Does Wooden Comb Help in Hair Growth?

Does Wooden Comb Help in Hair Growth?

Does Wooden Comb Help in Hair Growth?

Everyone especially girls crave to have long beautiful healthy hair and I’m one of then. I love my hairs and always in search of ways which helps me in keeping my hairs long, healthy, shiny. My mother always uses a wooden comb and same with me.

Once my friend gifted me a plastic comb, I love it with its physical appearance but I noticed that my scalp is not friendly with a plastic comb and I feel a negative change in my hair. First, I didn’t find the reason but I keep on searching that which thing is damaging my hair.

It was a plastic comb. I at the spot change my plastic comb with wooden. Don’t be surprised. Research and studies prove that wooden comb is much better than that of a plastic comb.

Yes, wooden comb help in hair growth. With regular use of the wooden comb, you will notice healthy scalp with long hair. Wooden comb reduces scalp irritation and helps equal distribution of hair oil.

Wooden comb usually comes with a wide-tooth, friendly with your scalp and nourish your hairs in a much better way. Our ancestors used Wooden combs and you may notice that hair of your grandmother at the old age are still better.

Does Wooden Comb Help in Hair Growth?

Natural products are always better than synthetic artificial products. God knows better that which thing sure suits us. Wooden comb made of natural wood and always recommended over plastic combs. And one thing, a wooden comb is preferred over wooden brush.

The wooden comb helps in hair growth, and it is recommended for all sorts of hair. 

Wooden combs are of different types according to shape and texture. You have to choose according to your hair types. Wooden combs are also present in all shapes in which plastic combs are. For the different purpose and different type of hairs, there are different wooden combs.

For curly hair:

if you have curly hairs then you have to choose short and wide-toothed combs.

For massage effect:

spending a hectic day needs a massage of the scalp. For massage to your scalp, you have to choose curvy sandalwood comb.

For long thick hair:

for long thick hairs, you have to choose curvy sandalwood comb. It suits best for long hairs.

For straight hairs:

if you have straight hairs then use a fine-tooth wood comb with a large tooth.

For irritation on the scalp:

if you have any scalp infection then you have to use Neem wood comb. They are specially designed due to their best antimicrobial properties.

For wavy hair:

wooden bristle hairbrush suits best for both wavy or straight hair.

For wet hair:

If you have a bad habit of combing on wet hairs, then wide-tooth detangling combs are a perfect one.

What wooden comb do to your hair and scalp?

Let me explain the beneficial effects on wooden comb on your hair. I always recommend my readers to use a wooden comb for better and healthy hair. In this part of the article, you will learn how wooden comb benefits your hair. 

Here we go:

Soft on hair

Wooden combs are soft on hairs than that of synthetic combs. They don’t pull your hairs and with combing your hairs, love your hairs and do some extra care of your hairs. They are the best protector of your hair and even help in detangling your hair.

Provide equal distribution of scalp oil

Wooden comb nourishes your hairs as well as condition your hairs also. When you comb your hairs with a wooden comb, it equally spread out scalp sebum throughout your hairs from roots to tips.

Scalp oil contains nutrients and so nourish your hairs. Wooden comb let your hairs free, bouncy and reduces the chances of hair fall and damage.

Enhance blood circulation

Each time you comb your hairs with a wooden comb, it stimulates blood circulation. Good blood circulation promotes the health of your hairs. Your hairs and hair follicles are better able to grow and get nutrients. Greater the supply of nutrients greater will be the hairs growth. Your scalp becomes more healthy and hence your hairs.

Listen to your hairs, they can better tell you how much they are friendly with a wooden comb. This little change, from plastic comb to wooden comb, in your hair care regimen provides you a lot of hair benefits that you even can’t imagine.

Protect your scalp against scraping or bruising

Plastic combs have usually sharp edges and when you comb your hair, strikes badly with your scalp and cause scraping or bruising of your scalp.

Wooden comb takes good care of your scalp. They usually have rounded, smooth teeth and wider spaces between its teeth.

When you comb your hairs with a wooden comb, they give comfort your scalp instead of scrapping. With a wooden comb, you will enjoy combing to your hairs and even feel relax.

Minimize hair loss

Wooden combs minimize your hair loss and also protect your hairs from damage in two ways.

First, wooden combs enhance blood circulation of your scalp, increase the availability of nutrients from your scalp to hair tips all the way. With better availability of nutrients, hair growth gets better day by day with greater nutrient content.

Wooden brush better able to spread scalp sebum all over your hairs, keeps them moisturized and reduces the friction between hairs themselves and also with a comb. To reduce the chance of breakage.

On the other hand, in plastic combs, your hair gets caught and break off with sharp, narrow spaced tooth but wooden combs have wide-spaced teeth which are well polished and rounded ends. Your hairs never tend to get caught in wooden combs.

Free of static charges

During childhood, almost all of us used to play with static charges and hahaha consider it as magic, unaware of its harms to our hairs. When you comb your hairs with plastic comb, there is the development of static charges due to friction between plastic comb and your hairs.

This charge is enough to damage your hairs and hair dryness. With static charges, your scalp also gets irritated and you may face hair fall within a short duration. But with a wooden comb, there is no development of static charges.

These wooden combs are well polished and a chance of friction with wooden combs are absolutely minimized.

Lesser the friction, lesser will be the static charges. On the other hand, woo is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. Due to its non-conductance of charges, no separation of electric static charges occur and your hair remains in a good healthy condition.

Best for long hair

Long hair is more prone to damage than short ones due to unavailability of proper nutrients from roots to tips. Long hairs require some extra care.wooden comb are best for long hairs.

