How to Get Rid of Static Hair Naturally?

How to Get Rid of Static Hair Naturally?

How to Get Rid of Static Hair Naturally?

Static charges are ruining your hairs vibe? Don’t have a good selfie with static hairs? Creating difficulty in making the hairstyle? Want to know about this scientific phenomena and want to get rid of it? Does it cause damage to hair? What factors exaggerate it? Is there any natural way to relief static charges?

You can get rid of static hair by using natural hair masks, Aloe Vera and honey mask, egg mask, using a humidifier, using natural shampoo and by using a hair spray.

The important thing is how to get rid of them naturally. Why naturally? Why not artificially?

Use of chemical product to get rid of the damage caused by the chemical product is like you are enemy of yourself. Is it make good sense to use chemical after chemical? Whenever you use chemical after chemical, it worsens the situation. If nature is your loyal friend then why you need artificial ways.

How to Get Rid of Static Hair Naturally?

Static charges although don’t damage your hairs but enough to irritate you. static charges themselves don’t harm your hair but they are actually the sign that your hairs are not in a good condition and hairs are at the exact position where damage started. Take it serious.

Cold weather exaggerates this static charges phenomena. Dryness in wind or dryness in your hair both are critical.

I have some very easy tips and also remedies for long time effect by which you can easily get rid of static hair.

Mother nature is very kind to us. It proves us with so many natural ingredients that are the best solution to fight with static charges. Go to your kitchen and you must have all the ingredients

Yogurt and egg hair mask to get rid of static hair

The main reason is static hair is lack of moisture and lack of nutrients. What about the loss of hair protein “keratin”? Yeah with time, as you grow older, your hairs also. Protective coverage of keratin goes on decreasing on each coming day.

The egg is a better option to provide protein to your hairs which are deficient in protein. Then why we should add yogurt? Yogurt will add moisture to your hairs, make them less dry.

So let’s make a hair mask:

  • In a clean bowl add one egg (most of the people think that only egg yolk is beneficial for hairs. It’s not so. Egg white also has many nutrients) and 2 or 3 tablespoons of thick yogurt.
  • Take an applicator brush and mix well. Mixing is also a technique especially if it’s of the egg. Blend well. You can also use folk for mixing.
  • After mixing, divide your hairs into portions of small areas.
  • Dip applicator in mask and apply on every portion very carefully so that not a single hair left.
  • Leave for 15 minutes
  • Steam your hairs mask is likely to dry. It opens pores and enhances adsorption.
  • Leave for another 20 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water and let them air dry or use a microfiber towel. Don’t rub your hairs.

You can do this once a week. This remedy has a lot of benefits involving getting rid of static hair.

Honey and aloe Vera gel hair mask

Alie vera gel and honey mask used for many hair problems but it’s also effective in static electricity in your hair.

Honey best moisturizer ever, adds nutrients and shine to your hairs. Aloe vera gel makes your hairs soft and removes all the charges from your hairs. Although aloe vera is available in the market it’s better to use fresh aloe vera gel.

  • Take 3 to 4 aloe vera stems and wash them properly. Cut along the longitudinal way and with spoon blend it well. Separate out the gel in a bowl.
  • To the above gel, add one tablespoon of honey. Mix well. Difficult to mix due to thickness? Don’t be annoyed. Well, mixed will show well results.
  • Divide hairs in portion and with your fingers, apply on your hair.
  • After 20 minutes rinse off. No need is shampoo just rinse out with fresh water.
  • Repeat twice or once a week according to your ease.

Hair spray

Hair spray is the best option to hydrate and moisturize your hairs in a very fine way. Greater the moisture content lesser will be the static charges. Lesser the static charges, lesser will be the floating of your hair in the air.

Although you can also a hair spray from the market it’s better to make it at home. Hair spray available in the market are alcohol-based or contain any other volatile hydrocarbons which instead of providing moisture to your hairs, dry them.

Make a hair spray with only two simple

ingredients, glycerine, and rose water. Rosewater is a good moisturizer and glycerine has the natural property to lock moisture, means act as a humectant.

Glycerine comes both from animal and plant source. If you are not OK with animal glycerine, you can use plant source glycerine.

Take a hair spray bottle and add glycerine and rose water in it. You have to take a glycerine and rose water at 1: 20. Each time you wash your hairs, spray your hairs with this spray. Your hairs after washing are at more prone to get static charges.

Don’t have ingredients?

Sometimes ingredients finished up and hairs have static charges, annoying us. What to do? Simple search your purse for any moisturizing cream.

