in women. Disturbance in the hormone cycle leads to grey hairs on eyebrows and the head also.

How to cover grey eyebrows?

If your eyebrows are getting gray due to increasing age, then the best thing is to cover them. You can’t stop although you can reduce graying eyebrows.

With the preventive measures and remedies, you can also cover grey eyebrows in various ways.

If you have grey hairs and don’t want to use market available dyes full of chemicals then it’s the best way to use natural dyes for your grey eyebrows. Beetroot juice, saffron, and sage are the best natural dyes with apparent results.

These natural dyes can help your eyebrows from greying further. Some of them can also help to cover already gray hairs.

If some of your hairs get gray, you can pluck them off. By plucking the gray hairs, your black hair won’t turn gray. You should only pluck gray hairs if are few in numbers but if they are large in number then it will not work out.

You can use temporary dyes for gray hairs. These can dye your eyebrow hair for a short period of time.

Eyebrow pencils are available in different shades. They can cover your grey eyebrows .always use good brand cosmetics

Maskara is another option for covering your gray hairs .although mascara is used for eyelashes but the best option for gray eyebrows.

Coffe has the coloring property. It imparts color to hairs. It can be applied alone or with henna to color gray eyebrows. How to use coffee for gray hairs? Take 2 teaspoons of coffee powder and mix in cold water to form a paste.

Boil a cup of water and mix the coffee paste in it and keep on boiling for about 5 Mix well and let it cool. rinse your eyebrows with this coffee water and leave for 20 – 30 minutes.

Then wash your eyebrow with simple water. You can also add a pinch of henna for better and long-lasting results. You can repeat this procedure daily or every alternate day.

Tattoo eyebrows are available in the market which is a permanent source of black eyebrows. With tattoo eyebrows, you have no need to cover your gray brows with color pencils.

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