They are better able to nourish your hairs with good availability of nutrients and equal distribution of scalp oil from roots to tips which is not possible with a plastic comb.

Wooden combs are made up of natural fibers that aids in conditioning your hair. Wooden combs are the natural and easiest way to nourish your long hairs from tips also.

Soothing effect

Combing with a wooden brush provides your hairs massaging effects. There are numbers of acupressure points at your scalp and when you comb with a wooden comb, they increase blood circulation and also scalp oil moves along the full length of your hairs. Make it possible for your hairs to look healthy.

Give shine

With all other hair benefits, wooden combs give shine to your hairs. Protect your hairs from sticking and greasy.

Instead of accumulation of scalp oil on your scalp and letting deprive of hair tips from oil, wooden combs spread scalp oil in a very fine way from the scalp to tips which provide extra shine to your hairs.

Prevent itching and irritation

One of the major advantage of wooden comb over plastic comb is that they protect your scalp and avoid itching and irritation. When you use a plastic comb, they are of polymeric synthetic materials which have adverse effects on your scalp.

It is experimentally proven that plastic in either form is not safe for the human body either for hairs or any other part.

Wooden combs made up of natural fibrous materials which instead of harming your scalp, protect it from itching and irritation and also instead of the accumulation of scalp oil on the scalp, distribute it along the entire length of your hairs.

Reduce the risk of overheating of your hair during blow-drying

Blow dryer and other heat styling equipment tend to produce heat during their operation. This heat is not good for your hairs and your hair upper keratin protective layer may burn out.

Plastic comb act as icing on the cake. They also produce heat with friction and play their role in hair damage but the wooden comb is a good replacement.

Wooden combs are a bad conductor of electricity. They protect your hair from excessive heat of blow dryer. It is highly recommended to use a wooden comb when you are going to use any heat-producing equipment.


Wooden combs are your pocket-friendly also. They are inexpensive but plastic combs cost a lot. They are natural and present in simple shapes, more simple more beautiful.

Wooden combs have a long lifetime as compare to plastic ones. Plastic combs are more prone to deterioration as compare to wooden combs.

Plastic combs deteriorate more quickly than wooden. Wooden combs save your time in searching new comb, save your money by getting rid of replacing plastic comb day after day.

Wooden Comb help in hair growth

For today’s question, Does Wooden Comb Help in Hair Growth? This is a must. In many ways, wooden combs help your hairs to be long and smooth. When you comb in your wet hairs, they get a break and split more easily as wet hairs are their weakest.

Combing wet hairs with a plastic brush which have bristle nodules are icing on the cake but if you use a high-quality wooden brush then it’s fine for your wet hairs also.

For snapping hairs, plastic brushes are notorious .you can also check your plastic brush by rubbing your nail along the length of brush tooth, how rough it’s surface of with ridges and full of imperfections. And as time passes, plastic brushes surfaces get more and rougher.

This doesn’t happen with wooden brushes or combs. Wooden combs have a wider tooth with a smooth, slippery surface that protects your hairs from damage. In addition, with time, wooden brushes surface don’t get rough and throughout their life, they aid your hair in becoming long.

With much better nutrients supply, scalp massage and increase blood circulation, wooden combs provide you longer, stronger hairs with no split ends at all.

Not break easily

Take a plastic comb and throw upon a hard surface. What happened? Your plastic comb breaks off. In the same way, repeat this with a wooden comb. It will not break down. Wooden combs have high flexibility and stronger than plastic ones.

Most of the times, wooden combs usually don’t break off initially 3 to 4 times of throwing but plastic combs are not that strong.

Antibacterial properties

Wood has antibacterial properties and so wooden combs. It is scientifically proven that wood has antibacterial properties.

When you comb your hairs with a plastic brush, the oil on your scalp also get attached with your plastic comb or plastic brush.

scalp oil contains nutrients which act as a nutrient medium for bacteria and fungus. Bacteria and fungus start getting nutrients from oil on a brush and make even colonies if you don’t wash your plastic hairbrush or comb every time you comb your hairs.

When you comb your hairs next time with the same plastic comb, these bacteria and fungus shift to your scalp and hairs. You can imagine how much harm is it. These bacteria and fungus cause irritation on your skin. And if you already have any fungal or bacterial infection, it’s a good recipe to worse it.

But wooden comb has natural antibacterial, antifungal properties which protect your scalp in both ways. Wooden combs do not tend to develop fungal or bacterial growth and also kills the existing bacteria and fungus.

How to Take good care of your wooden comb?

Not only having Wooden combs is enough .you have to take care of your wooden combs to get all the mentioned benefits. If you don’t take care of your Wooden combs, then the loss will be yours. Question is how to take care of wooden combs?

Wooden combs have natural oil in them which keep them in good condition. With the passage of time, oil goes on reducing leaving behind rough and dry comb. The only thing you have to do for your comb is to oil them occasionally.

It would keep your wooden comb in the best way and also increase its shelf life. You can use any natural oil like coconut oil. Pour some oil on your palm and gently wipe over the comb.

How to clean a wooden comb?

Keep your wooden comb dry as much as you can. Don’t leave your brush around water or near the bathroom sink. Wood has the tendency to absorbs water and due to water absorption, wood fibers swell and damage your comb.

Keep your hair comb clean. For cleaning, you can use any mild detergent. It’s better to clean your wooden comb with a soft cloth instead of using and harsh thing. You can also use a soft toothbrush.

Some people use a blow dryer to dry their wooden combs. Never do this again. Heat cause damage to your comb. It will crack and may break down due to dryness,

For washing, don’t use the harsh chemical as they damage your combs. Use mild washing agents.

It’s a common habit that before washing, people soak their brush in water. Don’t do this. It loses its durability.

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