How Long do Eczema Scars Take to Fade

How Long do Eczema Scars Take to Fade?

How Long do Eczema Scars Take to Fade? 

Eczema is a skin condition in which itching and scarring of the skin appear. It is particular a skin rash that is common in young. Skin inflamed is caused by an often allergic trigger. It attacks mostly on adults. It is characterized by skin that is inflamed and dry.

As we know about eczema. It is a contagious condition and how it takes to fade its scars depend on the person genetic makeup and also depend upon the condition of eczema. Which type of eczema a person suffers either it is inflammation, itching or redness of the skin?

There are different types of eczema. To know how long eczema takes to fade its scars depend upon the type of eczema and mainly depend upon the treatment that either a person getting the right treatment or not. if he is taking the right treatment then no more time will take to scars fade.

It can take about 5 months to 26 months for eczema scars to fade away. You should follow all the guidelines mentioned by the Dermatologists. 

The skin of the body takes time in healing because it’s natural that first of all body heal the inside organs and then heals the skin so it takes more time to heal the eczema scars.

How Long do Eczema Scars Take to Fade? 

Every person takes different time in eczema healing if your diet and treatment are right then you will take only a few weeks to heal the scars.
But some people take months in the healing process of the skin.

Acute stage: it is the stage when eczema just started on the skin, it shows rash and scars on the skin in the form of blisters, swelling, heat, and pain and it can cure by giving right treatment on time within days.

Subacute stage: it is a stage between acute and chronic stages. In this stage, eczema could be chronic. It takes 1 to 2 month to make scars fade.

Chronic stage: of eczema last for three or more months. Chronic eczema is quite different from the other two stages in the following characteristics, Thickened, leathery skin, Accentuated skin lines, Cracks in the skin.

How to boost skin to heal after eczema to prevent scars?

Physical activity can make your body and skin boost and makes it fresh. But some people avoid to do exercise because of the redness of skin but it does not matter skin boost due to physical activity.

For today’s question, How Long do Eczema Scars Take to Fade? Follow the guidelines mentioned here.

Physical activity or exercise helps you in eczema because it lowers the stress and stress can trigger flares up. So doing an exercise can be helpful in reducing eczema scars.

Work out:

There are some benefits of exercise that are important for your skin:

Keeps cool:

whenever you will do exercise then body burns the calories in the form of heat that heat can be dangerous for eczema suffering person. It also helps in the circulation of blood and makes the person boost so during exercise when the body heats up, you should take a break.

Take breaks:

Stop your workout and stop and give a chance to your body to cool down and then start again. Workout with breaks makes your skin boost.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink a lot of water during your exercise or daily routine. Take a handy bottle of water to drink water timely also spray water on your face and skin to cool down your skin.

Avoid overdoing:

do not overdo your exercise because of burning. If it is hot day then try to stay in an air-conditioned room to avoid from the hotness of the day. A workout should be in the evening or early morning before the sun rises.

Sweat guard:

during exercise sweating can dry your skin and acidity of sweat can damage the skin. So use some sweat guard or sweat blocker to avoid sweating during exercise. Or clean your face time by time during an exercise. Exercise under the fan or air-conditioned to prevent sweating.


swimming is a good skin booster if you are facing from eczema. It keeps your skin cool while doing workout/swimming. By taking some safety precaution:


swim under the pool gives you soothing effect if a pool is outside then used sunshade. It moisturizes your skin from dryness.

pool testing:

Some pools contain chemicals like chlorine and others so before swimming check the pool that chemicals are allergic to you then avoid from swimming.

Swim in a neat pool:

If you are suffering from eczema then you will have less flare up bit swimming in the pool due to neutral pH of water.


By taking shower daily gives you a calm effect on your burning or itchy skin. Remove all dirt from the body by using light milk cleanser by applying smoothly then clean your body with soft towel and moisturizer on your skin makes your skin boost to prevent from eczema scars.

Causes of eczema scars

There are some points that cause eczema:

  • Dairy or nuts products can trigger symptoms of eczema.
  • Eczema can also be appeared by smoking or pollen. Unfortunately, it is not a curable condition.
  • Eczema includes scaly and itchy patches of the skin.
  • Skin inflammation due to anything that is allergic to your skin.
  • It is not an inherited condition.

