How to Heal a Ripped Ear Piercing?

How to Heal a Ripped Ear Piercing?

How to Heal a Ripped Ear Piercing?

In a world full of trends fashion is an art and everyone wants to get this art. By the increasing trend of earrings, there is also a trend of ear piercing. In Asia, females love to have more than one ear piercing to chase the trend.

Women love to have a more piercing hole even the full line of ear lobe piercing and then put some decent jewelry to seek attention. Whenever they go to the party or function females love to put heavy earrings that can cause infection at the site of ear piercing.

Sometime Earrings stuck with anything pulling of ear cause the infection of the ear and ear-piercing becomes infected.

A ripped ear pierces can also cause by the wrong way of piercing or pierced by the infected gun that can harm the skin. Ear piercing can also be affected by not taking care of the ear lobe.

Many teenage girls use to ask me how they can prevent a ripped ear piercing. As a Dermatologist, I always suggest them to take care after their ear piercing.

You can heal a ripped ear piercing by applying antibiotics ointment, keeping the ear dry, use salt water to wash it and by antimicrobial soap. You should always use a sterilized needle for ear piercing.

In this article, I will discuss how can you treat your ripped ear piercing and also suggest you some tips to do and some safety precaution. I hope it will be very responsive to you.

How to Heal a Ripped Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing can cause different types of infections like Keloids because of the infection and also results in allergic reactions.

To prevent all these conditions one must take care of its ear after it’s piercing.
Here I will tell you some steps treat ripped ear pierce:

Ear piercing should be done with the sterilized needle:

The first step I will recommend to you to pierce your ear with a needle. Do not use gun piercing because it can cause many infections and it is also very pathetic.
I always pierced my ear with a sterilized needle.

Here are some best ways to pierce ear with a needle.

  • Take a bowl and add a little amount of spirit in it.
  • Now take a needle and allow it to sterilize with heat and then dip it into the spirit bowl.
  • Leave needle and thread in the bowl for 12 hours.
  • Then piercing should be done with this needle carefully on the marked area of the ear.
  • Piercing can also be done by piercing gun by an expert.

Cleaning of the piercing site:

Infected ear piercing is common especially in the new piercing of the ear. Most go away after one to two weeks as long as you clean them twice a day. Use a cotton ball or swab soaked in a saline solution and antimicrobial soap to clean the infection then dry the area within a disposable paper towel.

Avoid using Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide as these substances will be interfering with healing. If infection spread also after cleaning it daily then see you doctor if it does not improve or healing the ripped ear piercing.

Because if it will not recover in 2 days then due to infection you can suffer from the fever and will make you trouble.

Wash your hands before touching ear:

Always wash your hands before touching your ear piercing and prevent reinfecting the area by avoiding swimming and sanitizing your cell phone cleaning an infected piercing at home.
Always wash your hands before touching your ear piercing especially when it is new or infected.

Because when piercing will be new bacteria will be entered to the site from your hands and infection can cause in this way.

Before touching the piercing with your hands wash them with antimicrobial soap to kill bacteria present on the hands.

Do not remove new ear piercing:

If you have done your ear piercing with the piercing gun then earring will be present in the ear. If you feel any kind of discomfort, avoid removing the earring because the new piercing site will be blocked when you will remove the earring.

So do not remove a new ear piercing. Keep it in on the place for 6 weeks even if it becomes infected, while you should rotate a new lobe piercing stop rotating it.

if it becomes infected for one to two weeks if you are infected piercing is permanent or six weeks old then remove the earring while you deal with the infection.

Clean ripped ear piercing with salt water:

After the piercing ear, do not clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because it can damage the piercing site of the ear. Use saltwater instead of alcohol. You can make saltwater here I will tell you the way to make saltwater.

  • Take 1 cup of water and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Boil this water with salt and allow it to cool.
  • Now put this saltwater in a spray bottle and save it in the fridge.
  • Spray 2 to 3 times a day at an infected area of the piercing ear.
  • It will make the ear free from infection.

If you cannot make salt water at home then you can easily buy saline water from a pharmacy. Use it to clean piercing site 2 to 3 times a day for weeks until piercing becomes mature.

It will make the piercing site free from bacteria and other foreign particles and prevent it from the infection and other allergic conditions.

Apply antibiotic ointment:

After cleaning it with saline water apply suitable antibiotics on it after drying.Antibiotic speed up the healing process of ripped ear-piercing.

Dab a small amount of antibiotic ointment onto a cotton swab and paint a thin coating over the infected area. If from ripped ear-piercing emitting a discharge avoid using alcohol or rubbing of alcohol at that infected area it can severe the infection. tips to prevent infection in a ripped ear piercing:

Whenever you will pierce your ears then there are chances of some small infection that could occur so there are some safety tips to prevent from the infection of ear piercing. After new ear piercing sometimes the ear becomes ripped due to bacteria present near the area of skin.

  • After ear piercing, avoid sleeping on the side of the ear because it can increase the chances of infection. The main reason is that during sleeping ear-piercing contact with the pillow and the cotton present in the pillow can cause the infection of the ear. So if you pierce your one ear then sleep on another side of piercing. If the piercing is on both sides of ears then sleep straight in a supine position to prevent from the ripping of the ear piercing.
  • If ear piercing is new then avoid removing earrings because when you will remove earring then pierce will block. And it will form a clot on the site of piercing which will be painful and you will also lose the ear piercing. So avoid removing new piercing earrings.
  • Avoid wearing heavy earrings because these earrings will infect the piercing site and ear can become ripped. Because heavy earring can be stuck with your clothes and anything that further infect the ear. Even ear can tear when it is pulled by an earring.
  • Tie your hair away from the ear if you have suffered from a ripped ear piercing because hairs can be tangled with hairs and can severe the infection. Tie back your hair tightly to keep away from the infected site. Although if ear piercing is new then open hairs can be stuck with the earring and can cause the ripping of ear piercing. So keep away hairs from piercing site of the ear.
  • If you are dealing with children or having children then keep them away from your ripped ear piercing. Children can touch that area which can worsen the infection because of the bacteria present on the hand. These bacteria can be transferred on infected sites and bacteria multiply at that place and makes the infection more serious.
  • Before touching your new piercing ear wash your hands with antiseptics to kill bacteria present on the hands that can incorporate with infection of ear piercing.
  • Use antibacterial soap to wash a ripping ear piercing because it is good for the germs present on the infection site.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide at the infection site because it will kill the skin cells that help in the healing process.
  • In case your ear pierce becomes block due to infection then wait for at least 6 months for re-piercing because it takes 180 days to heal and to become the skin mature. If you want to pierce again then pierce your ear near the scar of ripe ear piercing. Do not re-pierce on the line.
  • If you are swimming lover then avoid swimming when you have infected ear piercing.

Post ear piercing care:

When you pierce the ear with a gun piercer or with the needle the wound will be naturally dry in 48 hours or 2 days. If it does not get dry within 48 hours then it means the wound can result in an infection near the piercing site.

Take extra care of your wound by cleaning it with saltwater or antibacterial soap to kill bacteria near the piercing site. Apply antibiotic ointment on that area for the rapid healing process. Avoid touching hands-on new ear piercing.

As a Dermatologist, I receive many teenage girls and their parents complain about their ripped ear piercing. I will suggest to them all to take proper care of their new piercing ear because care is better than the cure. If you will take care of your new ear piercing then you can prevent from ripping an ear-piercing.

I will suggest you pierce your ear from expert and then by taking safety precaution, you can prevent from this problem of ripping.

If the above treatment steps do not go with you then you can also consult with the Online Dermatologist.

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