Take pea size of cream on your palm, rub your both hands and spread it throughout your hairs. Don’t worry this small amount of cream will not have any damaging effect on your hairs. It will prevent your hair from flyaway.

Hot oil treatment for static hair

It’s become difficult to handle worse static hair? It means your hairs require deep moisturizing. What you can do? Hot oil treatment, the best option ever. Compulsory use coconut oil for hot oil treatment.

Coconut oil is full of ingredients, proteins which works very efficiently. Lukewarm coconut oil and massage on your hairs gently. Don’t do often but just once a week in winter and once a month in summer.

Vinegar and water

Vinegar is a good moisturizer for your skin as well as hairs. Yeah slightly acidic and in concentrated form can harm your hairs. 1st dilute the vinegar with water in 1:2 and then apply on your hairs. It will gently remove build-up static charges. Tips to get rid of static hair

For today’s question, How to Get Rid of Static Hair Naturally? This is a must. Dermatologists and editors joined hands to write this part of the article.

Follow the simple and easy tips to get rid of static hair naturally.

Remove static charges from your comb

When you comb your hair, some of the static charges go with your comb and reside there. When you again comb your hair, the charge on comb transfer to hairs resulting more static charge on hairs.

It’s better to oil your comb frequently. It will reduce friction with your hairs and also not to get charges.

Condition your hair

Each time you shampoo your hair, condition your hair. A good conditioner application after towel drying of hair is a better option. Hair conditioner will lock your hairs moisture and dry air will find no time to snatch your lovely moisture from your hairs. Going to buy a conditioner from the market? Stop there.

You don’t have any need to buy from the market when nature cares about you. Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, peach kernel oil, almond oil are all best options.

From all these whatever you have, apply a very thin layer on your hair to moisturize in a better way to your hair. As dry hairs are more prone to flyaway.

Before straightening, curling or blow-drying your hairs must apply a protectant

All hairstyling equipment like straightener, curler, and blow dryer works on electricity, on electric charges. This equipment boost up static charges on your hair. Lesser the use of them and also each time you are going to use this equipment, apply a heat protectant.

You can apply glycerine, ride water out any oil or moisturizing cream. They work in two ways. First, protect hair from heat damage and second lock moisture. This will help you get rid of static hair.

Always use neutral combs

Natural combs made of wood are smooth, polished with rounded ends, and most above non-conductor of electricity mean they don’t transfer charges from hair to hair. Due to well polishing, they don’t tend to produce friction among hairs and combs. Lesser the friction, lesser will be the static charges.

Plastic combs worse the static problem by causing more friction between your hairs and with a comb also. Plastic combs boost up the development of static charges.

A wide-tooth comb is also most recommended one than narrow tooth comb. Due to the same reason of friction. Wide-tooth will create less friction and vice versa.

Avoid excessive shampoo on your hair

Less shampoo your hairs. Shampoos are rich in chemicals. They rob your hairs moisture very silently, leaving behind dry hairs which are best for static charges development.

If you shampoo your hairs daily means you are willingly giving out your every drop of natural scalp oil. Also, your scalp finds no time to produce a good amount of scalp oil.

By both these ways, washing your hairs on a daily basis contribute to developing static hair. The simple thing you have do is shampoo less about 2 or 3 times a week. Give time to your scalp to produce natural oil.

It doesn’t mean don’t wash your hairs up to a week or more. Wash 2 or 3 times.

Also, the shampoo you use plays a role in static charges. Some shampoo is highly rich in harmful chemicals and some are mild. Use mild ones. Nowadays, Herbal shampoo is also available. Pick one of them. This will help you get rid of static hair.


As weather shifts to cold, air become more and drier. All the moisture in air disappear. This dry air takes away moisture from your hairs also. The main thing your hairs need is humidifier to beat static charges.

Humidifier provides instant and immense relief against static hair by adding moisture into your home. Run a humidifier to keep your house air moist.

I have the best option for you for adding moisture in your home, making a simple humidifier.

Take some wide-mouthed bowls and put in each corner of your house. Add hot water in them. In addition to humidity, it will also warm up your house.

Do not use synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are made from nylon, polyester or their blend. These synthetic fibers have a bad impact and can charge your hairs whenever face friction. Use of natural fibers made fabrics like wool, silk can resolve the problem.

These natural fibers although, minimize the chance of static hair production but not totally diminish it. Yeah, something is better than nothing. Less harm is better than more.

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