Jessner Chemical Peel

Jessner Chemical Peel

Jessner Chemical Peel

Today’s topic is very interesting, Jessner Peel is around for decades in the skincare community. I have received a couple of messages where girls ant to know more about Jessner Peel.

Chemical peels are among the top procedures at any Dermatologist’s clinic. I perform this procedure a couple of times daily at Duskyskin Clinic.

During Jessner chemical peel, an acidic liquid is applied to the top layers of your skin that result in the peeling off the superficial skin layers. This results in enhanced growth of new skin cells that will make you look younger and beautiful.

Jessner Peels are famous for their enhanced results. You may not notice an immediate result, keep your skin protected and you will be amazed at results within a few weeks. Once new skin cells start replacing old skin, your skin will be acne free, with reduced scars and fewer wrinkles.

Jessner Chemical Peel

Jessner Peel is around for decades now and every girl dream is to get it done. There are many benefits of Jessner Peel and in this article, I will explain everything related to Jessner Chemical Peel.

I have explained methods to use Jessner Peel along with aftercare and precautions.

Let us get into the details:

How Jessner Chemical Peel is beneficial for your skin?

Jessner Peel has many benefits for your skin. In this part of the article, I will explain the amazing benefits of the Jessner Peel.

Jessner Chemical Peel is used for:

  • Acne Vulgaris,
  • Jessner Peel for Melasma, It is highly recommended to use this chemical peel as a method to get rid of melasma. You should apply thin layers of Jessner Chemical Peel on the affected areas and you will notice a decreased melasma on your skin. Always start slow and never use deep layers of Jessner Peel as it may damage your skin.
  • Dyschromias,
  • Dark skin patches and spots,
  • Photodamage,
  • Get even skin tone,
  • Decrease acne scars and tiny bumps on the face,
  • Reduce smile lines and wrinkles,
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation,

Jessner Chemical Peel removes the top layers of the skin, resulting in the rapid growth of new skin cells. New skin cells will boost your skin appearance. You will notice a healthier-looking beautiful skin after the procedure. It helps to reduce dark spots and even acne scars.

It is highly recommended that you get this procedure done from a Dermatologist.

How to apply Jessner Chemical Peel on the face?

Follow these step-by-step guidelines for using and applying Jessner Chemical Peel on your face. Before you get this procedure done, you should take special care of your skin. Stay hydrated and avoid sun-rays, use a gentle cleanser with a moisturizer on your face.

Add Zinc in your diet, this helps to boost the healing process after the chemical peel. Keep your skin off the harmful makeup products before and after the Jessner Chemical Peel.

Clean your face with a cleanser and cold water. Exfoliate your skin with a soft face scrub. After properly cleaning the skin, apply a small amount of Jessner Chemical Peel solution to your arm for a skin sensitivity test. If you do not experience severe irritation or rash, apply Jessner Chemical Peel to your face.

Gently apply even layers of Jessner Peel to the required area, do not rush in applying. Slowly and smoothly apply the solution to the areas of your face. Now, you must be ready for mild swelling of the skin, also you will notice whitish appearance on your face.

This white color layer formation is because of the chemicals in the peel. This is not because of the tissue damage or any injury from the peel. Stay relaxed and keep the air running through your face. It is recommended to do this procedure with a central air conditioning system to make the room temperature comfortable.

You should not apply deep layers of Jessner Peel in the first session. This procedure can be repeated in the future with a deep peel. You should wait for the results from the first session to decide about the future Jessner Peels.

If you keep applying layers of the peel, you may notice more redness and itching. This may damage the deep layers of the skin and you should always avoid using deep peel layers. If deep skin tissue is damaged, you may notice burning and stinging sensations on the areas of your face.

Unlike Glycolic acid peel, there is no need for neutralization of Jessner Chemical Peel. However, it is recommended to go slow with the chemical peel.

How to take care of your skin after a Jessner Peel?

Jessner Peel aftercare is very important. You should follow these guidelines for the rapid healing of your skin after a chemical peel.

Use Ice on your face:

Apply Ice-packs on your face and it will help decrease the pain. Ice helps to get relief from the itching and burning sensations on your skin afer a peel.

Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized:

You should be very gentle with your skin after a Jessner Chemical Peel. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Use moisturizing lotion and creams, you can repeat this moisturizing procedure 3-5 times a day.

Apply moisturizing lotion when you sleep and use a humidifier at night. This will keep your skin hydrated even at night. Always select a moisturizer that is best suited for your skin type. Do not use soaps to wash your face after a chemical peel.

Do not touch your skin:

One of the main things that can damage your skin after a chemical peel is by touching and rubbing. Itching is a common problem after a chemical peel. You will have to manage it, your doctor may prescribe your medicines for itching. Do not touch, rub or scratch your face. Keep your hands off the skin and you will notice rapid healing of the skin.

Do not take hot water shower:

After a chemical peel, you should not take hot water shower as this can damage your skin. Jessner Peel removes the top layers of the skin and you should take care of your skin after a peel.

It is recommended to avoid hot temperatures, even sweating can cause your skin to peel quickly that is dangerous. Quick peeling can be harmful, your skin needs time before new skin cells appear.

Stay Indoors:

This is a must, sunrays are extremely dangerous after a chemical peel. You should stay indoors and use sunscreen twice a day. Use a double layer of sunscreen that is suited with your skin tone.

Add Zinc in your diet:

Add Zinc in your diet and it will boost the healing process of your skin. You can take Zinc supplements or even use foods that are high in Zinc. Zinc is always a blessing for your skin. Take Zinc and you will always be thankful. It helps to reduce wrinkles, prevents scarring and boosts the generation of new skin cells.

Follow your doctor instructions:

Your doctor will prescribe you some medicines and you must follow all the instructions. You may be given antibiotics, antihistamines to avoid itching and pain-killers to avoid pain. Whatever your doctor says, simply follow that. You can even discuss with our online dermatologists.

Jessner Chemical Peel Before and After:

Before using a Jessner Peel you should follow all the instructions mentioned in this detailed guide. Make your skin ready for the procedure, your top layer of the skin will be removed and you may experience swelling and irritation.

After the Jessner peel, do not wash your face, avoid water contact for 1-2 days to keep your skin protected. It is highly recommended that you keep your skin off water and moisturizer. I receive many patients with a skin infection that resulted because of the washing of the face immediately after a peel.

Avoid exercise or hard activities that may cause sweating and keep your skin protected from the sun rays. Use deep layers of mineral oils and moisturizing agents after the procedure.

You should expect immediate results but be ready for glowing skin after 1-2 weeks of the peel. If you have any questions related to the skin, just post in the comment section.

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