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How to Prevent Pillow Creases on Face?

How to Prevent Pillow Creases on Face?

Who doesn’t like a good night sleep, especially when you have heard this famous phrase BEAUTY SLEEP.

What are you supposed to do when you get wrinkles every time on your face whenever you wake up. I used to not worry about them at first because these creases usually disappear in a short while.

Till I heard from my Dermatologist friend that these temporary creases can cause permanent wrinkles on your face. And if you have tried to find the culprit, then you are definitely right, my friend. PILLOW is the culprit, but its not the only one.

So, you need to know all the details about the possible things which are causing these unsightly creases on your face as well as the solution.

You can use night creams, moisturizing facemasks, use a good-quality pillow, sleep on your back and proper sleep time to prevent pillow creases on the face.

But, worry not, my friend! As I am going to tell you in detail, all the common mistakes we do and end up having these creases on our face. Plus, also the most important thing; the alternatives we can adopt to prevent these creases on the face, in the first place.

I want you to know all of these details, so take 5 minutes of your life and read it in a quiet place.

Healthy skin is the real beauty and that’s come from a good sleep. You don’t have to worry about sleeping and think about these face creases all the time. There are some really good products which can be used to prevent them.

And if you don’t want to spend money and want some really good sleep and of course, without face wrinkles, then you can follow the prevention tactics, that are mentioned below.

How to Prevent Pillow Creases on Face?

So, let us discuss what are the ways to prevent these creases, which appear out of nowhere on your face, which you will be able to know. Now that they are not out of nowhere but because of the common mistakes.

Just read the Mistakes, mentioned below, if you don’t know the answer. So, moving on to on our main topic on how to prevent these pillow creases to appear on the face.

Good products:

Here, I will be listing some of the really good products, which are available in the local market, or you can buy them from Amazon or any of the online website you know. Using them assure you the face without any creases in the morning.

Plus, I have also listed Other Good Preventive measure, or free methods, in which you do not have to spend a penny.

Nighttime masks to prevent pillow creases on the face

Nighttime masks are a really good way to avoid the sheet rubbing against your skin, while you sleep. And, eventually, it prevents the creases to appear on your face, which undoubtedly leads towards the wrinkles.

For today’s question, How to Prevent Pillow Creases on Face? This is a must. You can buy any good night time mask but preferably silk ones, as they do not allow the skin to rub against it. hence, no creases.

Night pillow:

I would totally recommend them, they are comfier to use. And gives you the clean skin and keep your skin hydrated. That eventually, prevents the creases to appear on your skin.

There are many night pillows, ranging in different prices, you can check them out and buy the one, which is suitable for you.


If you are still in the phase where you sleep on the back but wakes up in the wrong position especially with your face against the pillow. Then, you are in a need to upgrade your pillowcase. Just keep in mind that cotton is a no and silk is a yes. As the skin should be able to slide against the pillow, to prevent creases.

So, there is not any friction, when your face is against the pillow. Moreover, these pillows are hypoallergenic, well see that in the description and make sure of it.

Also, there are many colors in them usually, so you can buy a beautiful one and I think you know that already, but they are super comfier to use. You won’t be wasting any money, I promise you that.

Night cream:

Well, for this, you do not have to especially go out and buy one. You can just use any good moisturizer you have available at your home and use it. But, I would say, prefer to use the one that is extra greasy, so that when your face is against the pillow, it won’t be rubbing against the rough surface.

Hyaluronic acid is usually present in the night creams. So, if you are planning to buy a new one and the good one at that, then check that hyaluronic acid is listed in it.

It will keep your skin fresh, plump and soft throughout the night. Not having creases and having a better sin. What else can a girl ask for!

You can also call them free methods, as you won’t be spending a penny while following them. The key is persistence. Just don’t give up after a day or two. Follow them till you find the required result. Actually, these methods are not free too, you won’t be spending any money, but will have to spend a lot of time and effort in it.

But, beauty does not come cheap. So, go for it!

Sleep on back:

Sleeping on your back is the first and foremost thing you have to do. Sleeping on your side or on the stomach, avoid that every cost. Or you will end up having creases all over your face, with time and they will be permanent ones.

As sleeping in these ways will have your face in direct contact with the sheet and you know the consequences.

Elevated head:

Keep your head elevated, in a way that it is not rubbing against the pillow or the sheets, even your hands. These bad habits need to be changed from now on, as you know the reasons causing these creases so now it is easier to prevent them.

Extra pillow:

If you are a side sleeper, then you are in a dire need to use an extra pillow. It will help prevent you from moving in your sleeping position.

Use it in a way that your face is just half on the pillow while the lower half is off the pillow. So, your face isn’t in contact with the pillow completely. It will prevent creases to appear on your face.

What are the Causes of Pillow Creases on the face?

I am going to call them mistakes because things like continuously moving in the sleep or sleeping at the wrong angle, hard pillow, etc. cause these creases on the face which eventually lead to permanent wrinkles.

These are the mistakes because these should be prevented at all cost. Or you would end up with these wrinkles, on your face, at a young age.


The first mistake is our famous known culprit; pillow. But it’s not like we can just stop using a pillow. I use three pillows while sleeping. So, not using a pillow, that is just simply out of the option.

So, I started looking for the methods, in which we can use pillows and not end up having creases on our face.

And, I have to tell you the good news. Research says we have to use the pillows with the fabrics, which grips the skin. That is actually totally against the common belief of using the pillow which is soft and allows the skin to glide.

Though the results of the research were really shocking. But it is the fact and gives the biggest hint towards the solution.

So, go for silk or satins pillows from now on. Even though they are really soft and even expensive, but they are the ones preventing your pillow to cause any creases to your face. So, a big YES to them, from now on.

Sleeping position:

Sleeping with face down is a big NO too. And, I know how difficult it is to change your sleeping position but remember my friend, it is difficult no doubt but not impossible.

So, you have to try and try until you succeed. It took me 2 months to change my sleeping position. And, if it helps, then sleep on your back and keep two pillows to your side, it will help you remain in one position.

Plus, keep in mind, you have been sleeping in the wrong position for years, so at least it will take a few months to change that habit. Give yourself time and be patient and persistent. Just know that it is a bad habit and you have to change that. So, keep trying.

Hands-on face:

Another common mistake is pressing your hands on your face while sleeping. No matter what it is, you have to keep your face in a position, where it is not pressing against any surface. Whether it is a thick cotton sheet or a rough pillow, you have to avoid them.

In fact, a study shows that pressing your hand on your face, either palm or back of the hand, it not only causes creases on the face but also on hands.

So, you will end up having wrinkles, both on your face as well as on your hands, in a short time, if you keep following this bad habit. These all three mistakes are the most common ones and it gives you the idea of what is actually causing these wrinkles on our face. 


I have tried my best to explain all the things in this article. But if you guys have any question, feel free to ask them, just mentioned them in the comment box. And, my team will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Just remember persistence is the key!

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