How to Use Face Serum with Moisturizer?

How to Use Face Serum with Moisturizer?

How to Use Face Serum with Moisturizer?

Face serum makes your skin hydrated and turns skin into a balanced tone. With regular use of face serum, you will notice an enhanced glow in your skin.

What is a face serum?

The face serum is thin concentration water-based liquid of active ingredients that make the skin tone balanced, and makes it look healthy and shiny. Face Serum increases the glow of skin and gives it firmness. With regular use of face serum with moisturizer will boost your skin tone and it prevents wrinkles formation.

The face serum is concentrated liquid that is used as an anti-aging agent but the use of it makes you confuse that when we should use it?

Yes, you can use a face serum with moisturizer, clean your face with a good cleanser, and then apply face serum. You can also add a moisturizer after applying face serum.

How to Use Face Serum with Moisturizer?

most of the people think that serum itself is a moisturizer, but in actual we need to absorb moisturizer after its application. It is a water-based liquid that is thin in concentration and rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that makes the skin glowing and youthful.

It gives radiance to the skin. But there is always need a good moisturizer for the skin to moisturize it. So buy a good quality moisturizer after applying the serum.

Moisturizer mainly used in the night because in day time people mostly used sunscreen while going out in front of UV light.

The serum also moisturizes the skin but it does not make it in a traditional sense. Lotions or creams makes the good inside the skin and protect them.

First of all, you need to clean your face with good cleanser or face wash and then dry it and apply 2 drops of serum on the skin, let it absorb it thoroughly.

Then apply eye cream under the eyes, then apply good quality moisturizer to moisturize the skin. In this way, serum gives your skin anti-aging effects and removes wrinkles on the skin. It will definitely give you a glowing effect all day.

Serum provides a high concentration of active ingredients and penetrates further; effectively deliver beneficial nutrients and hydration those actives to the deepest layers of the skin where moisturizers cannot penetrate.

How to Apply face serum?

The serum has too many benefits so when you apply it right you will get its best results so one should know how to apply it on the skin right way.

Step #1:

 first of all, cleanse your face with a cleanser for daily routine twice daily to remove dirt from the skin. Remove the dirt by applying to cleanse on the skin.

Apply milk cleanse if you have sensitive skin and gently massage and remove dirt. But if you want to remove makeup particles then use a water-based cleanser for a good result and clean the face.

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Step #2:

now take a drop of serum on your fingertip if the serum is thick and apply it ion the skin. If serum is thin in concentration then use a dropper and directly place a drop of serum on skin.

Vitamin C Face Serum is among the best for sensitive skin.

 Step # 3:

 After applying the serum on the skin. Apply good quality eye cream for the dark spots under the eyes. Check the price of face serum with Vitamin C.

Step #4:

 No skincare routine is completed without the use of a moisturizer. So moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer that is fit for your skin type and need.

Step #5:

 if you are going outside in the morning then after these steps the last step should be sunscreen application. Apply SPF 15 or more than 15 and apply it on your skin to prevent from the UV light.

Reasons to use a face serum?

 The face serum contains active ingredients like a vitamin for the skin and makes the skin moisturizing with its thin concentration.

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There are so many reasons for using a face serum

Helps in brightening of skin:

 As our age increases our skin turns into dead and starting to losing its radiance and shining due to the aging effect. to reduce this effect and make your skin youthful you should use the serum on your face to remove all aging effects that skin are showing.

Make the habit to use it morning and evening before your daily foundation routine gives you a clean and fresh look. It makes your skin more brighten.

Minimize dark spots:

Sun exposure or daily makeup routine damage your skin and cause the discoloration and formation of dark spots under the eye.

Face serum removes the dark spots and reduces the discoloration of the skin by providing active ingredients to the skin.

Apply the serum before the sunscreen and use sunscreen of SPF 15 that gives you 99 % protection against the sun. Walk-in shadow whenever it is possible and cover yourself to protect from sun UV light.

Removes signs of aging:

UV lights make your skin older than of your age due to which wrinkles formed under the eyes and on your cheeks also. Apply serum on the skin plays a vital role as an anti-aging agent.

 Choose the serum containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in high concentration. so make sure that that your serum contains these agents that act as antioxidants and reduce the signs of aging.

