How to Use Lady Finger for Hair?

How to Use Lady Finger for Hair?

How to Use Lady Finger for Hair?

Ah, those were the days when we went to Granny’s for spending vacations. She used to make lady’s finger soup every weekend for us. The green sticky vegetables looked awful to us as kids and trust me it tasted awful too.

Ladyfinger or okra is a common vegetable in the South Asian and some African countries. It is loved to be eaten by people in the form of soup or fried.

So a regular viewer of asked us something related to okra

He asked:

“Hey, guys! How you doin’? Well, I have gone to my relatives there for a day. It was all good until I saw one of the girls applying crushed ladyfinger on her hair and scalp. It looked gross. I want to ask if okra is good for our hair and what are the benefits.”

So the question made us bit troubled too. We then decided to go research for it. After lots of research, we came to the conclusion that:

Ladyfinger can be applied to the hair for longer stronger and shinier hair. It has multiple vitamins inside including fiber and folic acid. You can use ladyfinger to make a hair mask or conditioner and it can be applied in multiple ways.

How to Use Lady Finger for Hair?

Now let us tell you some way of applying the okra on your hair. You can either make a conditioner out of it, a shampoo or a gel. Infusing it with other nutrients or products will result in additional features and more boosts in hair growth. Let us look at some of the ways.

Okra hair gel

You will need

  • Okra (6 to 8)
  • Water (16 tablespoons or 8 oz)
  • Lavender

Pick out some pieces of ladyfingers and cut them horizontally. If your hairs are short then you can reduce the number of okras.

Put 8 ounces of water in a pan and add the okras. Now let them cook in a low flame.

You will heat the mixture as much until you see that there is so much gooey gel on the pan. This is the time that you turn the flame off.

As the smell will be awful so it is recommended to add some lavender to have some relief from that odor.

After you see that the mixture has been cooled down. Strain it down into some bottle.

Now your okra gel is ready. Use it really well when going in for a shower. Put out all the excess water from your hair and massage the gel deeply and gently.

Rinse your hair afterward and see the results. Try this procedure for like 2 to 3 times a week for a couple of weeks and you will see some healthy hair.

Okra hair moisturizer

The ingredients you will need are

  • Okras (3 to 5)
  • Freshwater (almost 200 ml)
  • Extra virgin Olive oil/vegetable oil (4 teaspoons)
  • Moisturizing mask (4 teaspoons)

First of all, wash all of the okras comprehensively. Then cut them off and remove their extreme sides.

After that take a pan and put in the water. Add the okras in the water and let them simmer on low heat for like 15 to 20 minutes.

Now take all the okras out and mash them well. At this point add the olive or vegetable oil as well and keep mashing it.

Take a blender now and put the mashed residue into the blender. When the mixture looks thick and creamy then take it out.

Let it cool down for a bit, now it is time to add the moisturizing mask. You can choose any of your favorite masks for that. Mix them really well.

Now wash your hair once or twice thoroughly and then dry them out with a clean towel. Now split your hair into two parts.

Apply the okra moisturizer in an up to down movement. Don’t forget to apply it generously on the scalp and tips.

Cover your hair with a head towel or shower cap for at least 35 to 40 minutes.

Now go wash your hair well with shampoo. After that let the conditioner rest on your hair for a while and wash it too.

Repeating this procedure will leave you with some well-moisturized hair and prevent your hair from the damage of constant spraying, ironing, and styling.

Lady Finger hair growth gel

For today’s question, How to Use Lady Finger for Hair? This is a must. You will need

  • Okra (4 to 5)
  • Lemon juice (few drops)
  • Water (200 ml)

Wash and cut the okras. Put the pieces into the boiling pan. Let it simmer for some time until you see the slimy substance. Add lemon juice as well

Now let it cool down, strain it.

Apply on your hair thoroughly, spread it all over the hair and scalp.

Let the mixture dry into your hair. You may comb your hair afterward.

Carry on with the procedure for 2 to 3 weeks and it is recommended to not wash your hair after applying the okra gel.

All about Lady Fingers

Okra’s history and origin date back to the 12th century. Its origin is said to be from either Asia or Africa.

Ladyfinger is comprised of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B complex, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Plus the okra also has a great amount of iron.

Calcium and zinc are also present in the okras.  Moreover, ladyfinger is enriched with fiber and folic acids.

Okra has been clinically proven to have loads of antioxidants into it. The slime itself is packed with loads of nutrients that are beneficial for us in many ways.

Let’s discuss some of the properties of Lady Finger:

It helps fight diabetes

Lady’s fingers are loaded with fiber. Fiber is essential for the control of diabetes. It levels the blood sugar level. It also improves the sensitivity of insulin.

It protects you from Sun

Taking an adequate meal of ladyfingers can help you fight with the scorching heat and prevent you from having a sunstroke.

It levels your Cholesterol

Regular intake of okra can help you regulate the cholesterol levels inside your blood. The lesser the cholesterol; the lesser will be the chances of having heart disease or fatness.

It aids in constipation

As mentioned earlier, the high amount of fiber in a ladyfinger is useful for many reasons. Fiber pretty much helps in constipation and regulated the movement of bowels.

