How Often Should I Get a Facial for Oily Skin? 

How Often Should I Get a Facial for Oily Skin

How Often Should I Get a Facial for Oily Skin? 

A facial is a multi-factorial procedure that cleans, nourishes, exfoliates and make your skin healthy and glowing. This is among the best ways to enhance your skin without damaging the skin.

Keeping in view the tradition at, this article is a continuation of a series, where I am answering your questions. Today’s question is about how often you should be getting a facial if your skin is oily.

Frequency of facial varies for every skin type. Since this article is about oily skin, we will only focus on this type of skin.

It is recommended that you should go for a facial every 3 – 4 weeks for oily skin. Dead skin cells are removed and new cells start flourishing after the facial. It takes around 4 weeks on average for new skin cells to reach the outer skin layer. Having a facial scheduled after 3 – 4 weeks is best suited for oily skin.

How Often Should I Get a Facial for Oily Skin?

Let us get into the details of today’s topic. Every skin is unique and for oily skin, the facial is like a blessing that never ends. Every individual has different requirements for a facial, some want it for blackheads while others are concerned about oily skin.

If facial is done properly, you will notice a prominent change, rather an improvement in the skin tone with a healthy and young look.

Going for a professional facial will make your oily skin look glowing with less oiliness and fewer spots. I receive patients that complain about their oily skin. My suggestion for all the readers is to get your skin accessed by a professional Dermatologist before you label it as oily or dry. 

Observing skin under a Woods lamp can help you access your skin type, if you notice yellow skin color under Woods lamp, this shows oily skin. Also, skin paper to access oiliness are available and once used properly, it will indicate your skin type.

Woods lamp is available at Amazon.

Once established that you have an oily then comes the part to improve it. Since this article is about the facials for oily skin, I will stay on the topic. Do not go for a facial blindly, you need to have a professional facial that is best suited for your skin.

With a proper technique, you will see a massive improvement in your skin oiliness and dark spots. Also, you will notice an even skin tone within a few days.

Dr. Abraiz, Board Certified Dermatologist and founder at recommends, “A professional Carbon Facial will make your skin healthy and it is best suited for oily skin”

Last year, DuskySkin did research for oily skin patients, we received 900 patients for oily skin. Our team of specialists accessed their skin type and 517 patients were confirmed with oily skin.

Now, all those patients got Carbon Facial at Dr. Abraiz Clinic and the results were amazing. All the patients who received facial with a gap of 4 weeks have a prominent improvement in their skin. 

If you want to repeat a facial within two weeks, it is better to consult your doctor. I never recommend going for a facial that frequent.

There are a few things to consider while deciding the frequency of facials:

Skin Type:

This totally depends on your skin type, for oily skin, the facial is a blessing and you will notice an immediate improvement in your skin health. Keep your skin fresh with drinking more water and using sunscreen when you go outdoors. Do not do facial often if you have oily skin.

Having shiny skin also means that you have an oily skin type.

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Skin Color:

Skin color is also an important thing to consider when thinking about how often you should go for a facial. If you have dark and oily skin, you can do a facial every 2 – 3 weeks. However, if you have a fair complexion and oily skin, you should repeat the facial every 3 – 4 weeks. It is always better to get a consultation from a Dermatologist.


Another important thing to consider for a facial. Young people require less frequent facials as compared to older fellows. Don’t underestimate your skin if you are under 30 years of age. Get an opinion from a professional Dermatologist and you will get the best suggestions for your skin type.

Professional facial or home facial:

Going for a facial from a professional is always better. Although you can do facial at home also but I am talking about Carbon Laser Facial that I always recommend for my patients with oily skin. Of course, this is a laser facial that cannot be done at home, you need a laser machine for this. 

Frequency of facials:

Never repeat a facial before 3 to 4 weeks. You have to understand the mechanism of how facial improves our skin.

After a facial, your dead skin cells are removed and new cells will take a minimum of three weeks before they reach the external skin layer. Repeating a facial early may cause more damage to your skin.

If you have any questions related to this topic, just shoot in the comment box and my team will answer it in detail. 

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