How to Remove a Raised Mole with Dental Floss?

How to Remove a Raised Mole with Dental Floss?

How to Remove a Raised Mole with Dental Floss?

Moles are natural marks that appear on the skin. In ancient days people believe to have different meanings of moles on their skin. But in actual it is a skin condition that can appear on different parts of the body.

Most of the moles appear on the face hands and neck. In early-stage these moles are of light color but when the time passes it starts to develop into dark brown color and black color.

In the early stage of moles, they do not have hair in it but with passing time moles become raised and hair grows in it.

We will discuss the best method to remove a raised mole at home. Many people do not remove the moles but some professional females love to have flawless skin they want to remove the raised moles.

You can remove a raised mole at home with dental floss, tie off dental floss around your mole and then within weeks, you will get rid of this problem. Other methods to remove the raised moles by apple cider vinegar, by grapes vinegar method and with surgery.

In this article, I will tell you the inexpensive and effective method to remove the raised moles. That is the dental floss method; it is a very easy method.

How to Remove a Raised Mole with Dental Floss?

Dental floss method from its name looks very difficult method to remove raised moles but in fact, it is a very easy method and you can remove moles without any expense and without any pain.

Professional mole removal and removing by surgery are very costly and sometimes they leave the scars on the skin.

First of all, check your mole that it is cancerous free or not because it is a basic thing to check the moles to treat it at home. Removing raised moles and skin tags are with dental floss is a proven way to remove the raised moles.

Note: do not touch the moles or treat it at home that moles are cancerous because it can be dangerous for your health. So, first of all, make sure that it should not be cancerous.

It is very difficult to believe that how can dental floss thread can remove raised moles. But it has an experimented method and you will be surprised after removing moles. It is also applicable to remove skin tags. It sounds a little bit strange but it works wonderfully.

Actually, it works as tying off the thread around the mole and then it will cut the mole within 10 days. Dental floss when tying off around the mole it becomes a barrier against the blood supply and mole.

When blood supply inhibits then mole separate from the blood supply and within 10 days it dies and falls.

Steps involved in dental floss method:

There are a few important steps that are involved in the method to remove moles. Before doing this method makes sure that your mole is not cancerous because the first thing to do is precautionary measures and the basic precaution is that mole should not be cancerous.

If it is not cancerous then you can use these steps to remove moles.

Clean the skin:

First of all clean the skin where the raised mole is present. Cleaning is a basic thing that is necessary because by cleansing skin the bacteria and other microorganisms kill. And the skin becomes clean.

  • Wash the skin with antibacterial soap that will kill the bacteria around the mole.
  • Water should be lukewarm it will vanish the skin to keep a grip of dental floss.
  • Then dry the skin with a cotton towel thoroughly that no water content should be present there.

Tie a dental floss:

The major and the most important step in this method are tying a thread around your mole. If you can do it well then your mole will easily be removed without any pain. You will remove it within 10 days.

  • Take a dental floss or thread and then tie it around it your hang or raised moles tight.
  • Now knot this dental floss around the mole very nicely that it covers the base and top of the mole. Knot the thread tightly that it could not open it easily.
  • The knot should be tightened as it stops the blood supply into the mole.
  • When blood supply will be stopped then naturally it will be starting to die because no blood is passing from the mol.
  • If you cannot easily tie dental floss on your mole then ask for help to your friend or your mother and advice them to tie it very tightly around the mole.
  • The thread should not be removed now even if you are taking bath do not open the dental floss.
  • Keep it knotted around the moles for almost 8 to 10 days.

Clip the end of the thread:

After knotting the thread around your mole do not forget to clip the end of the thread because it can be twisted with clothes.

It is better to take care of threads to avoid contact with clothes. You should follow these guidelines to prevent the spread of infection.

Check it out every single day:

  • After knotting the thread of dental floss around raised mole then keep it in check.
  • Take care of the thread, it should not be opened and should keep it tighten. Sometimes after knotting the thread around the moles swelling caused. But it is a normal mechanism. When you will inhibit the blood supply then swelling can cause but do not worry it is a sign that mole is starting to die.
  • Some people try to pick the moles for rapid action but if you will not touch it then it will be fine and will fall down automatically.
  • You do not have to worry to pick it up. If you will try to pick it can become the reason for infection, so avoid picking the mole with hand.