Okra also helps in digestion and speeds up the digestive system.

It helps in reducing fat

Okra helps you burn the unwanted fat in the long run. It freshens up your body and reduces the excessive fats out of your body.

It helps Asthma patients

Ladyfinger is suggested for people who have acute breathing issues like Asthma. Its enriched minerals aid to reduce the breathing issues.

It increases our immunity

The presence of rich amounts of calcium and magnesium and other useful nutrients are much helpful in increasing the functionality of our immune system.

It increases our eyesight

Eating ladyfingers can lead to better and increased eyesight. The presence of vitamin A is the main reason for that.

It helps during pregnancy

Eating ladyfinger before or during the pregnancy is quite good for you and your baby’s health. The folate present in the okra helps the baby to grow properly.

The iron in the okra boosts the baby growth and improves the flow of blood. The vitamin C present inside helps in absorbing the iron more efficiently.

It helps to reduce or prevent cancer

The existence of lectin in the okra helps in preventing lots of types of cancer especially breast cancer. It also reduces cancer growth cells.

Effects of ladyfinger on our skin and hair

Okra not only is advantageous to our health but it has some great effects on our skin and hair too. Let us see what it does for our skin.


Okra is an antioxidant agent. The abundance of antioxidants and vitamin C reduces the wrinkles and lines from the skin and leaves a younger fresh skin.

Damage repair

It rejuvenates our skin and repairs any damage due to scars or pimples from the skin hence leaving a shiny clearer skin.

It also reduces skin pigmentation.

Healthy skin

The ladyfinger contains lots of dietary fiber. Sometimes our skin gets dull due to an unhealthy digestive system. The fiber helps in digestion and makes our skin look healthy and glowing.

Ladyfinger and its effects on hair:

In our everyday routine, with all the dressings and hair straightening and gels, we forget to take care of our hair and as a result, we get to have some dull, dry and split hair.

Following minerals are directly helping our hair to boost their volume

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Fiber
  • Folic acid
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Iron

Moreover, the sticky slime of the okra is a terrific hair growth booster. It helps in the prevention of the damage caused to the hair and makes them smooth and shinier.

Let us discuss how these minerals and vitamins help in the hair growth

Vitamin C

Ladyfinger almost contains 36 percent of vitamin c in it. Vitamin c directly helps to prevent the drastic damage that is causing the hair to fall abnormally.

It also reduces the dryness of the scalp and hair.

Vitamin A

It nourishes our hair and scalp. Another important point of having vitamin A in okra is that it prevents hair from damaging and makes them strong enough that they don’t break easily.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex aids in regulating the red blood cells to the hair follicles and scalp. This prevents us from being a bald or wide scalp.

It also produces new hair cells and increases our metabolism.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E in okra acts as a great moisturizing agent. It repairs the damaged hair tissues and follicles and creates the new ones.

The antioxidants of vitamin E release the strain and stress from our head and prevent the breakage of hair.

Vitamin K

The three vitamins K1, K2, and K3 are much essential for the blood regulation in our body. It helps in nourishing our scalp and the dried roots inside.


Okra has quite a decent amount of potassium in it. Potassium acts indirectly to prevent hair fall as potassium deficiency in bodies can cause hair to fall.

So by taking potassium-rich food, you can very much solve the issue.

Dietary fiber

The okra and its slime both are rich in fiber. Fiber also acts indirectly to nourish the hair. Having constipation or other stomach issues can cause issues with skin and hair.

So fiber balances the digestion and keeps the bowel movement smooth that eventually shows a healthy skin and perfect shiny hair.

Folic acid

Almost half of the ladyfinger is composed of folic acid. Folic acid can reduce the hormonal imbalance especially in the teens which leads to severe hair fall if not stopped.

The folate nourishes our hair from damage and stops hair fall.


Magnesium is also present in okra. Magnesium is scientifically proved to be a stress reliever and is found in antidepressants too.

It works directly on our hair follicles along with other minerals and reconstructs the damaged areas. It removes the dead skin cells and prevents inflammation.


Manganese present in the ladyfinger does not let our hair to become thin. Thus it provides a good thick hair.


There is a delicate amount of zinc present in the okra. Zinc helps to repair the damage or dead cells on the scalp and hair follicles.

It aids in getting the oil glands to work perfectly on the scalp and prevents the scalp from drying out.


Calcium is also present in okra. As we all know that calcium is much beneficial to our bones and skin but indirectly it also helps in hair growth.

By removing the blood clots and keeping our muscles and heart good, calcium repairs our hair within no time.


Iron carries oxygen and certain nutrients straight to the cells. Those nutrients then help in nourishing the scalp and damage repair.

Iron deficiency can cause severe hair fall, especially to women. So it is much important to eat vegetables and fruit enriched with iron to keep up with it.

Final words:

So we conclude our topic here. I hope that you have now been fully educated about the ladyfinger and its benefits over our body and hair.

Do try these amazing remedies and let us know what the results are. If still, you have any query you know where to find us. Good day!

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