Homemade remedies to treat eczema scars

Eczema scars are a very bad impact on others, everyone wan to get rid of it whoever is suffering from this. People use many creams and lotions use medications to fade these scars. I will tell you some homemade remedies that will definitely be effective against eczema scars:

Aloe Vera Gel:

 Aloe Vera gel is a natural product that has the properties of antibacterial and antimicrobial. It has a good capacity of wound healing when someone applies it on the skin its scars heal more rapidly.

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How to apply it:

take an aloe Vera gel from the plants and extract it from the leave of amount 1 spoon and apply it on the skin if you cannot take Aloe Vera plant then buy it from any store without any fragrance and apply it ion skin. Whenever you feel burning sensation apply Aloe Vera on the scars it will fade very less in time

Apply vinegar:

Vinegar available in every home and are useful in eczema scars. however, it gives an acidic effect that can damage the soft tissues but it is useful against eczema scars because it also has antibacterial property.

How to use:

mix 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon vinegar. And then take cotton and apply the solution in it, then cover the dressing on the scars and leave it for 3 hours and then rinse it off and apply a good quality moisturizer.


Oatmeal has a property of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property that is beneficial for eczema scars.

How to use:

Take a little amount of oat powder and mix it in water and then soak it for 15 to 20 minutes bath it will give you surprisingly effects. You can also use oatmeal moisturizer for the skin available in the market. But if you are allergic to oats then does not use oatmeal then use wheat.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer of all the time it dries out the skin and makes it moisturized. It also fights against inflammation. If you apply coconut oil for 5 weeks continuously eczema scars will be removed.

How to use:

Apply coconut oil to the skin after bath and moisturize the skin. Also, use it in overnight to make your skin moisturize.

People who are allergic to coconut oil do not use this.

Use Honey to treat eczema scars

Honey is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, and people used it for healing wounds. Honey helps to prevent infections while moisturizing the skin and speeding healing.

How to use it:

Apply a little honey onto the area of your eczema skin. Different honey products are available for wound care and skin application.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties and also has antimicrobial property and it is used in eczema to fade the scars.

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How to use:

 before applying directly on the skin dilute it. Mix it with a carrier oil before applying gives you good effect. Olive oil or almond oil can be used as a carrier with tea tree oil and reduces the eczema scars and helps in healing the skin.

Bleaching powder:

 as it seems dangerous for the skin but it is very helpful in fading the scars of eczema because it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use:

for eczema use plain bleaches and try the steps:

  • pour half a cup of bleach to a full bathtub of water
  • Add the bleach while the bath is filling.
  • Bathe for 5–10 minutes.
  • Rinse the body with warm water.
  • Moisturize immediately after drying.


It is used as an antioxidant. It fights against the scarring and itching of the skin. And helps in eczema scars.

To treat the scars of eczema apply and rub the chamomile cream on your skin gently over the counter, you can also rub the chamomile leaves on your skin and leave it for a time and then wash it out.


 it is used as an antiseptic. Fights against inflammation and speeds the healing process. To treat eczema mix the turmeric with the honey and apply it on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it and moisturize the skin. You can also drink turmeric tea.

Medicated treatment:

Corticosteroid creams, lotions, foams, and ointments remove s the eczema scars. These treatments with hydrocortisone steroids can speedily reduce itching and decrease inflammation.

  • NSAID ointment is used in eczema for the pain on the scars, it relieves the pain.
  • Barrier repair moisturizers are used to moisturize the skin that is drying due to eczema.

Tips to prevent Eczema Scars:

There are some important tips to prevent eczema scars:

  • Keep your skin neat and clean. While washing hand or mouth use mild soaps or milk cleanser to prevent from itching. Shower with lukewarm water.
  • If you have facing eczema do not scratch on your patches of the skin it will exaggerate patches. So you should avoid scratching.
  • Eczema is a condition in which dryness of skin occurs, so moisturize your skin after every wash. The thicker the moisturizer, the better it will be for your eczema.
  • Eczema is an incurable condition so as early as possible you should concern your dermatologist before choosing any treatment. The dermatologist will guide you in the best way.

Final Words

Eczema is a skin condition in which dryness of skin and itching redness and inflammation appear. By doing workout and taking homemade remedies one can fade its eczema scars in a short time. You should always moisturize your skin and should keep your skin clean.

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