How to Use Cabbage for Hair Growth?

How to Use Cabbage for Hair Growth?

How to Use Cabbage for Hair Growth?

Experience makes a man perfect and one can gain knowledge from practice. From practice “secretes to growing hair long” comes in. I love to have long and healthy hair. So I explored different things for my hair.

I concluded that Vitamin A and Vitamin C are helpful in hair growth. I searched for a natural ingredient that is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.

I came to a result that Cabbage contains a rich amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and potassium. These all minerals are most successful in hair growth and make them strong and beautiful.

Cabbage is perfect for hair growth. Cabbage can be used in hair mask and hair gel. Cabbage should be applied regularly for healthy and perfect hair.

You will be surprised how a vegetable can is helpful in hair growth. For sure green vegetable Cabbage has all that ingredients which are required for hair growth.

How to Use Cabbage for Hair Growth?

Cabbage is a green vegetable easily available in the market. It is the least cost vegetable and rich in nutrition that can easily be chosen in your diet. It is considered as superfood beneficial for the health of the body and health of the hair.

Cabbage mask for hair growth:

I researched the use of cabbage for hair. I tried a different mask with different ingredients and I am sharing the most recommended mask for your hair growth.

Cabbage and cucumber hair mask:

Cabbage and cucumber contain a high amount of silicon and sulfur which helps in the growth of hair. This mask makes the hair soft and silky.


Cucumber juice: 50 ml
Cabbage juice:    50 ml

Take these juices in a bowl mix them well. Now take cotton pads to soak them into this mask. Squeeze these cotton pads and apply on the scalp and roots of the hair gently for 10 to 15 minutes until your hairs cover by this mask.

Now put the cap on your hair and leave it for overnight. Remove this mask next morning with warm water. it will help you in the growth of hair and prevents hair loss.

Cabbage mask for hair regrowth:

For today’s question, How to Use Cabbage for Hair Growth? This is a must. This mask is very useful for the people who suffer from the baldness and hair fall. When you will apply this mask on the area of baldness it will make the hair regrowth at that place of hair.

  1. Take a half-cup of cabbage and wash it properly and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Put them into a blender. And grind it well
  3. Add 1 cup of water in it.
  4. Make a paste of cabbage with water.
  5. Apply this mixture to the roots and scalp of hair.
  6. Leave for 2 hours and then wash it with regular shampoo.

This mixture contains Vitamin E and sulfur that makes your hairs long and thicker. And prevent them from falling.

Cabbage and onion hair mask:

Green vegetables have naturally pure minerals in them that are helpful for the skin and hairs.

Cabbage itself contains too many helpful ingredients for the hair but when it combines with onion its effect increases. Both natural nutrients give synergetic effects.

For the making of this mask you need to have these ingredients:

  • 2 cups of chopped cabbage
  • 1 cup of chopped onion
  • ½ cup of yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Take cabbage in a boiling pan add water in it and allow it to boil the cabbage for 5 minutes. Let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Blend the cabbage with one cup of the chopped onion together and stop when the water is free from onion and chunks of cabbage.

Extract the juice by using a strainer.

Now add ½ cup of yogurt in the juice and 1 tablespoon of honey in this bowl and mix them well.

Massage the mixture into your scalp. Let it sits for at least 25 minutes.

Rinse the mixture from your hair with lukewarm water. Use mild shampoo to cleanse your hair.

The Sulfur content of cabbage is really helpful in making hair stronger and preventing hair loss it is one of the most effective ways to stop hair fall and deal with weak hair.

Research has proven that applying onion helps control hair loss and other problems related to hair such as dandruff fungal infection and yeast infection. It has been found that onion juice is also effective in preventing premature graying of hair.

Cabbage soup for hair growth:

Hair growth does not depend upon the thing that you publically put on your hair. It depends on the food that you are eating because nutrition also plays a huge role in growing your hair strong and healthy.

Here I will tell you the recipe of cabbage soup that will be a great thing for your hair growth. High sulfur amount in cabbage is helping make your hair grow stronger and waver.