Check the raised mole after 1 week:

After the daily looks after mole check it on the 7th day. You will see that mole is now separate from the skin and hanging with the skin and it will become blue. The blue color of the mole is showing that no oxygen is going towards it.

It is a good sign of this method. You will see that mole is hanging because of the no oxygen supply into the mole.

Let the mole fall:

After 10 days of continuous knotting dental floss around raised moles, it will die and fall automatically. If it is not falling even after 10 days then it might be possible that thread you tie is not tight as it should be. So remove that dental floss and tie off another dental floss tightly and then wait for a week.

It is all the bond of blood supply and oxygen when moles will not be provided by the blood or oxygen they will die and fall.

Clean skin after removing a raised mole:

  • When the mole is removed with dental floss then thoroughly cleans the skin. It will leave the scar but it will diminish within a week and you will have flawless kin.
  • If the scar is not getting healed then use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains the properties of healing and anti-bacterial properties. Applying tea tree oil on the scar will prevent the scar form infection and will diminish the marks of removed mole.

How moles formed on the skin?

Moles are very common in males and females but females take them serious and become anxious to remove them. Formation of moles is natural but sometime it could be of some different reasons like sun exposure, hormonal changes and during the pregnancy.

When someone goes out and expose to the sun, sunrays damage its skin and the skin cells develop the moles in different colors. Moles can be of pink color brown or black color. It could be of different colors.

So one should avoid the exposure of the sun. Because it can be the reason of moles formation. Moles developed by sun exposure usually show a light brown color. It can also in the form of moles group and it shows like a freckle on the skin.

Hormonal imbalance is also a major reason in the development of moles. When hormones disturb then it disturbs the overall system it also changes the secretion of collagen. Increase secretion of collagen becomes the reason for mole. So if you have a hormonal problem then it can also become the reason for moles formation.

During pregnancy hormones changes and this change in hormones develops the moles or raises the moles. It is very common to develop moles during pregnancy because of the change in hormones in the body.

Genetic factors are also involved in the development of moles. If you have moles in your genetics then they will definitely raise. These moles develop an early age. Some moles are like birthmarks they vary in size in cm.

These marks are considered a lucky mark. These marks are not treated at an early age but can be treated at the age of 15 to 20. These moles can be removed by the surgery method and radiation method.

Aging is also a basic reason for mature moles. As your age increasing your moles on the skin wills starting mature and becomes raised. These raised moles can be treated by different methods like surgery radiation and laser treatment. With age, these moles start to raised and grown hairs in them.

Another factor that can involve in the formation of moles is drugs that suppress the immune system and is due to suppression of the immune system moles raised. So if you are using any medications that are suppressing the immune system then you will have raised moles on your skin.

A normal body contains 30 to 40 moles and these moles start to mature after the age of 25.

The moles that are developed after the age of 25 to 40 these moles can be cancerous. Check those if they are cancerous then avoid treating them.

Is it okay to remove raised moles?

Moles are a natural condition of the skin. If you do not like to have moles on your skin because it is interrupting on your looks then it is nothing bad to remove it from the skin. Many people do not like to have moles on the skin so they remove them.

There are plenty of methods to remove moles from the skin at home. You can also take surgery, or laser treatment to remove the raised nails but surgery leaves scars on the skin that looks more embarrassing.

There are a lot of home remedies to remove moles from the skin. These remedies are best to remove moles that are small in size and have a light color.

Removing of the moles depends upon the size of moles if your size of the mole if increasing then you should to take surgery to remove this mole. Especially female take these treatments and it is nothing bad to remove the moles from the skin. It is free from any danger and you can take these treatments easily at home.

Final words:

I have discussed the method to remove a raised mole with dental floss. All the steps are discussed in this article that how easily you can get rid of the raised moles at home. I hope these explained steps will help you out to get rid of this problem.

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