How to Stop Scarring Alopecia from Spreading?

How to Stop Scarring Alopecia from Spreading?

How to Stop Scarring Alopecia from Spreading?

Just only hair fall can be so stress full to anyone then imagine one who is suffering scarring alopecia how much he or she will be depressed.

If you are having the problem of scarring alopecia then you are not only one who is facing this. Many people are facing this problem in the community. Although it is not so common disease about 3 to 5 % of the population is suffering this problem.

Scarring Alopecia is a common in males and females who are crossing theirs 35 they are facing the frontal alopecia which can further spread into the scars.

Now the question is arising that what is scarring alopecia? Typically it is a type of alopecia as we all know that alopecia is defined as hair loss. Likewise scarring alopecia is a type of hair loss in which after hair loss scars formed on the skin and starts spreading.

Our dermatologist, researched very hard to stop scarring alopecia from spreading and reached results with oral and topical medication. Laser treatment is also recommended to stop this condition from spreading to overhead. Focus on reducing stress, by making habit of yoga, by increasing vitamin D intake, and by avoiding sun exposure to the head.

These scars destroy the hair follicles and cause inflammation of the hair follicles and as a result permanent hair loss cause. Sometimes alopecia does not show any symptoms and hair loss occurs but sometimes hair loss is associated with itching, scalping, and burning of the skin.

This condition is more common in younger males and females after the age of 35. It pays a very bad impact on personality and the person becomes depressed due to this problem.

How to Stop Scarring Alopecia from Spreading?

In scarring alopecia hair loss from patches on the skin and it forms scars on the skin when hair loss occurs. Then itching on that patches spread the patches and it looks very embarrassing.

When scarring alopecia starts spreading overhead or the area where hair loss is causing then go to your doctor and take medicated treatment to prevent it from spreading.

Topical medicinesfor Scarring Alopecia:

These medicines are used to apply on the site where scarring alopecia is spreading.


When you will go to your dermatologist with this condition of scarring alopecia that is causing itching and burning sensation. Then the dermatologist will recommend corticosteroids whose topical application will help you out of this problem.

Corticosteroids help to reduce inflammation of the follicles and reduce the itching at the site of scars. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe lesion injection that works rapidly and reduce hair loss and prevents alopecia from spreading. These corticosteroids injections are administered after an equal interval specifically after 6 to 8 weeks.

It is important to take care of the administration of corticosteroids injection. Because if you will administer it in the excess amount it can cause toxicity. Excess amount of steroids makes the body fat and imbalance the metabolism of the body. Moreover, excess use of IV corticosteroids or topical use makes the skin shrink.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen:

Scarring alopecia also caused by exposure to sunlight. By protecting yourself or the area of scalping alopecia can prevent it from spreading. You can also use sunscreen of SPF sun protecting factor in that area of scars to prevent from spreading.


For topical application to treat the scarring alopecia. If the scarring is mild then it will work and will stop it from spreading. Topical creams that contain benzoyl peroxide also helps to prevent it from spreading. It also prevents permanent baldness or hair loss.

Antiseptics shampoo:

Many of the dermatologists prescribed the antiseptic shampoo to wash your head with this shampoo. Antiseptic kills the microorganisms and bacteria from the scaring site and stop it from spreading.

 Oral medicines:

When the condition is more severe then you should take antibiotics and ant malarial drugs with the guidance of your doctor. Oral corticosteroids also help to get rid of the problem.


When scarring alopecia is starting to spread and causing itching then you should use antibiotics to prevent this condition. Usually, drugs like methotrexate, tacrolimus, cyclosporine, and thalidomide are used to treat this condition.


The excess use of antibiotics may cause diarrhea in that patient.

Oral retinoid:

Retinoid like isotretinoin act as an antibiotic and are helpful to treat dissecting alopecia. It is a very effective treatment.

Antimalarial drugs:

Antimalarial drugs course may also work for inflammation of the follicles. Primaquine phosphate and mefloquine course work in its specific period.

When this period extends then it causes toxicity such as abdominal pain and hematological changes. So it is necessary to keep a check on your hematological changes by blood testing system.

Surgery and laser treatment:

When scaring alopecia starts to severe spreading then the best option to treat is surgery. But for the surgery, the most important thing is the age of the patient. In surgery, scars are removed and pores are opened by the method of light laser method.

Light laser treatment opens the pores to grown hair at the site of scars. Laser treatment prevents it from spreading and burnt the damaged skin and allows the hair to grow. So it is a very important treatment to stop scarring alopecia from spreading.

