What Causes Cracked Skin on Fingertips?

What Causes Cracked Skin on Fingertips

What Causes Cracked Skin on Fingertips?

This is not uncommon that you experience cracked skin on fingertips and even peeling of finger skin. If you notice cracked skin on the tips of your fingers, you must know which are making fingertips appear cracked.

Cracked skin on fingertips can even be associated with a number of other skin-related issues like itchy and dark skin.

Cracked skin is normally not a serious condition, however, getting an opinion from your doctor is always a better choice. In this article, I will answer today’ s question that is what are the causes of cracked skin on fingertips?

According to Duskyskin.com Dermatologists, frequent hand washing, dry weather, sunburn, toxins, chemicals, eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, staying under-water, and poor diet are few of the causes for cracked skin on fingertips.

What Causes Cracked Skin on Fingertips?

Our editors and Dermatologists have explained all the causes for cracked skin on your fingertips. Let us get into the details for today’s topic:

Frequent Hand Wash

One of the most common causes for cracked fingertips if frequent hand wash. Every time you washes your hand, it removes oil from your skin. Dry skin if often associated with the increased use of water on hands. It is important that you wash your hands multiple times a day but there is a proper way for this.

Using soap to wash hands may cause your skin to appear irritated and dry, you may even experience peeling of skin layers at fingertips.

You must always use a moisturizer after washing your hands, it will keep your skin hydrated and protected. You should always buy a good quality product that does not contain harmful ingredients.

Using hand cream regularly is beneficial for cracked skin on your fingertips. 

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Dry Weather

Now, this is important, you must know the effects on the weather on our skin. Dry weather causes dryness of the skin that will lead to cracked skin on the fingertips.

This mostly happens in the winter season and you must take good care of your skin. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Staying hydrated is vital for your skin health.

Using a moisturizing cream will help your skin stay protected from dry weather. Using olive oil or aloe vera oil on your skin will keep your skin safe from environmental conditions.

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Damage from sun rays

You may experience red, swollen and painful and even cracked if you are spending more time in sunny outdoors. You must protect your skin from harmful sun rays, these rays can lead to sunburn that can cause skin damage. If your skin is not protected you will also note cracked fingertips. 

If you have experienced a sunburn, stay indoors, drink more water, keep your skin moisturized at all times. Using Aloe Vera for skin is beneficial for moisturizing skin and this will avoid cracked skin on your fingertips. You should apply aloe vera to fingertips and massage gently.

You should use sunblock at all times when outdoors, using sunscreen lotion that suits your skin tone is ideal.

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Finger Sucking

Now, this is interesting, normally cracked skin appears in children with a habit of finger sucking. Children must be monitored for finger sucking that can cause damage to the skin on fingers and fingertips.

Many adults also experience cracked fingertips because of nail-biting and finger sucking habits. You must avoid these and your skin will stay healthy. Normally we avoid biting of nails and this can even result in more complication.


We are surrounded by toxins and chemicals in our environment. Pollution is increasing on a daily basis around the globe and we are exposed to these harmful chemicals present in the environment.

If your fingertips are just starting to appear cracked, you should cover your fingertips with petroleum jelly, regular hand wash, and moisturizing cream immediately after washing hands.

Drinking more water will help to flush these toxins out of your body. You should daily add more water to your diet.

Avoid Heat bath

If you are taking heat bath or steam frequently, this will make your skin dry and cracked. After a steam bath, gently apply moisturizing lotion to your skin, this will help prevent cracked skin. Gently massage the lotion to your fingertips to avoid dry skin on fingertips.

Eczema on hands

Eczema on hands is also known as hand dermatitis. You will experience cracked fingertips and peeling of skin because of eczema. You may also have itchy and dry skin that is even painful at times. Using topical ointments for eczema can be helpful in such conditions.

Exfoliative Keratolysis

This is a common skin condition that normally appears in hot weather. In summer because of heat, your skin may also be affected. This can lead to skin blisters and even cracked and swollen fingertips. This can also happen because of the harmful chemicals in soaps, you should always use a good quality soap for handwashing.

It is recommended that you use liquid soap that is gentle to the skin. You should always use a gentle and mild cleanser for your skin. Even while washing your hands, you should be gentle with your skin, do not rub too hard.

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This is another skin condition that can cause cracked fingertips with itchy and dry skin. If you are known to Psoriasis, you should be more careful about your skin health. Using topical steroids to your skin will reduce the effects of Psoriasis on your skin and this will reduce cracked skin.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

If dry and cracked skin on fingertips appears suddenly, this may be a result of allergic contact dermatitis. If you notice an allergic reaction to any specific product, you should avoid that allergic in the future. An allergic reaction can lead to blisters, swollen and painful skin.

When to see a doctor

If you experience any of the following conditions, immediately consult your doctor:

  • Fever with cracked fingertips.
  • Cracked fingertips not responding to standard remedies.
  • Worsening of skin condition.
  • If cracked skin lasts for more than 15 days.

If you are experiencing skin peeling and cracked skin around the fingertips, you can consult our Dermatologists. Post your questions in the comment section below.

Thank You

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