How to Neutralize Glycolic Acid Peel at Home?

How to Neutralize Glycolic Acid Peel at Home?

How to Neutralize Glycolic Acid Peel at Home?

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful, spotless, and soft skin? It’s quite natural when we want to look pretty, it makes us feel confident. And, without doubt, pimples on the skin, not only make you feel uneasy, but they are also not healthy. 

In this article, our editors have explained the best methods of using Glycolic Acid peels at home. I always recommend my readers to never rush when using a chemical peel. You should understand the composition and strength of the Glycolic acid peel.

Yes, you can neutralize Glycolic acid peel at home. After the peel, use a lot of moisturizers drinks plenty of water and stay protected from the harmful sun rays to neutralize Glycolic acid peel at home.

Glycolic Acid Peel Chart

Here’s a quick chart for the percentage of glycolic acid chemical peel for your skin.

Glycolic acid % Type Healing time Description
20% – 30% Very superficial peel treatment 2-4 days Exfoliates, destruction of stratum corneum
30% – 50% Superficial peel treatment 3-5 days Destruction of the overall epidermis to the basal cell layer
50% — 70% Medium peel treatment 5 days Destruction of epidermis and parts of the papillary dermis.
70% above Deep peel treatment 7 days Destruction of the dermis, papillary dermis, and reticular dermis

On that note, if you are really using it for the first time or not sure whether the glycolic acid peel will be effective for you or not. Then, my friend, you need to read the benefits of using glycolic acid. Read it once and then decide whether you want it for your skin or not.

How to Neutralize Glycolic Acid Peel at Home?

Actually, glycolic acid peels are derived from the sugarcane and it is the smallest molecule of AHA, which is the Alpha Hydroxy Acid group.

Being the smallest molecule, it gets the advantage to penetrate deeply and right into the pores of your skin. This leads to the elimination of glue, which is binding dead cells together in the skin.

So, it gives an even and deep exfoliation and cleanse all the blocked pores or the blackheads and fade the dark spots on your skin. Moreover, this action of exfoliation, stimulates the skin to turnover, leading to a fair and healthy complexion of your skin.

Another plus is that it actually diminishes the lines and anti-aging concerns. It also minimizes the appearance of pores on your skin. It is also really helpful against acne as it keeps the pores clean. Glycolic acid peel with Retinol is among the best nowadays.

Plus, if you know a bit about chemicals, then I will tell you that Salicylic acid is really effective for acne treatment. So, this is right for you, if you are worried about acne or the scars it has caused.

Overall, glycolic acid peels have a cumulative effect, with its continuous use, you will have a healthy shiny sin, with a great texture. Plus, as I have said before, if it is your first time or you have really sensitive skin, then it is better to use a low percentage of glycolic acid but on a daily basis.

Keep in mind consistency is the key to good skin. You must use it consistently if you really want a change in your skin.

Where to begin:

At home, I would totally recommend you to use the glycolic acid with the 30 % solution, for the pH, use 2 – 3. As I have warned you before, do not use the higher concentration, if you are a beginner. But if you are a regular user, then you can increase the concentration, according to the need of your skin.

It is better to look for products with complete instructions on them, as it makes following them easier. And, because glycolic acid peels are chemicals, so they may cause burns or an injury if misused. So, the best way is to follow the instructions step by step, as mention on it.

How to use Glycolic acid peel at home?

So on to our main topic, on how to actually use and neutralize the glycolic acid chemical peels at home. I have outlined the pre-peel treatment, peel procedure and the post-peel treatment for you, guys. Take a look at it and follow it step by step.

Pre-peel treatment:

It is best, not to use any kind of facial masks, scrubs, exfoliating agents, self-tanners, scrubs, creams, retinol serums or any kind of product on your skin, for about 48 hours before using the glycolic acid peels. It can seriously irritate your skin and cause redness if done otherwise.

Also, do not use any topical product which may contain any of the following: it can be AHA, BHA or vitamin A. Again about, 48 hours before the treatment, it takes 2 days, actually. So, when you have decided to use glycolic acid peels, hands-off from other products.

Do not shave or wax, on the area you are planning to use the glycolic acid peel, within 48 hours. Moreover, one week before the glycolic acid peel and one week after the glycolic acid peel, do not expose your treated skin to either sunlight or tanning.

First Timers:

It is mostly, the first-timers, who end up using the wrong percentage of glycolic acid and end up with injuries. Or if anything goes wrong, they do not understand what to do or who to ask help for. So, I have specifically decided to write a separate portion for you, guys. 

First of all, after preparing the peel, like I have recommended and the on the instructions it was mentioned. Apply a bit of it, under your chin instead of applying it on your whole face. That way you will know if you are allergic to it or if you are having any reaction, which you should not.