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To boost volume:

 As you grow or get mature you lose the moisture of your skin under the nose area and cheeks are. The serum makes to boost the volume of moisturizer and makes it healthy.

Choose the right serum to contain a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid and take it on your fingertip and apply on the face and absorbs thoroughly into the skin. Then apply good quality moisturizer on the skin. It will boost your skin volume.

How to use a face serum with makeup?

The serum can be used with makeup to give your skin benefits. There are some benefits that serum gives to the skin under the makeup:

  • It makes skin tone evenly and balanced.
  • It helps in lightening of dark spots.
  • it makes the skin Hydrated and balanced moisture
  • It makes the complexion radiance.
  • Makes the skin ready for makeup.

 How to Use of face serum before the makeup?

Apply the serum to a clean and dry face in an upward direction, use dropper for the application.

Now set it for about a minute before doing any concealer, foundation, highlighting or other complexion corrections.

Now set your makeup corrections.

Next, you can apply foundation.  A sponge is ideal for best coverage. It will give you a glowing effect and makes your skin radiance and coverage of the foundation will be surprising for you. It will give you a youthful effect.

Choose the right face serum for your skin type

 if you are using serum then choose the right serum for your skin type.

If you have acne then you have to choose serum containing vitamin C that acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps in the healing process of acne. You can also choose zinc, retinol serum for acne.

If you have dry skin then goes for vitamin E and hyaluronic acid serum that act as antioxidants and makes the skin healthy and youthful.

If you have dull skin then go for the tea tree oil serum for the freshness purpose and it promotes the healing process.

The right age to use face serum:

Serum, particularly those with antioxidants properties, can be used as early as age 21, but the most important thing is to use a serum that is appropriate for your skin type.

 Generally, the serum is targeted to treat drier complexions, wrinkles, damaged skin, dull skin, and drier complexion.

So choose good quality serums that consist of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. these 2 ingredients give an antioxidant effect and makes the skin glowing and shiny.

So if your skin suffering these symptoms before the age of 21, you can use face serum without any hesitation because it plays a vital role in skin care.

Disadvantages of face serum:

there are always disadvantages to all the good, there are some disadvantages of using face serum.

Face serums are not for everyone.

The liquid water-based or gel-like texture of a serum can be poor for people with chronic skin conditions like eczema. Serums may infiltrate too speedily, causing irritation.

It is not good for the people who have mature skin and dry skin for those it is not enough solution.

Serum should be kept in an airtight container to prevent from air and light to keep the ingredients useful for the skin.

Vitamins and ingredients lose potency when exposed to air. Make sure that the container is airtight.

The major drawback is its high price.

Face Serums contains active and concentrated ingredients, they are the most expensive skin care ingredients and the most effective.

Cautions to use face serum:

 there are safety tips of using face serum to prevent the damage of the skin.

If your skin is sensitive then clean your face and then dry it with a soft towel do not rub it. Gently dry the skin and then apply serum if your serum is water based. If you will not do this it will lead to irritation and itching of the skin that can give you a burning sensation.

For today’s question, How to Use Face Serum with Moisturizer? You should follow this guide. If your skin is dryer, then use the face serum under the moisturizer or sunscreen in night and day.

It can cause aggravation or irritation of the skin of the people who are suffering from a chronic condition of skin because of its penetration ability.
So if you have sufferings from the chronic condition then choose the right serum for your skin.

The potency of the serums are very high so do not apply a large amount of serum on the skin it can give you a burning sensation.
Before using serum always check it on the patch test.

If you are using vitamin C containing serum then use sunblock on it and then go outside because sunlight can react with ascorbic acid and itching or redness of the skin can occur.

Final Words:

Face serum is a water-based liquid that is applied to give you youthful effect and anti-aging effect. It contains active ingredients that play a vital role in the glowing of skin. It makes the skin youthful due to its penetration property. It is more potent than creams and lotions.

I also use vitamin C face serum twice a day. First of all, I clean my face and then dry it. Then apply the serum on it then moisturize it with moisturizer, then I used a sunblock of SPF 60 then I go outside.

It makes my skin brighter and reduces wrinkles and makes the skin evenly. It diminishes my dark spots under the eyes. Daily use of face serum makes me and my day beautiful.

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