Method to make cabbage soup for hair growth

  1. Take a half-cup of cabbage and cut it into pieces.
  2. Now take the carrot and cut into pieces. Carrot contains vitamin A phosphorus fiber vitamin K and vitamin C which stimulates sebum production that conditions your scalp and helps in hair loss. Carrots are capable of improving the overall strength of your hair and make your hair thicker and shinier.
  3. Take potatoes and cut into pieces like cabbage. Potato contains vitamin B zinc niacin and iron which can help nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth so use potato in this soup.

Next ingredients tomatoes, it contains important vitamins like B, C, and E which are an excellent stimulant for healthy and also preventing hair loss .tomatoes helps in repairing damaged hair and increase blood circulation and increase hair length.

  1. Take some cloves of garlic and cut them into pieces. Garlic is a natural nutrient for hair growth so it is very helpful in this soup for hair strength.
  2. Take half a cup of onion in it because it is beneficial for hair growth.

Take a little amount of olive oil in a pan and add onion and garlic in it. Add tomatoes in it and then add carrot and potatoes, add 2 cups of water in it. When vegetables seem to be soft then add cabbage in it and boil it for a few minutes you can also add celery.

Now you can add garlic salt or a sauce of your choice. This soup is very filling and hopes it will be loved by you. You can enjoy this soup for your hair growth.

Cabbage juice for hair growth:

Hair health could not improve only by using topically things it is improved by fulfilling the requirement of body needs. So cabbage juice improves the metabolism of the body and provides essential vitamins the body that ultimately leads to hair growth. This juice is helpful for dry hair and makes the hair soft and shiny. Here is the recipe for cabbage juice.

Mix 80 ml of cucumber juice and 80 ml of cabbage juice and carrot juice in it for the flavored and taste. Make the habit of drinking this juice daily. it will make your hair beautiful and healthy.

You can also make cabbage juice with melon and apple this fruit drink rich in vitamins and minerals helps in hair growth. Take cabbage and cut it into pieces and take a melon and cut into pieces.

Now put these into juice machines and put the apple in it to get the juice. This fruit juice is very beneficial for hair health. It prevents hair loss and improves hair growth.

If you do not like cabbage juice to drink then you can add it to your diet as a salad.

Benefits of cabbage for hair growth:

Here are some benefits of cabbage for hair growth:

  • Cabbage provides a variety of hair health benefits through its rich source of vitamins and minerals, including its calcium, iron and magnesium properties.
  • The rich vitamin A content in cabbage may have the potential to help to stimulate hair growth.
  • Cabbage may help to prevent hair loss through its rich silicon and sulfur content which also help to stimulate the growth of hair.
  • Cabbage may have the potential to assist in providing for smooth silky and healthy hair when its juice is applied to the roots of the hair and the scalp.
  • Cabbage is rich in the antioxidant agent and helps in the stimulation of hair growth.
  • It provides nourishment to your hair to makes them silky and shiny. Apply its juice on your scalp and shampoo them after 1 hour it will make your hair silky and shiny.
  • Cabbage is rich in sulfur and silicon which play a vital role in hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Juice of cabbage removes dandruff from hair and prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth.

Risk factors of cabbage:

Cabbage contains too many beneficial effects for the health of hair but it also can show side effects.

  • Cabbage is rich in vitamin K so if you are facing the problem of clotting of the blood then you should avoid the use of cabbage for hair.
  • A High amount of cabbage can affect your thyroid. it inhibits the transport of iodine to thyroid due to this thyroid becomes affected.
  • Cabbage juice can affect your stomach. it is a gas containing vegetable that can cause the condition of gas in the stomach of obese people.

Final Words:

You can straightforwardly apply cabbage juice for hair growth. You can also add cabbage in your diet for its anti-microbial anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in the growth of hair. Cabbage due to this plenty of properties it cannot be overlooked.

Simply add it into your diet and get the benefits of this god gifted thing for hair growth. Being a nutrient-rich nature vegetable it will give you result in no time.

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