Also, use the glycolic acid peel for about 15 to 30 seconds. I repeat, it is seconds not minutes. So, after 15 to 30 seconds, remove the peel with the clean water. And, wait for about 28 to 48 hours for any kind of the wrong reaction, you know irritation, redness, etc.

I hope you guys are now clear on it. so, now, moving on to how to use the glycolic acid peel for your face, after making sure that you are not having any adverse reaction to it.

Peel procedure:

First of all, cleanse and dry your skin thoroughly. Then, apply the rubbing alcohol, just like you apply a toner and let it naturally dry by air. Now, to be on the safer side, apply Vaseline, yes Vaseline! On your eyebrows, lip area, and the nostrils.

Now, pour the glycolic acid peel, in a small amount, in the glass bowl, I prefer to use the specific bowl for my all facial masks. But you can use the regular glass bowl, you know. Now, use the fan brush, to apply it quickly but carefully on to your skin.

I would suggest starting from your forehead, then moving down to your nose on to your chin and then to cheeks. As it avoids your eyes and nostrils this way. Use a medium strength glycolic acid peel. You can buy it online.

Also, you can use the gauze pad, again if you are comfortable with it. But make sure that you are wearing gloves and you have to squeeze it before using it on your face, to avoid drips, you know. Try to apply it evenly. But don’t worry that much about it, you will learn it after practice and acid will be working its way, anyway.

But make sure to avoid, eye, lip and neck area, these areas, actually do not have as much oil glands as the facial skin, so they can react severely. Plus, start your time as soon as you have applied the first stroke on to your face. And, I don’t have to remind you this, but AVOID EYES, for the reasons you know.

And, if it gets into your eyes by accident, then immediately wash it with clean water and contact the doctor. Also, avoid the broken skin or the breakouts, that really hurts and am not kidding.

So, after this, sit back and let the glycolic acid peel do the magic. On the side note, it may sting a bit but in case, it is too uncomfortable, then neutralize it right away. It is normal for the skin to be a bit pink, but if it is too red, then again neutralize it right there.

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The stinging is only for the first 30 seconds or so, don’t mistake it as mask not working. Don’t reapply it in any case. And once, you are neutralizing it, it will sting intensely for a brief moment, just continue to neutralize and it will subside.

Post peel treatment:

Note the time, and then clean your skin with clean water. And, in case, you feel your skin is too hot, then continue to splash water, until it cools down. Then, gently pat your dry skin and take a generous amount of any good moisturizer you have and apply it on to your skin.

Plus, you can use oil instead of moisturizer, but moisturizer is a good choice. And, if you got a bit of time, then it is best to use any of the soothing masks you have, on your skin. It gives you the best results and prevents any redness. And, also, avoid sunlight or tanning and use a sunscreen with high SPF.

How often should you use the glycolic acid peel at home?

You know, individual differences? I am going to tell you today, the skin differences. Like individual differences, our skin is also different from others. And, using glycolic acid, its percentage, the duration between the peels will differ according to individual.

You know your skin best. And, if you don’t, then get to know it. That’s how, you will know how rough your skin is, and how long does it need treatment.

Plus, as I have mentioned before that glycolic acid peels have the cumulative effect. And it is recommended for total of 8 – 10 treatments, for once every other week.

Once, you start noticing the good results, then move on to the once in a month. Don’t overdo it. I am warning you, the skin is actually really sensitive part of our body and the thing you are using no matter how effective it is, it is still a chemical. So, use it carefully.

Plus, overdoing it can give you side effects such as thinning or maybe oversensitivity. And, in many cases, I have also observed redness, puffiness or the burning, in that case, you need to adjust the frequency of your peels. Be observant and notice if you are having any of these effects and then follow my directions.

What to do after a glycolic acid peel at home?

Your skin will be a bit dry for a few days, after using the glycolic acid peel on your skin. As the top layer of your skin has been removed through the peel. So, it is best to continue using a lot of moisturizer on your skin. And if you want to use oil, then go for coconut oil.

Do not, in any case, exfoliate your skin for about 48 hours to one week. As the glycolic acid peels are the exfoliators themselves, so you do not need to use any other exfoliator, while using them. Your skin will also be very sensitive and a bit pink, it would look like healthy pink, so don’t worry.

But you do need to be extra careful about any of the hot or harsh climate. And, as I have mentioned before, and I will remind you, again and again, it is highly necessary to wear sunscreen, after using the glycolic acid peel, whenever you go out.

Plus, there may be a bit of slathering, do not pick it, in any case, just keep applying moisturizer. And, that’s it. Good luck!

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