 Tests of scarring alopecia:

Dermatologists prescribed to do some test that either the scarring alopecia is spreading or not. This condition can be diagnosed by biopsy method. It is a technique in which a part of the scarring site is taken and then test which type of hair loss is this. If its results show that it is spreading then the doctor will suggest you do surgery and laser treatment.

Scalp reduction:

It is also a surgical; process of hair loss treatment. In this technique, the site where hair loss is happening and scars are forming; at that site scalp production is decreases. In this scalp, production decreased by the method to make hair transplantation.

In short scalp, the reduction is necessary for more hair growth by hair transplantation or PRP method. This technique is very common nowadays around 5000 to 6000 men are yearly getting this treatment for hair transplantation. This surgery only takes a few hours and 50 to 100 hair grafts are required for this technique. tips to stop scarring alopecia from spreading:

It is an autoimmune disorder and it is an unpredictable condition. No one can know about the prevalence of this condition.

When it starts to spread its prevalence it will be very fast. Sometimes this condition spread very rapidly with no time. But if you have come to know that your scarring alopecia is spreading then you can overcome it by keeping in mind these tips. It is not a very pathetic condition but it can be embarrassing you look older than your age.

So in an early stage, you can re-growth your hairs by taking oral or topical medications. But in the severe condition, it is necessary to take laser treatment or surgery.

Here is will tell you some important tips to stop it from spreading over to the head or other parts of the body like beard or eyebrows.

Manage your stress:

The major cause of hair loss is stressing so much. So if you are facing the problem of hair fall then it is time to reduce your stress. I saw many people who take a lot of stress in their business their job and their studies they get the problem of hair loss.

Sometimes people face permanent baldness. Usually, stress is taken by men because of their social work due to which their hair loss occurs between their heads. Manage your stress to keep the stress of your patches under the control.

Do Exercise:

The best thing to keep your body metabolized and normal blood circulation exercise are very important. Baldness caused by the less blood circulation in the hairs that’s why scars stars to spread. Make the habit to take exercise daily in the morning or the evening.

It will stimulate important enzymes that take place in the re-growth of hairs. There is a lot of tutorial for exercises are available on a different website. You can easily learn from them.

Make habit of doing yoga:

For hair loss, the best thing is doing yoga. It keeps your body blood in circulation and helps to stop it from spreading of scarring. Yoga makes you relax and keep your stress level normal.

Stress involves hair loss so by taking yoga you can reduce your stress and ultimately reduce your hair loss. Different Institutes give classes that how to do yoga for best hair growth. You can also learn it from online classes at your home.

Increase your vitamin D intake:

Vermin D also helps to keep your hair healthy and strong. You can get rid of the problem of hair loss by taking an increasing amount of vitamin D. so the question is this how can we take an increased amount of vitamin D? The sun is a natural source of vitamin D that helps to reduce the patches of baldness and helps to open the pores for re-growth of hairs.

If you are living in that area where mostly sun does not raise then you can use it Vitamin D supplement to get enough vitamin D. By taking a sunbath in the morning reduce patches from spreading. So take a sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Cover head from harsh sunlight:

If you are facing the problem of hair loss or patches formation then cover your head with a scarf or hat to prevent sunlight. Cover your bald patches with a scarf or hat or you can also use some sunblocks with SPF.

If it is not important then avoid going outside in day sunlight because harsh sunlight can damage our scalp and make the reason for scars spreading.

Do not shave your alopecia scars:

It is very different between hair loss and alopecia. In hair loss, your hair’s roots remain inside the skin and follicles are normal. But in alopecia follicles starts to inflame and no hair roots are present inside the skin.

Many people think that after shaving scars on the beard will regrowth the hair but it is a very wrong concept. Hairs cannot re-growth in this even your scars will more spread due to inflamed follicles. I will suggest not to do shave at that site of scarring alopecia.

Do not massage on patches:

It will be a surprising thing that massaging with hair oil can increase your scars so do not massage your patch with hair oil.

It seems like massaging your hairs with oil make the hairs healthy but it is not for alopecia patient. In an alopecia person, it makes the condition more severe. Hair oil fills the pores and makes the condition more severe.

Do not touch areas with scarring alopecia

Avoid touching your scarring alopecia with hands. It contains bacteria that can cause the problem of the spreading. When you will touch you alopecia scars more bacteria will grow and starts it to spread.

So if you are having itching then apply topical creams or take antihistamine but do not scratch it with your hands. It will make the condition more severe and will spread it. So avoid touching your scars with your hands.

Final words:

Scarring alopecia is an autoimmune disorder and it is unpredictable. Sometimes it spreads very rapidly and it is treated by surgery but if you are in the early stages of scarring alopecia and you want to stop it from spreading.

You can stop it from spreading by keeping in mind the above tips. I hope all these tips will help scare alopecia from spreading.

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